Gang of 70-Year Olds on Mobility Scooters Terrorising Orlando Tourists

Crotch 02This post is one of Patti Beckert’s masterpieces. She is an excellent humour blogger from America. It is posted here with her kind permission. Patti, has gone through an awful lot of pain with medical problems, and the way she accepted the situation brought me to love her and her blogging style and content. At the bottom are some graphics I did a few years ago, from Daily Lessons she used to let me post. Thanks Patti. I hope you all enjoy this one, particularly as it contains my dreaded Mobility Scooters! Please enjoy, I reckon it’s a cracker… just like Patti. TTFN

Gang of 70-year olds on Mobility Scooters Terrorizing Orlando Tourists

Crotch 04The streets of some of Orlando’s most popular tourist destinations are being randomly terrorized by a gang of septuagenarians on mobility scooters. The gang, calling itself the 7 T’s, has so far escaped the law by ducking into restaurants during early bird special time, removing their gang regalia in the bathrooms, and then ordering meals consisting of 10 oz. ribeyes, a salad, and two sides, all for a portion of what they would pay after 6 p.m.

Eyewitness reports say the gang has equipped its scooters with little black flags emblazoned with the skull and crossbones design and their name, the 7 T’s. While no one has been able to pin down a member of the gang to ask where the name came from, word in local assisted living facilities is that the original seven members of the gang all had first names or nicknames starting with the letter “T” such as Throttle, T-bone and Tats.

Crotch 03The only other criteria for getting into the gang according to anonymous tipsters is that you must be at least 70 years old, own a relatively new personal scooter that can do at least 10 mph and the guts to run down youngsters wearing funny Disney hats. Evidently, the thrill for this gang is seeing young kids in Mickey ears cry when they are forced to drop their Shamu ice cream sticks on the ground.

 The Orlando area police departments are asking all residents in the area to be on the lookout for these “Hells Angels Has Beens” as one poster calls them. Meanwhile, retired cops from New York who make their winter home in Orlando have been called in to help round up the gang and bring them to justice. One NY snowbird, a former desk sergeant from Brooklyn named Wayne McDuffy, said this about tracking down the gang, “Weah gonna find deez Joisey jagoffs, awright, if it’s da last ting we do,” and added “So waddah you lookin at?”

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