WordPressers in the Play Park – Clarification Required please

What were these three up to in the park?

Part of their fitness routine, or were they having a lark?

Was it a party, or am I wide of the mark?

Were they awaiting the arrival of the loan shark?

Marissa was supplying the musical melody, with her bassoon,

Were Shirl and Mike on another honeymoon?

We need to know, and very soon,

So we can rib them, this very afternoon! 


All WordPress Blogger Experts and models used in the production of this graphicalisation did so voluntarily and without expectancies of any financial reward. Only in search of fame and the opportunity to display their none-crude abilities to take the piss out of other WordPress Bloggers. Honestly!

6 thoughts on “WordPressers in the Play Park – Clarification Required please

    • I can assure you mate, dementia setting is can be a good thing – it takes other worries off your mind… sometimes permanently too. I know these things… I think…
      Remember, you were obviously very young looking in this photographicalisation. I’ve no idea what this indicates, I just felt I should mention it like. Sorry. TTFN

    • I like you bassoon Marissa. Just thought I’d mention it like.
      I assume it was one of Mr Steedenski’s Claret guzzling parties?
      Thanks for the info. X

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