Inchcock Today: Wednesday 23rd November 2022

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acci-whoop All night long, wee-weeing, most often with less than a minute in between! Every one painful, but barely a trickle came out: Compared to yesterday evening and this morning, were poles apart, directly opposed to each other! At least I did have a good morning on Monday, and I got some sleep in. It was the rest of the day’s events that went all pear-shaped on me.

I gave up the early hours of trying to get to sleep. There were a few occasions when, by the time that I got back in the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, grungy, pukin  gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, grungy, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 moth-eaten, pukingly-beige-coloured, non-working, bacillus encouraging, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, recliner, I had to get up again for another 2 fluid ounces worth of weeing! If that much!
It was driving me crazy.
The computer stood there, tempting me to get on it. But the way I felt, there was no way I could concentrate.

Then the feeling of cold and shivering-like sensations came over me. I don’t think I was sweating; it felt more like some Herbert walking over my grave? Then as I was typing this in the morning, well, late afternoon, I realised I must have gone on about this dilemma when doing the updating of the Tuesday blog. So decided that repetition is not a good idea. It may result in a reduced the huge, vast number of followers and readers of my blog. And they are both such nice people.

Again, the only things I can recall are what was written in the memory notepad. So it’s unlikely to be one of my more detailed dairies, sorry.
Although some bits are clearish in the grey cells. Esther’s visit to do the laundry and overcharge me again. The Evening Carer, Carolynne, my, leaving two taps running!  And my burning the meal.
But at least up to now, the wee-weeings were a lot less than yesterday and this morning. Still, next to nothing coming out, mind you.

One thing that didn’t change, was my feeling so cold all day. Brrr!

I took the extra clothing off and replaced it with other heavy-duty gear.
Started composing the ode to last night’s farce. I took me hours & hours. Most of it was spent correcting errors.

Took these views from the kitchenette window.
One, the bottom was of the car park on Chestnut Way, in the block of flats.

Where I’m feeling so sorry for missen.
No help

with sorting out things I cannot read from the Coppice Hospital. Now this new bug or whatever it is.


I did eventually get the Ode done.
But now I don’t think it is any good.

Depressed again… but nothing like on Tuesday.

It must be Sods Law: Just when I needed the calmingness and help of my friend and, ; He gets put onto another site.
He helps by going the extra mile, which is comforting, and much-appreciated help.
Especially now that Doreen Dementia is getting at me more and more. I feel a bit cheated in a way. All self-pity I think. You could not believe the things I could no longer do for myself. not to mention ,     ,

Blanks I’d better not forget, , and the potentially lethal killer; .
they can have me over in a flash if I bang them in a . Even the can cause problems when I start to panic, rushing back inside to check if the lights, taps or the stove has been left on.
Ah, that reminds me! This very day, I left two hot water taps running. Burnt the shoulder and left the potato in the crockpot for eight hours. I’m not diving up[ on this, its that late in the morning again, I’ll do a rescue job on them -microwave, for breakfast.

The morning carer failed to issue the Omeprazoles. (Anne Gyna) Not hod fault, it was mine. I was nattering away giving him my sob story from yesterday. While he was prepping of the medications.
I’d usually hold back on the nattering until the meds are sorted. But not this morning. I was so uptight with bladder trouble and no sleep for two nights.

Why am I up now? It’s nearly 02:00hrs already

I’ll stop now and try to rescue the food.
Thankfully, I lost two hours of whatever I did.

The evening Carer arrived. Checked the taps for me; not many of them do that.

Then, the ankle ulcer started to smart a bit. But it didn’t look inflamed?
Then everything stopped again.

Mud Slide in Car Park.
Long story, but I’m. struggling to type.
Three days without sleep now..
Not feeling good. the wee-weeing continues.
I pass one; they are all so painful…
And two minutes later need another.
Took an extra Furosemide, hoping it.
may help me to pass.

No Help for Cataract or Mental Hospital Appointments Came



10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wednesday 23rd November 2022

  1. Great night shots. Interesting looking meal. Seems like your prostate is pounding on you with the many, trickling, painful wee wees.

      • It’s sure tender, Tim. I cannot bend at all without some wince-making pain. This morning, after three of the MacroBid anti-bladder infections meds, (two a day for 7 days)
        I have to be careful with the ring-cushions I use for the piles, cause I I’ve alread squashed the girt-great inlated pear-shaped thing a few time. Did I swear? No, no, no… well yes!
        This morning, the ledt side of the stoamch was bloeated and painful too – the tabs working I think.
        In a mess really, not able do any cleaning or cooking (Can’t bend swon to get in the oven). Last night I did try to get the tray out of the oven with the pickerupper… whick fell apart, the shilder and huices along with the oan are still on the floor, under two rolls of paper towels – However… some good luck (Carer Richard inspired), the Merisdain care bosses acme to see me, and from today, I will (Should) be getting extra checks (2) in the morning and afternoon on safety… At no ectra cost!!!
        Hope they can clean up the mess for me, depends who comes I suppose.
        I’ve sdsat on the computer for a while and got up to checek whilr typing this, on the name of the new medications… ARGH! I thought the bloated ball was going to blow up! Noy had such pain since the heart-op. I can laugh now. Hahaha!
        All the bestest, thanks for commenting, you bloated-bellied brother from Nottingham, Hehe!

      • Tis indeed, they were supposed to start today, but not one Carer extra has been.
        I half-guessed it would would be like this.
        I am vertually immobile with the cherub growing, sitting standing dancing, all too painful. Just took spome Cocodamol… when they do come they miss tablets off, and I'[m paying for all this none-activity.
        There’s one in every town – I’m Nottingham’s. Hahaha!
        Cheers mate, gonna be fun using the shower later.
        Keep safe.

      • Just came out of the shower, too,
        Made a brew,
        and replied to you.
        No injuries, although the ankle is turning blue…
        I’ll but the potatoes, and see what’s to do.

        Cheers mate.

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