Inchcock Today: Wed 3rd – Thur 4th Aug

GC blue01Wednesday 3rd September 2014

What my dream was about, I haven’t a clue. But I awoke feeling so low and depressed, and scared?


I peeped out of the window while the kettle was boiling for me tea, a car outside had had its window smashed and presumably something stolen from it. Still, this fits in with the burglaries and arson attacks for the locality dunnit?


It was dark and dank outside, and that is how I am feeling this morning too. Oh Woe is me.

Not up to going anywhere or doing anything.

Not feeling too good.

Toyed on internet, but no concentration.

Had a call from the MRBHA Mansfield Road Baptist Housing Association, conforming my interest in any flats that come up.

Going to bed really early to try and get some sleep, maybe trying to read me book might let me get off eh?

TTFN all.

Thursday 4th  September 2014

GC blipvinSeemed to be awake for than asleep last night.


Up around 0415hrs, feeling well drained.

Thu01Had me brekkie and a cuppa.

Worked on me graphics for a few hours, then decided I must get out and about.

So thought I’d get a bath… proper one like, yer know, radox, un antiseptic disinfectant, then antiperspirant un that like, then applied me creams and emolument dermatological Cetraben creams to the required areas of me decrepit body, oil in me ear-holes and pain gel on me hands and knees.


Then go make an appointment with the GP. Then go on a good long walk (Hobble) into Arnold and get a another pack of the microwave sausages if they have any left, then get the bus to town, but why to town I’ve forgotten already. Oh yes, go see the housing people at CityHomes.

I set off, with me two bags, one for the Nottingham Hospice shop, on me walk to Sherwood. (Yes, alright, I forgot about going to the GP… Tsk!)

However, I did remember to call at the Post Office on the way and return me DVLA Thu03forms.

I called in the haberdashery shop in Sherwood, but they could not help me with me search for a cushion/pillow of the shape or size I required. Never mind thought I, I’m bound to have better luck in Arnold. (Hahaha!)

I dropped in the Nottingham Hospice shop and gave em me stuff. The lady said if I signed as a member, they would get more for the goods I’m taking – so I did. Then said goodbye and started off on me marathon walk to Arnold. Realising that she had not given me the number she said I needed. (Tsk!)

Thur01A mile or so up the road, I passed entrance to the old ‘Headway’ premises, and that brought back many happy memories of when I was a volunteer there, but a sadness that it had to close down.

I pressed on into Daybrook, and nipped in the park to feed the ducks and pigeons.

Thu03aThen on again into Arnold.

Where I came across many shops that could not supply me with the pillow/cushion size I was after.

On me last try at getting one, I called into Asda. None to suit in stock, but I Thu05was tempted into buying a reduced in price ‘Andy Capp’: and some cheese curls.

On this visit to Arnold, I was weary enough to miss being clobbered by the two Mobility scooters that nearly clobbered me.

The old feet and knees were now Thu04letting me know it was time to stop hobbling about, so I caught the bus back to Carrington.

Yet again, I forgot to call at the GP, and wobbled back to the dump.

Noticed a police car and forensic van at the far end of the street – not another break in?

Did some prep for me blogs and posted this one, then decided to try for another early night in search of sleep…

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wed 3rd – Thur 4th Aug

    • Well yea see Mike…
      These ‘ere microwave sausages like, are rejects from Wall’s yer see midduck, and Walls microwave sausages are £2.40 fer six onnum.
      These ere’ uns are packed in 20’s like, they are burst open a bit, all of em – but they are also overcooked a tad, just how I like em yer see. And… they are only £1.99 fer the 20 sausages! I can’t find any cheaper or tastier – but they will the manageress tells me, run out soon.
      Any other assistance you may need on cut price dodgy foods, feel free to ask midduck.
      Hope yer keepin’ well. TTFN

    • You don’t know how heart-warming it is to hear this Marissa, despite my empathy and realisation of your situation: Knowing as I do now, that others so much younger, wiser, more educated, and better looking than wot I am, suffer from the same as wot I do, is a comfort of sorts. Bless you cotton socks.
      I do hope you find out where they are, for peace of mind gal.
      All the best.

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