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Saturday 16th July 2022

04:45hrs: I rose from a terrible night’s sleep, again full of jumping awakes, yet felt calm and unconcerned? I rose with relative ease from the c1968, £300, second-hand, decrepit, Haemorrhoid Harold-testing, sleep-deterring, nauseatingly beige-coloured, not-operational recliner. Almost on auto-pilot, I hobbled into the kitchen, put the kettle on, then took a strained, painful wee-wee, washed and made a mug of Glengettie Gold tea.
At this stage, the farcicality of yesterday’s hospital visit came back to my mind. Suddenly doing anything whatsoever lost its appeal.

I got the computer on and went to the WordPress comments sections. I had the usual mass of communications on my latest blog to read and reply to. I did them both straight away. Then visited the WP Reader section. I did enjoy that. Checked the emails I saw the promised Email from the Diabetes team confirming my joining the weekly sessions on a face-to-face basis; at first, remembering, this put me on a semi-high. Until I got to the location.

I didn’t realise that it was not at the Sherwood Social Centre. Where I was assured, it would be last year. Oh, no, (I should be so lucky!), it’s four miles away, in Bulwell! So, now I had to work out what buses I could get, hoping one would take me all the way from the flats. So, I set to searching Mr Google to find what was and wasn’t available. I’m afraid it wasn’t good news.

Due to Covid and lack of drivers, the service stops at Top Valley, not Bulwell! I looked at other options, but Dementia Doreen was not helping. I could get a bus down into Sherwood, then another to Bulwell, and return in the same route, but I’d have to remember the bus times, not be late etc., and that would test Doreen and me too much. I looked at the Email sent me again and sent a message. Explaining why I can’t get there and asking if there was any chance of the Sherwood Diabetes sessions opening. I had explained this to the Sherwood people, I can get there walking if necessary, getting back up the hill, it’d have to be a bus, but I reckon I would cope with that. Awaiting a reply from the gentleman.
I’m getting all uptight again now! This investigation into the buses has cost me three hours! Why can’t I get through just one day without something going wrong?

Carer Joe came late on, and it was off to the Porcelain Throne as soon as the lad left with his cold drinkie from the fridge.
Back to the Emails. Petal-Lisa had sent me a marathon. That took me over an hour to absorb and reply to. But it was a pleasure, and she had a little sleep recently, which cheered me up no end. Bless her! A treasure she be! ♥♥♥

Got back to sort more emails out, and Sister Jane rang me. We had a decent long chinwag, and a few smiles erupted. I had to cut it short, though; the Porcelain Throne activity needed tending to. Stinky, messy and painful. Humph!

Made a brew of Thompson’s Punjana.

And took some photos of the front views, starting with my much-missed visiting Tree-Copse in the bottom field.
Boy, I do miss visiting it. Sob!
Taking this picture of the front car parking on Chestnut Way, and spotted an ambulance below, at the front doors of my beloved Woodthorpe Court.
I wondered if it might be Francis coming back from the hospital? I certainly hope so. I’ll get a move on with this blog, interruptions permitting, and go down to see if she’s in.
I took a photo of the muggers-delight area to the left of the flats. Not many people around today?
Cracked on with the top graphics and ode for this blog. I must get the ablutions done as well. A jolly good shave, shower and sh…, well never mind that. Hehehe! Back in a while, smelling all nice, hopefully uninjured, not bleeding, and in a happier frame of mind. TTFN!
I’m back. Wait for this… Shaving…All good on the scrubbing up stakes! Not a single cut or nick! Ankle ulcer all calm, DVT veins have dived like submarines from the sea’s surface. The legs and feet did look a smidge like they were off of a cadaver, mind you.
I started for a change in the body temperature. Which was more than decent at 34.3°c. It seems to be doing a lot better recently. For weeks it was so low, not now, though. I suppose the hot weather may have some effect on it? Or not.
The Blood Pressure, as I believed I forecast yesterday, took a tumble. I think it was 166 on Friday night. Tonight a comfortable SYS 132. DIA 66, and Pulse a smidgeon low at 67bpm.
I put the figures in the NHS check site and found I was out of the red altogether, down in the amber. This has never been as low for years! Should I adopt a Smug-Mode?
I got the meal cooking and nipped into the wet room for a wee-wee.
I hastened hobblingly to the kitchen to see if I’d left the hot water tap running. But no, I hadn’t? Came to wash my hands, and the hot water was cold? Well, it’s about 17:20, so it should be heating up now. Another mystery?
I grabbed the Fuji camera to take a picture of the just served up on the tray evening nosh. I somehow managed tsk top take this rather natty photo of the balcony as I picked the camera up? Yet another mystery?.
The last of the garden peas, the mushroom pattie and bread! But I did an order for Morrisons via Amazon for tomorrow. No good me having it on Monday, as I’ll be at the hospital, will I not? The Baxters, no, no, sorry, Heinz beetroot from Iceland was farcically hard! I bent the knife cutting into it. Then gave up cause it was too hard on the teeth.

