Inchcock Today Sat 16 April 16: The Lads Ailments Increase! Humph!

Saturday 15 April 2016


Worra night of dreams! I opened my eyelids, and the memories of bits of the thoughts flooded into my weak mind, reliving them was not nice. At one stage it was literally Pie in the Sky time. With me riding atop a giant pie of some sort with wings, and trying to break into the crust using a hammer and chisel, and not fall off of it? But my efforts were in vain, and I toppled off as I hit my knee with the hammer? I think I was remarkably calm as I spun down towards the earth, but cannot recall landing. 

Another episode of this apparently unending nightmare had me once again on the rooftops clambering over chimneys, ariels water-towers and up the sides of buildings with much physical ability, the usual gang of unknown people chasing me, but on the bright side, the dream avoided the usual scary falling into water scenario.was

Sat at a table, I was greeting people from a long line of them in the queue, each one I gave a little easter egg. Then they would either swear at me, or hit me, then thank me and wander off?

There was a lot more I felt, but could not recall any other details.

0455hrs: The moment I moved bodily, I knew I was in for a bad day. Feeling unwell would be an understatement! The cramps started, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna joined in with venom, and it was a long time before they allowed me to rise up on my feet to get to the bathroom. The reflux valve decided no to miss out on the ‘Give Inchock hell’ attitude of the other ailments, and stuck while I was on the throne. I was as close as I’ve ever been, to pressing my Health-Alarm wristlet button. The stomach started rumbling Haem Aroid was bleeding, Little Inchy too, in a right state he was. Thank heavens the reflux valve eased a bit, and I could breathe reasonably well within about five minutes of it sticking. I was glad I had not pressed the button then.

I cleaned up the blood, and made my way painfully thanks to Arthur Itis and his return to form, to the kitchen to put the kettle on, I thought for a second something was leaking, down through the ceiling as liquid dropped onto my glasses? I looked up and as I did, realised it was blood coming down from the little scratch on my head. How that had started leaking I didn’t know, but no problem. I wiped it with a kitchen towel, returned to the bathroom and put some aftershave on it, and it ceased flowing.

What a start to the day!

Mind you, on the bright side, there were no dizzy spells to contend with. Being so kind to me for days now, the return of Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis to their old ways was not welcome.

I made a cuppa, and took the medications, taking some extra antacid for the rumbling stomach, and an additional painkiller for Anne and Arthur.

I got the laptop on and was working o CorelDraw 8 when a message on a blue screen came up! “Your PC ran into problems – Needs to restart and assess. Gathering information. Will restart after analysis.” 

Oh shit, I thought. Medical mayhem, now the laptop joins in the tribulations and hassles of the day! Humph!

As I waited for the laptop to do its thing, I pondered on the situation with the house sale. I should have been happy with what the solicitors told Deana yesterday, that things will be sorted within the next week, but they have lied to me twice before telling me things will be sorted. I felt a touch of depression and self-pity starting to rise. Bile came up from the rumbling stomach into my mouth.

The laptop restarted, but I didn’t know what the problem was or had been? I started this diary off to here and realised I’d not finished yesterday’s off yet. So I did. Hehe!

Determined to cheer myself up a bit, I got a good soak in the bath, and decided to have a walk through Woodthorpe Grange Park to see if I could find owt interesting to photographicalise.

P1060103At the top of the gravel footpath into the park, I was impressed with the greenery starting to return.

There were many dogs, taking their owners for walks.

I stood and watched them for a good while, and enjoyed just looking at their tails wagging away.

P1060104On the way down the path, it came over a bit darker and the sky was looking so picturesque.

I plodded on into Sherwood and checked the times at the bus shelter so as to catch a number 40 one the three stops back up the Winchester Hill after I’d got me bits.

Called in the Co-op store and wandered about, got some reduced short date items, a £1 dessert for 29p, and a box of Tangerines for 89p down from £1.59.

I started to feel a bit better as Anne Gyna departed my company. Arthur Itis I think, will remain with me for a long time yet,

By the time I got off of the bus and started the walk back to the flats, I was even perkier, and started singing to myself, starting with Lonie Donegan’s ‘My Old Mans a Dustman.’

Got in the flats and called to see Olive at her flat, gave her half the mandarins cause she likes them. I returned to my dump and she followed, I’d left me hat on her kitchen counter. Tsk! And she returned it for me as I was opening the flat door. Felt such a fool again!

Got the potato cubes and carrots in the oven, and cleaned up a bit. Started the laptop to update this twollop and added the sausages fifteen minutes later, hoping they would all be cooked at the same time.

P1060105The view from the kitchen window was excellent.

I reckon I’m in for some heavy rain or a storm soon.

I wondered about the photo of the sky looking so overly crisp I suppose you could call it?

Then realised that the control nob on the camera had been moved to another setting, one of the many I do not understand. Huh!

P1060107The nosh had finished cooking and came out recent like and appetizing too!

The sausages were done to a crisp, the potatoes nice and crunchy outside and soft inside, the carrots cooked correctly, the beetroot with orange peel was tasty too! Added some potato sticks to it, no bread at all this meal.

As I settled to enjoy it, the stomach started to brew up again and the sides of my torso began to hurt, more a sort of strain than pain, if you get what I mean?

I suppose I should have considered not eating the meal at this point, but it looked and smelt so delicious, and me being so hungry, I consumed it with relish.

Wonderful, rated it another 9.4/10!

Fell asleep (Much needed that).

P1060108When I woke up, it was getting dark and the rain was belting down outside.

Went to wash the dishes and make a brew, taking this photograph from the kitchen window. This view impressed me with the sun so different than normal.

Anne Gyna had eased off, the reflux valve was behaving himself, just the stomach and Arthur Itis giving any bother now, and they were livable with.

I must get to the doctors on Monday about the stomach and Anne Gyna, see if owt can be done to relieve the pain a bit. I know Dr. Vindla says she doesn’t think prescribing any more medications on top of my usual would be a good idea, but the hassle today was getting a bit much. I’ll see what she says if I can get to see her soon, I’ll see what appointment are available.

I made the decision that the windows, kitchen and living room just have got to be cleaned tomorrow. Rain permitting, of course. Then at the back of my mind, I hoped it would rain in the morning! What a Plonka!

Both sets of windows are not easy to clean, getting at the kitchen one and turning it around and getting all the bits of rust and black bits of the plastic lining dropping through with the stagnant rain water flowing out of the cracks in the frame of windows and all over the kitchen will ensure that the floor will need cleaning as well!

The living room window cleaning is a horrendous occasion. Out on the balcony, get all the cleaners outside, start cleaning them, the stretching usually setting off Anne Gyna and Rea Flux off! Doing my best to clean them, coming back in and looking through them to find endless bits of smear and dirt I’d missed – the repeating this several time before tackling the insides – all this while balancing on the step ladders, of course, will start Arthur Itis off and Anne Gyna usually stops me and I have to do it again later.

Huh! Nearly talked missen out of doing them there! Hehe!

Watched some TV between nodding off, I’m doing more of this nodding off lately, I think.

Drifted off into the world of dreams at last, around midnight I reckon.


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