Inchcock Today – Friday 15th Apr 2016: Confusing busy day for the Nottingham lad…

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Friday 15 April 2016

Stirred around 0400hrs, after a night of waking up and trying so often to recall the dreams I was having without any luck.

I felt I could still taste my first ‘Slow Cooker’ cooked lamb casserole from last night?

P1060092I was sat there thinking of what needed doing today.

Eventually, the bladder forced me up and to the porcelain. No bleeding yet this morning, well I mean not from the usual locations.

The head had been bleeding from where I clouted it yesterday, and the bob-cap had stuck to it. Huh! Cleaned it up and put some after-shave on it to stop it flowing. It stung a bit but did the job.

P1060094The slow-cooker basin I’d left soaking overnight cleaned up well.Got the kettle on and made a cuppa. 

Had a bit of a dizzy, but a very short one.

Got the kettle on and made a cuppa. Then back to the bathroom to take advantage of the throne. Had a bit of a dizzy, but only a very short one.

Sorted out the contact details needed for the Flat’s coordinator Deana to contact my pretend lawyers for me when I call to see her later, so kind of her. When I get the house sold (If I ever do), it might dulcify my life, and I need some peace of mind.

I must get the paperwork sorted into the folders later.

Laptop on and finished the Thursday diary then started this one.

Made another cup of tea and took the medications.

Checked the emails and did some Facebooking. Facebook is still struggling when I put any photo’s on it, freezes occasionally so I have to close and start it again, but less than yesterday.

Had a glorious scrub-up and soaked in the bath, shaved, teggies were done, and I medicated both of my nether regions.

On the way down to walk to the Community Hut and see Deana, I saw the washing machines were both free. So I nipped back up and got the laundry and took it down and got a machine going while I nipped to see Ms. Walker at the shed.

She was busy on her computer and told me I should have come at 0900hrs, not twenty-five past eight! I offered to return later, but she kindly got onto my problem and helped me enormously. I’m so happy and glad to have such willing help. 

Back to the flats and moved the washing from the machine to the dryer. Then up to 72 and made a cuppa and got the laptop on to update this whining diary.

Deana called, she had got a call from the solicitor, and they said I should hear from them within a week, as the problem with the access had been sorted! Deana said if I don’t hear fro them by next Friday, to let her know and she would ring them again for me.

I embarrassed myself by stretching up and giving her a peck on her cheek with my grateful thanks for the help.

P1060050Down to the laundry room and retrieved the clothes. Oh dear… The washing was as wet as it was when I put it in the dryer an hour ago. I suppose I’d got something wrong when setting it because there was no fluff in the catch box? Humph, idiot I am!

So had to do them again, this time, I used the other dryer, just in case the big one was not working properly.

P1060097Popped outside to take a photograph of some daffodils struggling through.

Back up to the flat updated this again.

Got the medicine pots ready to sort out later.

Back down to the laundry room to collect the washing again.

P1060098Just timed it spot on, the message panel just turned to Finish as I arrived in the laundry room.

After searching for an odd missing sock for a good while, I gave up, thinking I must have dropped it up in the bathroom when I sorted out the washing and powder, etc.

Cleaned the filter and refitted it.

Got back in and put the stuff in the airing cupboard and hung up the dressing gown in the hall near the heater. (It’s the only storage heater that kicks out any real warmth).

IMG_0021mDid a bit more on this diary then started to fill the colour coded medication pots with the appropriate tablets and drugs.

Got them sorted.

Then stored them in the medical drawer number three of the Wilko £15 four drawer cabinet in the kitchen.

I remembered I’ve got Morrison delivery coming later twixt 18 > 1900hrs.

G DecFeeling a lot happier now!

What with things supposedly moving on the house front, Deana, Sister Jane, and Pete all being so helpful, made me feel how lucky I am. Yee-Ha! 

Tried Facebook and it was playing up again!

Come think of it (The Lawer problems), they have told me twice before that it will all be settled soon. In November last year they said it would be sorted in a few weeks, then in December they said it would be solved in two weeks? I’m not so confident about it all now.

They had a call from Steve of Age UK, so apparently he’s staying on with me until the house is sorted. I haven’t heard from him and do not know his new number or email address yet?

I got the vegetables, parsnips, carrots, onions and swede coated in oil and in the oven, I was hoping the Morrisons man might come earlier, and I could get the chips in with it then when they arrive – best-laid plans eh? I should know better! I’ve turned down the oven but expect they will be beyond salvation by the time he comes. Hey-ho, my own fault!

P1060101The Morrison man arrived and helped me take the stuff into the kitchen as I had too much stuff to go on the trolley in one go.

Put the stuff away, wanting to get it done as quickly as I could before the meal burnt to a crisp.

But no, I’m not that lucky. The three for £6 lamb meals were only two, and one of them had split open and covered the other stuff in the bag with gravy. The cakes were mangled up. The bleach had leaked in its bag and caused damage to the foolishly placed in the same bag bread!

I got a feeling that things were going to get worse, it’s me high EQ yer know, I’m never wrong, but hoped I would be this time. (Ahem)

I cleaned up the mess and put some sausages in the oven to have with the veg and gravy.

P1060102So after much kerfuffle and messing about, I very belatedly got the fodder prepared. Which consisted of:

Black beans (tinned) with added tomato puree, baked beans, roasted parsnips carrots and swede, and the sausages.

I had the one undamaged batch loaf that had been delivered, (despite it being misshapen, it warmed up well in the oven for a few minutes), and enjoyed the meal so much.

The vegetables had crisped up very pleasantly. I rated this as one of my best-tasting meals ever! 9.55/10!

Getting late now, I tried to watch a New Tricks DVD, but soon nodded off.

TTFN all!

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