Inchcock: Saturday 12th November 2022

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So, listen to this, you may not believe it, my maties:
I woketh up and soon had it worked out that I’d been asleep for very nearly eight hours! EIGHT HOURS! Danged well staggering!
I didn’t write the time on my memory pad, but it was almost light when I went to make a brew and take these two photos through the kitchen window. I didn’t make the tea after all and made for the wet room to get the Ablutionalisationing done. Collecting the clothes needed for afterwards, with me. 
The teeth-cleaning triggered , and it bled a fair bit. The shaving went well, just two teeny-weeny nicks, and they didn’t bleed much at all.
At had to divert to the before getting into the shower. That didn’t go so well. A smidge messy, it seems that is making a fight out of it, for control of the evacuations with . He’s ahead at the moment, and a messy result that needed much cleaning up and disinfectioning.
Amazingly one of the tiny on the neck started bleeding after I’d looffered the back. It reminded me of that Hotel horror movie. Hehehe! I wanted to take a photograph cause it did look scary with the blood swirling around the drain. But I hadn’t taken the camera in with me. Shame, that would have looked great in the blog! Tsk!
Being as it was Saturday, I decided to put the jammies back on with the heavy dressing gown. No deliveries (I thought at the time), nurses, only the carers to come today. (How even I can forget that the Iceland order was being delivered today...
Made a brew, did the and on the computer to feed the figures in the analyser a create the graphics. In the Red Hypertension – 1 zone again, but not too far away from the Amber. Content with this.




The Iceland man cometh
I remembered he was coming the moment I saw that…

I got the bags inside and sorted them out. I did wonder why I’d bought
the Starbucks Coffee at first.
But as I went on sorting the other stuff out, I remembered!
It was on offer at very nearly half the normal price. So I thought I get some in, in case the carers or nurses like them.
I may have made a mistake. If they do like them, I can’t afford to get any more at the full price, like.

But I can’t really see anyone liking them; cold coffee?
Got the bottles of wine for Christmas pressies. Two items short, but no substitutes, so that was good. Bread and Vegan pie missing.

  Arrived: it was during this visit that I had a mind-blank, I think. I know I was talking almost non-stop… or was I? Oh, I don’t know.
Many hours later, I sort of came around a lot and found this was the only other photo on the SD card.
Nothing concrete in the memory box, but maybe I was seeing this and thought about how active and fun-loving I was in those days. Or, maybe even proud of winning my first-ever angling cup fishing match award? Most likely, I was feeling guilty for fishing in the first place?
I had been working on CorelDraw and Excel doing a blog. I had no idea what time it was, and as I turned to look at the clock…
Came in. I reckon I was nattering away again. As Jodie was picking up the bags to leave, she said she could not get in the key safe. I went out to her, and we both tried again, but no luck. Must mention this to Deana or Julie.

I took some photos of the evening view.

Better check on the taps and stove. make sure I’ve not left anything that might be during my absence of awareness hours.

I tried catching up[ on the blogging.
Spent a few hours at it and realised things were not going well.

Which brought to mind the appointment at the Mental Health place regarding Doreen Dementia.
The address is confusing and long-winded; I’ll have a look at the Google map if I remember.
Hazelwood House, The Coppice, Highbury Hospital, Highbury Road, Bulwell, Nottingham NG6 6DR.
The bits of the letters and pamphlets I can read (and forget so easily). tell me:
Bring your Medications, Eyeglasses & hearing aids.
Wear a face mask. Use your own toilet before leaving home.
Bring only one carer/relative with you.
Bring your own drink if needed.
You must arrive for your appointment early.
Try not to be more than 5-minutes early.
Use the hand-sanitiser on arrival.
During your appointment, a hand sanitiser is to be used.
Leaving Your Appointment:
When finished, a member of staff will walk you through
showing you the way out.
I’ll have a look at the map now.

Not confident; I can’t find which reception I’ll need.
Knackered now. No desire for food or drink.

Get my head down, I think. Hope I’m up to doing Josie’s meal in the morning.

Changed my mind as I was getting the jammies on. I needed a meal, after all.

I made up a meal that looked okay. But it wasn’t; I was not concentrating, methinks. The veggie burger and pastie were only warm at best. The sausages were undercooked. Taste: 3/10!
Still, didn’t visit, so I had a good sleep for once.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock: Saturday 12th November 2022

    • Cheers, Tim.
      Fantastic kip!
      Got photos of a fire this evening, from the litchen window. Hazy, but used the auto-improve bitmap button on each one, a lot clearer. I’ll try that again later on.
      Most annoying, no news of a fire on the web! Tsk!

  1. WordPress is not letting me Like again. However, I am going to Like your post anyway. Parsimonious barstards!!
    That political cartoon was spot on, Sir. I fank you.
    A lonely red car in the lot below, could it be related to the *red* wave that wasn’t? The one that left Trump ashore last Tuesday? Red being the color most associated with MagaMan? Perhaps I should offer him some consolation. Melania, his current wife, is looking for a new boyfriend. I can’t blame her in the least.
    A good photograph of your kind self, mate.
    Petal is also catching up on her sleep deficit; SM seems able to be two places at the same time, gods can get away with that sort of thing.
    A 3.0 nosh reminds me to note that Lisa is not a vegan, and to remember that it took me 15 years to become full vegan. So listening to Jane about eating more eggs might be the very thing you need for getting more protein. Eliminating too much protein too fast is health-threatening at age 75. Your health is important to *all* of us who hold you dear. Just saying.
    Cheers, mon ami.

    • Danged money-taking swine, WP! I ‘ve got in tight mes with it, sometimes on WP Reader, click on rely: I get a choice of five log-ins to use to comments. no idea which one to click on, have a guess, answer the comment, and then can’t answer anymore at all? Likely my fault somewhere along the line. Humph!
      Melania? Isn’t that a ladies internal complaint?
      SM toys with us meyhinks… but its granf ehen he’d good to us.
      The soya lemon yohhourt claims to have a high content, Billum. I have one everyday, (when they deliver it). A tiny-wee pot, like a medicine?
      A company in Somersert has been prosecuted under the Trages Desctiption Act, fro claiming on hte oackaging that all eggs are free-range and somrthing else, but I can’t remember what it was now… they were not though, batteru hens stood in there own urine, cripping there feet… then sold for pet food. I can’t gey picture of this on TV out of my mind.
      I could appeal to the Sontarans to help, but I’ve lost their email address. Hahaha! Sontar-Ha!
      Fog again here, Billum, Carer Richard arrived, TTFN

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