Inchcock Today: Fri 19th Sept 14

Friday 19th September 2014

Up at 0130hrs Confused with why I’d got up at 0130hrs!

BT fibre connection coming on line today. I’ve got me new modem ready with instructions on how to set it up when they have connected it. Just hope it works.

Started the laptop, made a cuppa.

0145hrs: When I tried to get into Google everything froze.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted.

Got into to Google, selected email – and everything froze again.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted.

Got into to Google, selected email – and everything froze again.

Pressed and held start button and rebooted in safe mode with web.

Selected ‘System Restore option.

0245hrs: Got laptop going, didn’t go into Google first, but updated this diary in case I lost everything again when I try the web.

Then I tried Google… it was very very slow (everything on the laptop).

When I tried to open Coreldraw9, a message came up telling me that certain filed for Coreldraw8 were not on the system? I could not gain access at all.


So, I had to remove Coreldraw9 from the laptop, and reinstall it again!

By now it is 0505hrs, and still nowt done, and I’ve got the problem of the new modem to contend with later today – cor blimey am I uptight.

06Fri03I’m now going to try and open Coreldraw9 again…

It took three minutes, but it’s opened.

I fear I may lose the laptop soon, she’s lasted well…

Now to try Google…

Slow, but it opened and let me get into Inchcock to finalise and post this load of tosh.

And it only took me around four hours of hassle! (Good job I did get up early innit?).

Took me medications in celebration!

 Oh, by the way, some good news – Coreldraw9 working (slowly) again, and letting me post in colour! For now anyway…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI hope to get to town today to take some photo’s of the war memorial displays – on the other hand, I might leave it until tomorrow, give me more time to try and sort out the BT modem and get i05Th02t working, else I’d be lost without it.

Coreldraw9 kindly locked up whilst I was in the middle of making a graphic, I’ll try again later, perhaps.

I got the new BT Home Hub 5 ready, and gingerly hoped I’d got all the plugs and connections in the right place, and plugged it in cross fingeredly. (If that a word? It should be)

Sure enough, it didn’t work despite my turning it off and on a few times, and reading through the minuscule manual provided.

06Fri01aI tried the inbuilt help for the old Hub, but 06Fri01it didn’t work despite it coming on, on its 06Fri02own.

Frustration rampant now, and as usual I began to panic a tad.

So I thought I’d try to phone em for help, this I did on me mobile because the landline has too much background noise for me hearing aids to be of use. 081114567 I rang… whilst I was waiting for an answer I made a cup of tea, went to the WC and tried the online old hub help again.

I got an answer eventually (After only twenty-five m inutes) an automatic answer where I had to pick options, and each time I made one (not certain if I heard then correctly), a different voice, often so low I could not hear it came on with another set of options. When I eventually got a real voice, her foreign accent and low voice made it very hard to converse both ways. Then she told me if I called 03301324567 it would be cheaper for me as I was using a mobile.

So I called it, and got an answer in ten minutes, but this gal was a whisperer with a Eastern accent. Eventually she told me I had called the wrong number! She said (I think) she would put me through the correct number 081114567!!!

While waiting for an answer again, the inbuilt helpline came to life and told me I was successfully connected to BT Infinity?

So I told the gal, and she said did I hear my landline ringing as she had just called me – I said no. I picked up the phone, and there was no dialling tone! (Cry, sob spit…) I said no. And gave up with her.


06Fri04When I got back to the computer, I had several pages open about my internet connection. Too confusing for words. I closed em, and signed into me BT home page in search of assistance on the web.

I still can’t get the Wifi to work on the hub, but was more concerned with me landline, had it packed up, or was it BT’s fault?

I eventually found a page where I could test me landline, so I did, it opened a blank page?

Further searching found another page where I could test it from – and ti informed me everything was alright their end.

I gave up, at least with the lead in i can use the internet.

Very tired now, and the angina is playing up again!

I hope tomorrow, to get into ton to see the war memorabilia display – and get a new phone. I’ll try the Hearing shop on Friar Lane, they might sell some which have a bass and sound button on them… more expense!

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