Wednesday 27th July 2020



At around 02:00hrs, I woke for the first time. In need of a wee-wee and got to the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket) in plenty of time for a change. But it must have been several minutes that I stood there waiting for the PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling) to complete its dribbling mission.
Back to the recliner, and I tried to reattain some sleep. Which, in a way, I repeatedly did. But it seemed like every five minutes, I was back to springing awake with a jump or jerk. Haha! The jerk is likely me.
During one of the sojourns to the grey plastic bucket, I realised how easier the ankle and foot felt. Several more wee-wees were needed, thankfully without the PMAD. So got the cannon, turned on the flash, and took a photo. That ointmentating last night has done me a lot of good!
I gave up on getting more sleep, and I got up around 06:00hrs and got the medical box out. Started. I got the readings and tool the usual photographicalisations of them, but they were not to be found on the camera card later? Nor last night’s nosh, either? A good job I wrote down the numbers; sometimes I don’t, just use the photo I’d taken. Input the results as above right. The BP was up a fair bit, the pulse a smidgeon, and the body temperature once again OK! Made the graph and waddled off into the kitchenette to get the first brew of the day going. I opted for Thompsons’ Punjana with semi-skimmed milk (that’s all I had in!). I saw a mass of smoke coming up from the far distance. In the Basford area, I think. But remembered abbot the card not taking photos. So took out the card to check the lock button, blew into the card holder slot, and reinserted it. Back to the window, and the smoke had got a lot less. I could see the blue lights flashing around the area. I went back to the computer and quickly checked the emails. Oh, dear! 
I found I’d got a J Sainsbury order that I thought was due on Friday. This is going to be fun getting the food in the already packed fridge… but I like a challenge.
Started on the WP comments; well, I got one anyway. And the JS order arrived nice and early.
The driver put the items into the two saved boxes and asked for a bag as well. Seems I got carried away again with the ordering; mind you, it’s good that I now have a lot of spring water in stock. If there is another heat wave, no doubt the panic buying will start again. The man out the stuff in the hallway for me.
Among the items purchased were mixed veg in water and whole free Jersey cow milk. Orange cordials, vegan seasonings, bleach. Tomatoes with basil and something else I can’t make out? More stuff; bananas, fresh pod peas, yellow tomatoes, and fish-free fish sticks. Strawberries and roses for the warden’s weekly treat. I’ll take them down later on to the Wardens holding cells for them.
Two first-time purchasers here; A different brand of burgers and some smokey cheese substitute. I’ll have to ask Richard to read the does & don’ts on the label in the morning. It feels very solid?
Back to the blogging, and just as I started getting somewhere: Smoke & Mirrors Man Mr Fries Liberty-Global, Virgin Media died a death again! More time lost! Still, it may be an integral part of one of his ambidextrousness, chicanery, and self-financial-defence mechanism?

He’s probably convinced his bosses that he is making such a cock-up of running Virgin Media on purpose. If enough of the fog boys are all driving the same f-up of service and ignoring customers and may go bust, take BT, for instance, just as bad. Then the value of those companies will fall, and Liberty-Global can either get more than the $23.3 billion they bought it for and sell it or pick up a few more internet companies for peanuts, and we can ruin them as well… It Doesn’t make sense, does it? But I can see in my minds-eye Fries conning his bosses like this. Smoke & Mirrors are his forte!
I don’t say these things lightly. And it is nothing to do with my being covetous of his manly looks, stubby-chin, masculine body. Nor jealously of his $23m a year salary, bonuses and expense account on top of it all, not to mention the grand back-handers and shares in the company he gets given. Or his gorgeous wife… Where was I?
Started getting a little persistent again. He must have a big order on for some school or church? He reminds me of Harold Shipman without his beard.
Finally got the ode added and finished yesterday’s blog. Doing this one will take ages with such a late start on it?
Put the computer to sleep, and I took the treats down to the Wardens holding cell in Winwood Court. Forgot to take the camera with me. Huh!
Got to the office, and I gave them a choice of plonk, the roses and strawberries, back up to the flat and carried on with this blog.

All I did was turn in the swivel chair to stand up, and an instant loss of balance hit me! Bounced off of the recliner, which was good, cause its well-padded. Rolled and gently plopped onto the floor, hitting my head on the table leg.
Going to turn it all off and sit quietly for a while, then hopefully get summat to eat. Not eating might have encouraged the Dizzy Dennis spell?

