Inchcock Today Mon 18 Apr 16: Not a lot went right today again – Humph!

Monday 18 April 2016


No sleep – Dentist – Bus to Mansfield – Shopping – cleaning windows, rumbling innards, Little Inchy bled, Whoopsiedangleplops, Arthur Itis & Anne Gyna for company, tired and weary, ageing, had the shakes, broke his glasses, sat on them, Internet connection went down for 3 hours+, panic attack, good & bad news from the Steve Age UK & the Solicitor about the house sale, and have to miss Thursdays Social Hour!

Got up around 0300hrs, after a night of dreams and a few sessions of sleeping for a few minutes at a time, a bad kip!

WC’d, blood from Little Inchy again, the toilet was not flushing properly, made a cuppa and took the medications. Had a swig of the cough remedy at the same time.

Laptop on, Coreldraw not working properly again (All bar, the group and ungroup icons that were not working), ended the Sunday diary, checked the emails and started this journal off.

Opened Facebook in the hope that it would let me actually post something photographic-wise today. It did for a short time, about half an hour or so then started adding words to what I was typing? Humph!

Checked emails and then had a bath and medicated Little Inchy. Smelling sweet then (hehe), I took out the bins to the rubbish chute.

Came back to the living room to check that I had turned off the laptop properly, sat down and felt the reading glasses as they crushed beneath my bottom and the chair! Whoopsiedangleplop number one of the day. Tsk, Huh, and Gobbleknobends!

01I set out on the walk up and down through the park, left up the road and down it into Sherwood.

I got a call on the way but was too slow to hear and answer it – the number was showing, but I didn’t know it – so I rang them back and got a recorded message: “Thank you for returning the call from Nottingham City Council – we cannot answer your call but will attempt to contact you later” Or words to that effect.


Steve Age UK Councillor rang me

Just after taking the photo above of the traffic, I got another call, this time from Steve Age UK. He said the solicitors (FraserBrown) woman had called him, and he had got a call from Deana Walker, did I know what it was about. I thought it odd getting a call from Steve after so long. I told she had helped me greatly by contacting the solicitors to find out what the situation was with the house sale. He then said he had spoken with them early last week, and things were going alright. I told him they told Deana last week it should all be sorted by next Friday? He said I’ll still have to go into the solicitor’s office to sign some more paperwork about the access passage to the premises again when they let him know the date, he’ll contact me? I thanked him. My head was spinning now!

Went into the Co-op food store and purchased a short dated salad bowl and a small loaf of bread.Out and to the Dentists to explain why I had to change my appointment date with them due to the Haematology appointments coming on the same day.

Out and to the Dentists to explain why I had to change my appointment time with them due to the Haematology appointments coming on the same day. I have to admit, the reception staff at this dentist outlet are such natural givers of contempt with their sneers and withering look giving abilities. They remind me Nazi concentration camp guards. Which, may be a deliberate and clever ploy from them – cause if you’re scared to death of the office staff, chances are your fear of the dentist will be less? No? Just a thought like.

Into Wilko and bought the fifth tin opener since moving into the flat, all the earlier ones have stopped working or fell to bits. Also got a mini-whisk so I can mix my gravy for the Crock-pot in a narrower tub when I don’t need to make so much. All good value mine, the tin-opener was £1 and the whisk only 39p. 

Hobbled over to the bus stop and caught a Pronto bus into Mansfield. Getting a couple of crosswords done en route! Well, I’d already started them and had several goes over the months, so I finished a couple anyway.

In Mansfield, I left the bus station and walked down to the precinct and went in B & M to look for some bargains. There wasn’t any! However, I did treat myself to a bottle of ‘Cattlemen’s Master Reserve Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce’ Mouthful innit?  Original Trademark of Memphis in May was printed on the bottle? Hope it tastes good. Also a packet of Maryland Big & Chunky Cookies and some fancy soups.

02When I made my way back to the bus station, I recognised ‘Bob’ the ten-shilling note pigeon with some of his family, so slipped them some seeds and dried earthworms on the way.

