Inchcock: Thursday 3rd November 2022

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00:30hrs: Got up for a wee-wee; that was terrific, gobsmackingly, absolutely free! Grrreat!
But releasing things ready to use the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket), I got myself in a tangle with the jammie bottoms cord. So, had to go and wash limbs etc., throw the jammies in the laundry bag, and get a dressing gown on. There was no point in getting back to sleep now; I was wide awake.
Went to make a brew of Glengettie tea.

I tried to take a photographicalisation of the morning view.
My first effort came off a bit smudgy, and the second one didn’t get onto the SD card at all!
For the next one, I changed the selector on the Lumix camera to the night view option on the wheel first.
This one came out acceptable to me.

While making the brew of Glengettie, my neurotransmitters failed, and as I was stirring the tea bag as well – So, over went the china mug of tea. Another fine mess to sort out! The one redeeming factor was that the mug stayed on the counter, so at least I didn’t lose another one. Haha!

Updated the Wednesday Blog. It cost me a three-hour struggle, with all the mistakes, and towards the end of doing it, the started, but this time it lasted for longer than ever before. Usually, they are over in seconds… but not this time! Peripheral Neuropathy Pete had never bothered me for so long, with so many incidents, some were quite serious. The first one was as I was stirring my tea bag, it’s hard to explain what happened clearly, but I’ll try: The Peripheral Nerves will suddenly not work, and occasionally they go on-off repeatedly. So the brain does not get a clear message from the neurotransmitters of what they want to do. Then the brain seems to guess but gets it so wrong sometimes. Imagine you want to pick some up that you know is very hot… you test it first. Well, it’s similar to that; the fingers keep nearly doing something and repeatedly miss doing it; why? I think the brain is preventing them. Hence I look like a fool, trying to pick up a piece of paper or anything really but just cannot get the fingers to do the right thing. The same if you want to drop or let go of something – you can’t; it’s impossible until the neurotransmitters send a clear message to the brain, suddenly they will, sooner of later, and things go back to near normal for a while… until the next loss of contact from the nerve-ends.
The fingers are the worst affected, but it can and has, in the past, happened with the toes and feet and can easily have me over.
The silliest and most scary to anyone seeing this happen is when I get what I call an . It’s the equivalent of doing the Oki-cokey; the foot will not settle back on the ground until the nerve ends re-contact. It’s always (up to now) the right leg.
And with , it is always on the right side, never the left? I think that my having my stroke on the righthand side helped to create these phenomena.

The was needed as I entered the wet room with the clothes to change into after the shave and shower. Aha! The evacuation was a little easier today – Small blessings are all welcome! I fang-you! Unfortunately for me, the again.
During this session, the counts increased ridiculously! I had some irritating and annoying incidents to contend with. But they were short-lived, and after the wet room activities, the nerve ends were back to normal, with just the usual odd ones catching me out. Nothing new there!
Dropped the toilet roll into the water! I cut my gums while cleaning the teeth and broke off another bit of the shattered double molar. Four cuts shaving. Carbolic soap dropped twice. Hit my head on the power box and couldn’t find my glasses after showering. (They are still AWOL [Absent Without leave[)

Arrived. Yawningly, Hehe! It’s his last shift for a few days, so I wished him a good rest and much sleep. Got the medications sorted and managed a couple of minutes of chinwagging. Saw him off as he took the waste bags. I shan’t see him for a bit now. Hope he catches up on sleep.

I started on the blog again: it was darned slow work.

Then Windowman Joe arrived. Not getting much done today. We had a laugh and chinwag, but like lighting at cleaning windows, soon off and gone.

Tried to get some graphics done… Cleaner Esther arrived. She was in and out for over an hour. She kept nipping down to check the laundry. She cut me a hole in my trouser belt – I can now wear them with more confidence, Hehehe! Finally told me her new minimum rate of pay is going from ten to fifteen pounds an hour for doing the laundry. Humph! I could do little or no work on or for this blog. I could not concentrate on Esther’s incessant talking. So I gave up and listened to her.

Finally, she departed. Ah, now I can get on with the blog…

The landline rangeth…
It was Sister Jane. We had a jolly long conversation, and I found out I was eating the wrong foods, buying too much of it, and should eat more pasta. Fair enough, she was right. But we had a laugh or two. Said out farewells.

And back to blogging...

It was the Asda delivery. The driver helpfully threw the items ordered into the boxes provided for me… this chap was a lot more careful about not putting things like mini sponge rolls at the bottom of the box; bless him. I thanked him and got the food and things into the kitchen.