Back later. Well, I hope so. Hehehe!
I’m back…

Oddlimost Nosh for Ages…
Tons of pod peas, nothing but the best…
Black & yellow tomatoes with a tasty zest.
No-Fish Fish Sticks, on this plate, the sweetest,
Part-baked batch, the tastiest!
A banana, two pots of desserts,
Well, I was at my hungriest…
I hope it is easy to digest!

Checked on the Plates-of-meat…
The ulcer was looking a bit pink…
Water retention put the feet out of sync,
The bottom of the feet began to plink,
Will that ulcer ever shrink?
Involuntarily passed wind, what a stink!.
Caused the nosh, I think?.
When the carer’s been, I’ll wash and shave at the sink!

Evening Carer called, twas Valerie
Val handed two letters from the box to me,
She sorted the medications professionally,
Thanked her with a punnet of fruit, strawberry,
I felt a fart building, but I didn’t let it free,
Leaving, she took the waste bags to the chute for me!

Letters Investigated…
One letter was from the bank, the TSB…
A leaflet, ‘We are here to help, that’s contradictory,
Nottingham had 23 branches in 2003, now just one, sadly,
And that’s miles away, that’s due for closure shortly…
The other mail, from the Council, telling me…
To go on the internet for a details inventory,
Fill it in to be able to vote next January!

Late Ablutionalisation Session Thoughts In Ode
I look a little like I was growling?
The shower curtain shows its dolphin.
I’m stuck in the flat, not globetrotting,
Passing wind all the time, it needs fumigating,
Little Inchies fungal lesion exsanguinating,
The rear end began erupting…
My mind and concentration ever drifting,
Frequently self-condemning,
Inwardly waffling, bloviating,
Moments of lucidity were thin…
Two stubbed toes… so aggravating!
Moments of pure daydreaming,
Yet I was content, although inwardly waffling…
With the Thoughtstorms bludgeoning…
Battering my brain, but not concerning?
I finished off, the toes still twingeing,
But, no point in my minging or ologoaning…
Hello, can I hear someone phoning?

Watched the Football Match
I was overjoyed that it was won by Germany!
France winning would be Whoopsiedangleploppery,
If England had to face France, possible misery…
England can win a competition final, finally…
Although, it certainly won’t be easy…
The final is played next Sunday,
Huh, guess who’s kicked off; Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley!

That’s yer lot, can’t type in this condition. I’ll post this later.

I’m back: I nearly forgot Sister Jane rang me. The Police Pegasus has been in touch with her as a first-responder on the list. As soon as I heard this, I remembered the form they had sent for me to update my details. Carer Richard never got around to helping me fill it in, and I forgot all about it! What a twit! Jane rang them back and kindly called me back to say she had done it but had forgotten to tell them about the youths who came into the flat at 02:00hrs the other month. We are a pair for forgetting things! Hahaha!

Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday 27th July 2020

  1. “Here to help” letters sound a bit scary. Ultimate plant burgers? Unfish fish and veg dinner look good.

  2. Lots of movement this morning, including a good movement, I hope. Haha!!
    Sorry to see the BP deciding to take an upward path, which reminds me of an old…just attended HRH, and forgot the joke… When it comes back, I shall tell it. But now I am reminded of something my father told me when he was around 75: “When you get my age, you feel that things have changed so much that you just don’t belong.” Now I know what he meant, and it reassures me somehow. I am proud to be his namesake. I had the honor of helping him stay in his home until he collapsed and was taken to a nursing home, tears in my eyes of course. Actually quite a few. Both my parents lived into their nineties.
    Getting a surprise delivery is never a fun scene. Dangarangpang!
    Valerie seem quite the good Carer, a blessing indeed.
    May a heat dome stay far away, we are fortunate so far, waiting, anticipating, frustrating! Haha!!
    Well, it be a bit late, so will connect again in the morrow, which is about an hour away.
    Only kind wishes do we deign (an HRHism) to you, my friend.

