Inchcock Today Sun 17 April 2016: Housework got done – well, a bit!

1984 GC (7a) 17th April 1984

WPC Yvonne Fletcher a London police officer is shot and killed while helping control a small demonstration outside the Libyan People’s Bureau Embassy in central London. The police can not enter The Libyan building as it has diplomatic immunity but the building is surrounded by armed police officers. Meanwhile, Libyan soldiers have now surrounded Britain’s embassy in Tripoli trapping the 18 diplomats inside. Following the breakdown of diplomatic relations between the two countries, British Diplomats leave Libya, and the Libyan diplomats leave England including the person who had killed Yvonne Fletcher. Diplomatic relations with Libya are restored after 15 years in 1999 after the Libyan Government had admitted it bore “general responsibility” for WPC Fletcher’s death. R.I.P.

Sunday 17th April 2016

0510hrs: Having spent the night repeatedly waking, hazily pondering on life and nodding off again, the bladder insisted I get up and visit the throne. Where coughing and sneezing, the mind still proffering forth complicated points and personal conundrums for my consideration with a worrying vagueness, I discovered Little Inchy and Haem Aroid both bleeding and in need of medicationalising. Then Anne Gyna, who last night had given me rest, also joined in the discomfiture and started to let her capability for scaring me to death be known.

It took ages for her to calm down to a level I could coexist with, giving me a worrying few minutes I can tell yers! Still, pleased she had, and I was mobile once again, I hobbled into the kitchen and made a cup of tea and took the medications.

The stomach started off grumbling and bubbling again, and I have to admit, I was not a happy laddie and long for some relief. Made sure I’d got my health-alarm wristlet on, though.

Laptop on and recorded this to here, then updated the Saturday and posted it. I felt a little apprehension at the fuzziness in my mind remaining for so long.

P1060109Got some of the things needed for cleaning the living room and kitchen windows with later on.

Not a job I’m looking forward to mind you.

But, it has got to be tackled, the dirt is driving me barmy! I just hope I don’t knock myself up like I did last time.

P1060110Decided to do the living room ones first, because they are more numerous, hard to get at and the stretching and ladder needed to do the job, are best tackled first methinks.

Mind you, getting the kitchen was ones done is no picnic either. Turning the big window around and Arthur Itis, not being happy with getting in the narrow gap to turn and hold the release button, getting all the stale rainwater tumbling into the kitchen when I turn the thing… hang on, I’ve said all this in yesterday’s diary didn’t I? Sorry.

P1060111I got the beef and veg in the Slow Cooker, made and added some seasoned gravy to them, turned it on to the low setting, and returned to the laptop to update this tosh.

Half an hour later I went to check on the Crock-Pot… it was cold?

Confused now, I turned the selection button over to other settings in the hope that it might begin, no luck. Felt a bit sad then, so made a cup of tea and checked again: Huh! The electric plug was not pressed into the socket firmly enough!

Tried to go on Facebook, but it wouldn’t let me post anything again! Frustrated with this now!

Checked the Crock-Pot, all going well. I’ve put vegetables similar to the Lamb Stew I made the other day; Parsnips, Swede, Onions and carrots. I added a touch of salt to it. Then turned the laptop onto sleep mode and set about getting on with the living room window cleaning session, I hope it doesn’t rain while I’m outside. (Or do I? Hehe!).

P1060113Battled on and eventually got the outside then inside done of the front room windows and frames.

Felt a bit worn out, so I rang Sister Jane and had a jolly good chinwag with her.

Then read her email she sent earlier that she told me about. I was glad to hear she was a bit better in herself and happier at the moment, out in her garden at her mansion having a nibble and cup of coffee with Pete. Hehe!

P1060114Then I got the kitchen window and frames done. A lot easier task as it turned out, apart from getting the thing to turn around that is.

Not too pleased with the front room window cleaning effort, but it was a bit better than before anyway.

Back on the laptop, only to find that CorelDraw8 had reverted to all defaults, and I lost the links to previous work done. So I set about redoing my options and preferences, I even had to set up the colour pallets again. Still, I’m not moaning, just glad I didn’t lose the whole lot when it froze.

P1060115Fatigued now, updated this again and kept checking on the Crock-Pot meal.

Anne Gyna was still with me, she had been all day on and off. However, no dizzies was good news. 

I got the meal ready: Beef Stew, leg of beef, carrots, parsnips, carrots, onions and savoury gravy, which was soaked up with the Polish Cottage Bread and went down very nicely, despite the rumbling innards. Which didn’t seem any worse after I’d eaten the meal. A small pot of fruit dessert to follow. All this rated as a 9/10.

As I sat in my damaged 1959 imitation leather armchair, I spotted many streaks in the window glass that will need attention tomorrow. I couldn’t tell if they were inside or outside. I suppose if I had the energy I could have got up and taken a look, but all the drive and pep I had earlier, was no longer around nor available! Tsk!

I must remember to go see the dentist in the morning to beg them to change my appointment as it now clashed with the INR blood test and skin cancer assessment with Dr. Vindla.

Trouble, with many sudden trips to the throne being necessary late in the night? Little Inchy bleeding but not Haem Arroids. The real hassle was the WC was not clearing away everything, no matter how I manipulated the flush-lever. I hoped that the Crock-Pot meal hadn’t been the cause this sudden series of evacuational needs?

The tummy ensured that is was hours before I managed to get off to sleep, then Anne Gyna woke me with me struggling a bit.

Gave up around 300hrs, and got up and on the laptop. Humph! 

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