Inchcock Today: Sun 24 Jan 2016: Apartment bound today – Sniffles and sneezing



Sunday 24 January 2016


A terrible night of waking, weeing and wheezing.

I think that sister Jane’s flu has been transferred down the telephone line to me? Hehe!

I didn’t get up until gone eight o’clock this morning. Drained, tired and a bit sorry for myself I was.

P1020911I walked into the kitchen to put the kettle on and get my medications. And straight into t-towel hanging on my home made indoor washing line!

I did laugh! (No I didn’t)

Still, the towel and the microfibre duster thingamajig were both almost dry. I managed to avoid tipping the bowl over on the floor that I’d positioned to catch the dripping water.

No wash, no shave, no teggies cleaned either. Straight on the laptop and started doing some graphicationalisationing!

Churchy02aFor the next few hours, in between sneezing coughing and trips to the porcelain, I worked on a creation and finally got it finished.

Despite the frustrations of having to do so many amendments and tweaks, I got it something like I wanted.

The final touch, making the tattoo on Danny Soz’s arm took as long as all the rest did to get looking okay.

I posted it under ‘Picture needing explanation – Bloggers in the Park? 

Carried out another search for me hearing aids.

 Then made even more tea, and then did some Facebooking.Then set about my second graphicalisationing session.

Then set about my second MarissaLjgraphicalisationing session. Titled this one ‘WordPressers in the play park – Clarification required, please.

Feeling a bit peckish now.

I’ll have a look at what grub is in stock methinks.

I think, Frankfurters, chips, potato farls and beetroot, I turned the oven on to warm it up.

Did some Facebooking while it got to temperature.

P1020912Cuppa and took the medications.

Got the meal sorted and enjoyed it.

Rated this one 9.2/10.

Watched some TV and nodded off.

Woke with a start around 2330hrs, mind full of a dream I’d been having, had to write it down straight away to record here later.

I was back courting Sue, and we were living where I lived years before we met, in the digs. We went out on a walk in te fog at night. Fell into a dyke and I managed to get us out of the soft mud at the edge where we landed. Then there was a bit about where we visited her home with her parents there. We returned to the digs, and loads of people I knew or know came in to stay, there was a physical control barrier in the hallway… Sue and I were happy together again, and I was so proud for some reason… that’s all I could remember by the time I wrote it down.

It was such a real dream to me. I could not get back to sleep, so got up properly, made a cuppa and got on the laptop.

I felt hot and sweaty, no sneezing now.ed,

Off to the WC and got a shock. ‘Little Inchy’ had been pouring blood. And there was I, thinking the lesion was healing so well too. Tsk!

Jammy bottoms in a bowl of water to soak.ed,

Suddenly I felt so sad that the dream was only a dream and guilty for some reason?

Funny old life isn’t it?

Going to be well tired and shattered for the INR Warfarin blood level test, and the visit to try and sort me rent arrears in the morning! Tsk!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Sun 24 Jan 2016: Apartment bound today – Sniffles and sneezing

  1. Hello luv, Maybe some of my miseries have traveled thru the ether to wind up on your computer. I was awakened by a dream just a bit ago, but have already forgotten it. Okay, parts of it. I remember the best part — being young and falling in love again, with the same person, only a nicer version of the same person. Spring breezes blowing, spring flowers blooming, and just as we are about to be carried off together, I woke, wanting to get up, hearing someone calling me to come on but in need of a light. Then the lights I never turned off last night were visible, so I’m still among the living for yet another day.
    My doctor is coming in at 1300 hrs today, and I have such a mess to clean up before he arrives. It is a yearly checkup visit that will last almost an hour, and if they send the same doc as last year, he is ancient and can barely move, so unlike me in my dream. In my reality we really should get that restaurant opened sooner rather than later.
    Eyelids heavy, so maybe a chance of more dreams, and follow thru this time, with all the light I need at the end of the dream this time. Take care of you luv.

    • Amazing Angie, how our dreams were of such a similar nature?
      Please continue to stay with us for a lot longer gal, and I’ll do the same – deal?
      I’ve been put on Cut-Watch today. INR level far too high. Hey-ho, at least it means I’ll be going for blood tests and seeing the nurses more often for a while. Hehehe!
      All the best with your dream adventures flower. You can come into mine any time you fancy gal.
      TTFN XXX

    • Improving all the time Duncan, thanks. It’s the bleeding I have to worry about now. INR level too high, on Cut-watch now, mess to clear up every morning. Hehehe, it’s good having so many things to worry about yer know – cause then no one takes over your mind like.
      However, a much ore important factor needs addressing – oh yes!
      Are you coping with the upcoming date of your retirement approaching so fast now? You could always beg them to keep you one? (Sorry). Haha! TTFN mate.

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