    • Another link twixt ys Sir Billum; My Dad said more or less the same thing to me. I recall him saying how disgusted he was to pay 3d (Old money, about 1p in new money) for a bag of chips, when I were a lad it was a farthing, and we got bigger bags. Now they charge £2 a bag.
      This morning, it is a little dank, spots of drizzle visited in the night, no signs of the sun coming through… and yet the temperature is 95°f?
      Tausend Dank an Sie und HRH, beide wertvolle Cyber-Freunde ♥ (I’m not clever enough to have thought that in German, I used Mr Google)

      • Both of my parents were born in 1921, graduated high school in 1939, my father was in N Africa in 1942 defusing bombs. By 1945 he was assigned to type up papers for the troops who would be shipped to Japan.
        The temp here is 72 at 2:50 AM. We’re getting a few more cool days until the 90 degree temps return.
        Lisa and I watched a good number of clips from the Select committee on Jan 6 activities. A large cache of videos were handed over to the investigation. The evidence is overwhelmingly damaging for each cockroach caught in the light.
        Mr. Google did a great Job on the translations!

      • Dad got some globetrotting in, glad he got through to father you, Billum!
        Sounds like me last night, mate, still up, on the computer, a link there too.
        When I first got up, after three hours kip at 06:00hrs, the temp was Amazingly at 94°f Now 08:25hrs its down to 65°f? Still no sign of any sunshine.
        However, the clouds were suitable for some pareidolia.
        I’ll have to find the time to watch some of committee film clips, bet they are on UT.
        Are they known as the rednecks? Redwigs army? How did Redwig do in the last elections in the South?
        Good old Google… apart from the bogger of a Blogger! Hehe!
        WordHippo is my most used grammar assistant.
        Love and bestest wishes, thanks, and admiration to HRH & your Worthy Primoship self. ♥

  3. You sweet boys- having lots of chats and thoughts, I enjoy reading all of you! I had the tolerance to sit through the last hearing live! It was fantastic! There was the young senator from upper mid west state called Josh Hawley. He made a famous picture where he did a fist pump of solidarity with the mob. It garnered a huge reaction in the crowd. He did it behind the police line causing one to report a sense of disgust for being such a BIG MAN while protected. Once these people broke in to the capitol (I cringe inside and tears come too) by assaulting the thin line of local police (not national guard or any beefed up force) for hours, taking some of their lives! So in the last hearing while they show what was happening in real time while Trump sat in his EFFING DINING ROOM calling all senators he could to try to get them to protest the electoral certification of Biden’s win, he disallowed any normal national archive access to pictures and recording the events. So during the 3 hours he did nothing except tweet out that the VP Pence has betrayed them causing the mob to erect a gallows. When the mob broke the windows with a downed police man’s shield, he watched it unfold on TV!! The staff and his children begged him to stop the mob but he called them to “fight like hell to win their country back” and was happy his plan to stop the official reading of the electoral college votes (people elected in each state to make the official declaration of that state’s votes). It did what Pence refused to do, and all the courts of the land who tried his cases of voter fraud and found no such fraud. He also called and on RECORDED phone lines told the state of Georgia to find him 11,000 votes. He told them to just say it and he would do the rest. They turned his ASS in right away. This was his own party too. I can only hope the insanity this man wrought with his ability to rouse and inflame conspiracy theorists and those in the nation whose trust in democracy was crushed when we had a black president for two terms ( which made these sorts of people certain the voting was fixed) will end in his arrest for sedition. I love the actual mob leaders are serving years in prison. I went on a little tangent my Inchy but you can forgive me! I got Bill in on it last night! He hadn’t watched any of it and was amazed. Especially when they showed the former fist pumping Josh Hawley running like a scared girl across the capitol hallway to a safe zone! HA! He has no shame, and continues to spout election fraud. This guy knows which side his bread is buttered and has hitched his wagon to the conspiracy theory star to serve his career goals. If you get the chance to look up on You Tube the Jan 6 recording from Trump it will make you wonder how these kind of racist, small minded people can exist ! We may be falling and swelling up, losing our sight and hearing, slowing down in detail management in some areas but our minds and spirits are still sharper than people with no excuse for their inability to reach moral maturity and humane compassion . There are more of us out there than the loud mob – we just keep going and wait for the pendulum to swing back to sanity and one day arrive in mutual enlightenment. Finding decent souls across the world makes me feel we can and will fight the good fight together! Snugs and love dear!

    • Oh, Lisa-Petal, I don’t need to forgive you, it’s good to get it out now and then, gal. watching the rioting animals, out to intimidate, and prompted to so by Red-Wig, I can understand how sad and angry it made you at the same time! ♥
      I’ll do mu best to send a gentle massage, and sleep inducing prayers for you sweetheart. Bill as well.
      Thanks my floweress. ♥

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