The bus arrived within minutes of my getting there, and I was soon off on my way, back to Nottingham. Had another bash at the crossword book. I dropped off in Sherwood. Had a natter with another tenant who was also waiting for the L8 bus.

Back at the flats, I called to see Deana, to see if she knew the number that had been calling me on my mobile, but she was not in.

03Back to the flat, WC’s then put away the bits I’d bought.

The potato and leek, and spicy parsnip soups I thought maybe I could use in the Crock-Pot while doing some other vegetables?

I’ll ask the girls on the  TFZ site later, they’ll know and explain things to me, bless em!

I managed to spill some cleaner on the kitchen floor when I was wiping the cooker, so did the floor as well. Got the shakes while doing it. Tsk!

04The sky was beautiful, so I tooketh a photographicalisation of it.

Got the oven on heating up, the plan is for some oven chips, beetroot and pork loin (or Wieska sausage?) with the just out-of-date salad, bread, and butter later perhaps?

A sudden change of plans on the food front: I’ll have battered fish fingers, fish cake, the salad with beetroot and bread and butter (Well, olive spread).

Got the laptop on and checked the emails then updated this tosh to here.

Another shaking session. But still, I ain’t complaining, not feeling anywhere near as bad as yesterday.

P1060125Turned the laptop off. Got the fodder laid out to I tuck into it!

As I photographed the meal, Steve Rang. The solicitor wanted to meet me on Thursday (First thought was having to miss the Tenants Social Hour – Sob and spit!). I’ve to meet him on the day at the solicitors offices.

I turned the laptop back on to look at the Google calendar – no signal, unable to access the internet. Told Steve that I’d call him back shortly: Being confident I could sort out whatever the problem was. (I say the most stupid things at times yer know!)

The fodder had gone cold by then. (life can be a swine at times!)

Rang Steve back and just agreed to meet Thursday, anytime after eleven o’clock – he said both he and the solicitor can only manage to meet at 1000am (The starting time for the tenants meeting – Grr and shuttle-pinkies!).

Had to agree, just to get the house sale moving at long last!

Threw the dinner in the bin and had a go at sorting the lack of Connection with the Virgin Internet box thingy. I got out all the paperwork from the Virgin folder seeking a number to ring for assistance. There was a free one, and one that cost £1 an hour plus connection fee. So first, I examined the mysterious (to me) Router box and found a reset hole. So I stuck a pen in it for a few seconds and the lights all came back on the box! By the time I got the laptop going, they had gone off again! So, I turned off the power to it, waited a few moments and turned it on again. Nothing, no lights came on, all five were out.

So I rang the free helpline. Thinking like a clot, that it must be better than the old BT helpline that had foreign assistants and even if could hear their voices I couldn’t understand them. That’s the reason I swapped from BT to Virgin when I moved to the flat. This was even worse, it was all press button number options, press so and so if… Your know what I mean. But the voices were mostly indecipherable to me, and when I didn’t hear or understand something, it moved on to the next option or told me to start again! It wanted the account number and area reference to be inputted – so I gave up and started again when I found these figures. Eventually (I think) it said ‘We will assess your system, please wait.’ So I did, for forty minutes of silence. Foolishly, I tried again and the same ending. Tried a third time and the voice spoke so quickly I couldn’t make out what she was saying right at the end. The only bit I understood was ‘You must ring back!’

So I sobbed and rung off. Turned everything off apart from the box and had in place of the cold once tasty food I threw away earlier, two biscuits and a slice of Marmite. Then put a DVD on and watched it, as I stewed inside and worried in case I’d done something wrong to the system.

Fell asleep for fifteen minutes, woke up and saw all five lights on the Virgin box were now lit up! They were flickering a bit mind. Gingerly I got the laptop on and opened the internet. (Gawd it was slow, but at least it worked!) Got this updated again.

Tried doing some Facebooking, but after a while, I was just so tired and drained. 

What a messy, niggly, frustrating day I’ve begotten!

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