The big items I bought were the Flash speed Mop and extra pads. There’s a reason I bought these, and I can remember why, too. Oh, YES! Mind you, I can’t remember who it was that extolled the virtues of the costly Flash mop… but someone told me how great and easy to use they were. Although on later looking at, but unable to read the small print on how to set it up and operate it, I’m already sorry I bought them! !
I left them in the hallway – and hoped that one of the carers may as me why and hopefully know how to set it up and work it. Humph!
I thought I could smell bleach, and one of the bottles was leaking… So I got the box with the cleaners in it opened first to check... Yes, the bleach had been leaking! Grangknangles! I checked in the empty box, just in time to see the cardboard disintegrating, and got it in the sink. Tore it up… I didn’t know I had so much anger in me, but got the cardboard box pieces and put them in a large plastic bag, and I hobbled grumblingly out loud as I took them to the waste chute and deposited the bag. Coming back to the flat, I realised how childish I’d been and felt a fool for getting all hot & bothered over it. I envisaged my moving into a home for Dementia sufferers, and it didn’t seem that far away!
I sorted out the food box next. The only item they had none off in stock was the tomato passata with basil. Shame, ’cause I’ve got none now. Haha! I’m glad they had some of the Soya lemon yoghourts, though; they are nice and tasty without being too sweet. The vegetable pasties that I tried last week, and they were good and tasty, also arrived. I do not remember ordering any fresh tomatoes or cooked chestnuts… but then again, my saying I do not remember – is becoming my catchphrase, I think. Hehe!

I got things put away… not the Flash Speed Mop, of course, and had a wee-wee. As I was washing my hands, I realised that I’d had the potato simmering away for over six hours now in the crock-pot!
In the kitchen, I trundled and turned it off. The large potato had split open, and bits of flesh were floating about in the pan… Tsk!

I got back to the computer and started working in CorelDraw, making graphics, tabs and an Ode… I was doing well… I thought… which was rubbish, of course. CorelDraw kept freezing, and MS word, in which I was creating the ode, did the same? I gave up!

The landline rang and at the same time! I’m just lucky, I guess… Esther returned to get something she’s left, and I asked her to talk to the woman who phoned for me; cause I couldn’t understand a word she said! Neither could Esther! So put the phone down. Esther said she was trying to get me to join Virgin Media, I said I’m already on it…
IT dawned on me after Esther had gone. A woman who I could not understand rang, but no dice with hearing what she said. When Jenny phoned me to warn me that Liberty-Global Virgin Media was going down on Wednesday, it did. I wonder if it’s going to go down again?

I’ve got so little done today. I’ve now been up now for 16hours. Frustrated at every turn. Evening Carer is due anytime now. I’m tired, hungry and pretty miffed off with things. And still way behind on blogging! Well, it’ll stay that way! I’m gonna get a mug of Thompson’s tea, then something to eat.

I took this evening shot of the view from the kitchenette window while doing the cooking… Blimey, I multitasked there!

At last, I made and ate a decent meal. This one was a gorgeous soya Frikadellen and a veg pastie, tomatoes, yellow and red ones, very tasty, sweet! Sourdough cobs, and a mandarin & lemon mousse. Oh, and a boiled potato. Lashings of BBQ sauce.
Bootiful! Taste Rating: 8.9/10! However, in the preperationing for this meal…
and … When it came to cleaning the Crock-pot used to cook the potato, The bottom of the base had been leaking! The metal plate underneath had split somehow. So, I no longer have a crock-pot. I saved the porcelain bowl and lid, they are fine, and they may be of use to someone in the flats or carers to have as a spare? I got the slow cooker into three black bags. I may have to take it down to the recycling bin in the morning. It won’t fit in the heavy-metal waste-chute lid. Shame!
Then, I may be back… but I doubt it until the morning, with more catching up to do. Muckleworthiness and Crab-ends!

Morning Update:   Chloe woke me up. We got the medications sorted out okay. I was still half-asleep. I recall walking to the door with Chloe, taking the waste bags for me; I locked the door and returned to get a meal made.

Had lost interest in me getting back to sleep. It took hours before I faded. Flibblegonknackles!

Another Doreen Dementia Driven Day. Dangnab-It!