Iceland has let me down a bit this week; apart from the beetroot, the squashed bruised bananas,  No Vegan Icecream, No Vegan beefburgers, and the mushrooms that had a sell use-by-date for the day delivered. Oh, and the crushed bread!

Valerie arrived. Told her about the water being cold, and she rang NCH Repairs for me, bless her.

Ten minutes or so after Val left, I started regurgitating the food. Not good! Better get this posted while I can. TTFN.


14 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Blog with Odes

  1. I think the moon is still messing with you. Vitals look good. Excellent photos. Great looking meal. Too bad the beetroot beat up on your teeth.

  2. I chose to have breaded baked fish the other day, and I am all gums on the top! So, I scraped up my poor gums!! I KNOW ! I go in early August to be fitted properly. I have no idea what to expect and am a bit anxious. I want to fill my face out again and eat real food! I watched a Youtube video on what causes insulin resistance (which I have) and also causes us to gain weight instead of using it for energy! It was processed food! All kinds! Including those vegan ones! Also, eating large fish like salmon and tuna more than once a week is a sure to cause mercury poison – Alzheimers, dementia. JEEZ!! I have learned one thing watching Bill. He became a vegan and his body lost so much inflammation! I do think the fake hot dogs, hamburgers and other things are probably the source of his renewed inflammation of the bowel. I want to change!! You seem to eat fairly real foods my Inchie! I’m proud of you! Wish me luck making the change! You are a good example! Love you dear!

    • Oh, scraping your gums, poor Petal-Lisa ♥ So many ailments that can affect you, my sweet. I pray the dentists can help and slowly get you back to dining on what you fancy, HRH.

  3. The Sherwood Bulwell Blues, the song of the nowt’s right with the path and too few owts, are that not the full truthable situ? What Ifs in the choosing over routes sure to find you flummoxed and fretful. Getting lost is something I do quite easily, twisting around in a vortex and finding myself in a cave somewhere under a Lunar surface. Sometimes not quite as dislocated though, but not very likely. Just vexed to vixation.
    I wish it were possible to find you an all-terrain, path-gripping vehicle for visiting your dearly missed copse. Memories can’t carry you, snaggerly dangits.
    A pleasant set of noshables on the tray and plenty, a kick in the head that they fought you so much in the preparation. skrascle brasted parnipalational thridbirds!!!

    • ♫ Up, downn, flying around, looping the loop and defying the drowds ♫ Thought of that for some reason, at the thought of your time-space machine, Bill. Hehe!
      Hope you imflammation is not too bad, Sir.
      Brought a smile there, thanks. Keep safe.

      • This jingle perfectly captures the experience, most helpful Sir. It must become part of the new advertising campaign if we ever get around to mass producing time-space machines. Brilliant!
        I called the gastro doctor on Friday and gave them a list of symptoms. Found some tablets of Mesalamine, the stuff I was taking before the Humira and it is helping along (but I’m not singing a song). Somehow, I think you can relate! Hahaha!!!

      • Glad you like the slogan, Sir, I got something right for once. Hehe!
        Not heard of Mesalamine, Bill, so took a look on Google. ” Aminosalicylates. It works by decreasing swelling in the colon”, I so hope they help this time, Sir. You deserve some belated relief, Mon Ami.
        I certainly can relate, mate, and cross my fingers (and that’s not easy you know, Hehe!) for success.
        Fourth visit today to the hospital – and still no decision on doing the cataracts! Shoud at least find out if they are or are not going ahead today… But, I’ll see. Might just do it today… no, no, that’s silly. Hahaha!

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