Shirley sent Inchcock to feed the ducks?

Shirley told Inchy to go feed the ducks, 

And mentioned that his poetry sucks, 

He got it wrong as he usually does, 

He fell in with ducks, what a fuss! 

Why the hypo and the uniform?

Had he been naughty, and did not conform? 

But is there more to this tale of Woe?

Only Shirley will ever really know!

Slab riots


6 thoughts on “Shirley sent Inchcock to feed the ducks?

  1. Best I tell her to go on WP for she forgets to regularly, plus she’s off any minute visiting her old chum Chantal ‘what’ is my old secretary…I shall advise the IPad travels with her…which it will what with her unbeaten record on online Scrabble!

    • Danke, Mike. So brains as well beauty eh? Shirl I mean like, not you. Hehe!
      When I was a volunteer at Headway, every Wednesday I’d join in with residents for a game of scrabble. I had a 100% record at these game yer know… not only did I never win one, I never failed to come last of the eight players!
      Depressed missen now; Tsk!

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