Inchcock Today Tues 19 Apr 16: Tired out later, poor old chap!

01Tuesday 19 April 2016 

Slept far longer than average last night, through necessity I think, I was so worn out and weary after yesterday’s almost debilitating series of mental and physical disappointments, ailments, and frustrations.

It took me a long time to remove myself from my scratched broken 1959 imitation armchair I was ensconced in (Arms are getting ever closer to collapsing or imploding). I lay thinking of the ambivalent dreams I’d had for a while, they are not suitable for relating to others on this occasion.

I must remember to go see Deana about the calls from the Nottingham City Council I’d been having and missing, and see if she recognises the number of the caller on the mobile.

Feeling so tired still.

To the kitchen, kettle on, then to the bathroom porcelain. The body seemed to ache all over as I moved my a short, plump wobbly little body around the flat this morning.

The stomach still grinding a bit, Arthur Itis still in attendance at me knees, ankles, and hands, however, Anne Gyna was being kind to me, Little Inchy bleeding only a tiny drop or two, and Roger Reflux is working well. It’s the mind that giving me concern, in case I’ve forgotten something that needed doing today?

I know I have to see Deana, go to the Optician to order some new spectacles and a thought lays loosely in my head somewhere about my having to go to Arnold for summat?

The tummy seems to be growing a bit more agitated as the morning goes on, it might be an idea just to have some soup for nosh later today, but I’d put the money on me having roast vegetables and sausages or something like that.

I tried Facebook to see if it would be playing up again, although running a bit slow, it allowed me to.

Not feeling very percipient at the moment. But I did remember what had to go to Arnold for today, some fresh vegetables from Asda (Walmart).

I took a quick but invigorating bath, used the new bath creme thingy I got from the Pound Shop. After having the tub, it took me ages to remove the suds down the plughole. Still, no complaints at all about this morning’s ablutions. I got into it with relative ease, out of it without much hassle or pain at all. Little Inchy didn’t bleed much when I medicated him, and no bother from Haem Aroid either! Put the jeans in the dirty washing, noticed the laundry bag was getting full.

02Plodded down to go see Deana, and she was in the foyer chatting to some of the Woodthorpe Court lady tenants. I waited until they had finished and asked her about the City Council number. She noted the number and said she’d try later to find out for me. She scurried off, cause she’s very busy. I gave them all a choice of Quality Street P1060127nibbles, and we all moved out to catch the bus.

The sky from the bus stop looked fantastic again.

I wondered where those people that were inside the plane crossing the sky were bound for.

The others had a natter and caught the City bound bus. I waited, doing some crossword fun and caught the outward bound L9 into Arnold.

I went into the cheapo food shop and got some tins of potato cubes in water and one of baby carrots. Then hobbled over to Asda (Walmart) and spent rather too much again Huh! I got some lemon desserts, a pack od four small pots of honey and lemon flavoured yoghourts, honeyed cashew nuts, Marmite ones too. A small loaf of Irish Batch bread then I went to the greengrocery section. I got a tiny turnip, a parsnip and a pack of small carrots. (I think I might be overdoing the vegetable Hehe!) So it looks like oven roasted or Crock-Potted veg with something tonight?

When I’d paid and wobbled to the bus stop, there was a sign in the shelter telling us that the bus-stop will not be in use for four days while road works take place from the 19th to the  23rd of April. But there were no road works taking place, and some of the buses did stop. This confused the prospective passengers waiting at the shelter, a bit and me. Luckily the L9 stopped to pick me up – or rather maybe to drop off some others, and I nipped on quick as I could.

P1060130On the way back through Daybrook, St Paul’s Church looked radiant in the sunshine. I took a photo through the bus window. I associate cold weather with St Pauls, cause I go to the remembrance service there, which is as you know, in November.

On the way back the bus was nearly hit by someone in a new Mini, who belted passed the parked at the bus stop bus and tried to swerve in front of him as he pulled away to turn left. Papping horns ensued, and I verbally agreed with the bus-driver that the Mini was a naughty Mini driver!

When the bus got to the flats…

P1060132 P1060131

Traffic commotion and the Fire Brigade in attendance.

As I walked back to take the photographs, one of the tenders was pulling off, the other one remained. But… luckily they were at the Winchester Flats and not my Woodthorpe ones.

Weariness overcame me when I got in the apartment. Severely, so suddenly drained.

I put away the fodder and got the laptop on to update this before I fell asleep.

I got an unsolicited phone call an Asian woman asking if she was talking to the owner of the house. I told her this is not a house and rang off. I nearly told her to go forth and multiply but managed to resist the urge.

I got the vegetables prepared and in the oven. A few whole baby carrots, two slices of turnip (A first for me), sliced onions and slices of parsnips. Luckily I still had a good supply of medicated plasters and TCP in stock. Humph!

P1060133Got the fodder sorted and watched an Auf Wiedersehen Pet DVD.

I stayed awake for two episode, then drifted off into the wonderful land of nod – well, it should have been the wonderful land of nod, but I kept waking up during the dreams or nightmares, and they were not all good ones.

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