5 thoughts on “Inchcock: Thursday 3rd November 2022

  1. A seepage free wee wee is always a nice way to start the day. I read “Went to make a brew of Glengettie tea.” as “Went to make a brew of Genitalia tea.” and thought “Whoa! Poor Inchy boiled and steamed!” But then I reread it and saw it was real tea. Phew! It’s sad how desperate Internet/phone service sales people are these days that they tray to scam you with a service you already have. We were getting so many robo calls at the office that we added a “To speak to a person, press one!” introduction to incoming calls. That cut out 99% of the calls we were getting at the office. Excellent morning photos. Great looking me mea. That was a real crock with the leaky crock pot.

  2. “A few questions in ode” I go caterwauling rather than discussing problems. You may find me out with the alley cats, singing the songs of their forefathers and mothers. Must be why the scratch count on my face is so high sometimes…or were those leftover red spots from my back? So far, the meds have kept the red spots to a flat, dull color. My preferential hue of course.
    That was the best description of neurotransmitters failing as you could ever ask for, told from the person wot suffers such swaggering — not to be confused with pirate talk, a language I plan to learn none of these days. Haha!!
    It makes great sense that the right-side of yer anatomy is the one affected. I hadn’t made that direct connection until reading that description. That right door jamb takes quite a workout, I can imagine it flinching as you approach with a Glengettie or equivalent.
    An interesting talk with Jane, that were, Sir. The gradually sleep-recovering Petal informs me on how to get my protein numbers higher. I have the opposite problem regarding weight — keeping it from slipping too low. Self-injecting the Humira every two weeks *and* getting the right minerals and vitamins has kept me healthier than I was in 1975, when my weight dropped to 112 lbs. Crohn’s was rare in those days. Going completely vegan (no meat, dairy, eggs, and insects The insects took me no time at all. Haha!!
    Upheaval is quite the understatement for your long list of disasters, and over so short a time, that’s what made is so infuriating. At one point you just lose it all and find yourself a molten mess on the floor. I would also have gone bananas over the bleach bungle.
    A more serene Saturday to you, mate!

    • Hi, Billum.
      Maintaining a flat, dull colour, was thet the non-Quack, Quack, Sir?
      Thanks mate, g;ad you appreciated thje waffle. “Oh, argh… me booty!” (Poor imitation Pirate talk, Hehe!)
      Clever piece ther with the doorframe, Billum, having me scaring that for a change – Excellent laugh-out-loud prompting stuff, that Sir!
      A shame we can’t part-exchange our weight problems, Billum, I’m sure Alan in lab 29⅗ths could sort a way to do it? Hahaha!
      Oddly enough, in the Sister Jane comversation, she was telling me about a meal she’s been cooking, and as she mentioned eggs… (I could almost see the sneer) when she added “Oh. of course you don’t know what’s good for you, get some eggs down you…” She hasn’t grasped why yet. Bless her!
      Molten mess on the floor… Hehehe! (Another out loud larf, I fank you). I wonder if I’ll see Dementia Doreen as I pass? Just see if she looks like the images I imagined her to.
      This morning (Sat) Duoenal Donald and Reflux Roger have been the only of the ailments that has given me any bother worth mentioning, mate. And another 3-hour kip, I was up before midnight and on the computer up to now 05:35hrs, done an ode at the end of the blog about Sweet Morpheus.
      However, I don’t suppose he can be everywhere at the same time? When he was born unto the earth, there were such a lot less tellurians to work his way through?
      Sd long as he donates some attention to HRH, that’ll do me. ♥
      On my esy now, s Porvrlsin Throne visit is the plan. Har-har – Sontar-Ha!

  3. That was the Non Quack indeed. Taking tablets each Friday, is working well. The alternative to warfarin is a can of worms. A Diet of Worms? Hahaha!!!
    So for the moment, I am sticking with the Warfarin.
    Petal, fount of knowledge, has some dietary wisdom to share with you. Kind Sir!
    At the moment, she is with SM again. Worra god is Morpheus.
    Sontar Ya!

    • Warfarin – better the devil you know? Well done in deciding that, Billum.
      I found a ready to cook Ben’s Plant Chilli to try. Beauty of it, I can use the micriwave or a saucepan, the latter will enable me to heat up the 7-roasted-veg sauce in with the chilli. Gloing to try it today. I just hope its not too hot for me.
      HRH Petal asleep – music to my ears! Thanks to SM for once here.
      Nurse Vhritina is coming today ti take the blood for the DVT Warfarin test… she is lovely & patient with me when I get the shakes, Angel number Two. Petal-Lisa being number one, of course.
      Herberts been a bother lately… Grrr!
      TTFN and love to all at the Sontar-Ha! manor. ♥

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