Inchcock Today Thu 14 Apr 16: Winwood Social Hour today. First Slow Cooker meal too!

G Dec

Thursday 14 April 2016

G Dec4Worra night of dreams!

I was chased and hacked to death by a gang of youths, I laughed while they were cutting me up, and they got annoyed at this… then I found myself sat at a desk being either questioned or counselled by a group of people sat opposite me. No idea who they were, but one of the panel looked a bit like Idi Amin. This seemed to attract my attention and I could not concentrate on giving answers to the group. They sentenced me to imprisonment in the Tower of London.

That was no picnic I can tell yer! Each morning a guard would come into me bare damp brick cell where I was chained to the wall, and put a cockroach or worm into my mouth for breakfast, then cut or hack off another bit of my body. Then drain some of the urine I’d leaked and squeeze some into my mouth and tell me they’ll see me in the morning and wished me all the best? The bits cut off would grow back eventually?

Many years later apparently, the guard told me I was to be released that day, and I begged him not to?

At some time, the usual chasing or being chased on rooftops dream came in again, and having to jump over a drainage ditch in which the yellow water bubbled and steamed was scary?

I woke up around 0500hrs, and made for the WC, then made a cup of tea and took the medications.

The kitchen still looked a mess after yesterday’s Nottingham City Homes Repair Farce and needed attention to rectify. But not yet, today being the Windwood Residents Social Hour, and my needing to fetch food and get the photographs developed seemed more important to me.

I rang Sister Jane and embarrassingly told her of how I felt depressed and worried and asked her if she or Pete would please come with me to see the solicitor when they had time. She said I was to ring the lawyer and explain about my losing the services of Steve from Age UK and someone would be taking over (Jane and Pete) as my advisor and they want to talk to with them about the sale of the house already taking months too long. Good thinking there from Jane) Of course this will not allow a meeting because we don’t know when Jane and or Pete will be free, but as Jane says, it might shake them a bit into action?

I met Deana Walker later at the meeting, the friendly coordinator at Winchester Court and asked her if she could ring the solicitors for me and tell them this, the I could let Pete or Jane know what they said. Dean is very busy today, so told me to call int he morning and she’d ring them for me. Bless her cotton socks.

P1060080Got the laptop on and did the diary for P1060081Wed, and started this one.

Did some graphicationalisationing for use later. Checked emails, medical appointments for the surgery confirmed: Monday 25th April 2016 at 10.30am with Dr Vindla and 11 am with Nicole for your INR Blood Test.

Got a bath and ablutions tended to, then got the things ready for the Social hour.

Took the recycling rubbish box down to the caretakers on the way to the Winwood Community Hut, for the social session.

Not many folk there again today.

P1060085Toni was in a good mood and chatted to me a bit. Eddy, our much-loved 93-year-old was deep in thought about something.

BJ didn’t come again but having noticed a missed call from him, I presumed that he wouldn’t be coming.

Busy lad.

The few that did come left early for some reason? I managed to get a few photographicalisations of the some though before they absconded. Hehe!

P1060088On my way back to the flat to prepare for catching the half-past bus to Arnold, I spied a tenant using several of the orange recycling bags for her shopping – Naughty thing!


I set off and caught the bus to Arnold, going in Asda (Walmart) to get the photographs developed before wandering around the store for a bit.

I ended up buying more than I had originally planned to. (So much for me taking a list of purchases of five items with me, Tsk!) Got potato sticks, Irish batch bread, lemon dessert pots, parsnips, carrots, swede and 

P1060087Got potato sticks, Irish batch bread, fruit dessert pots, parsnips, carrots, swede, leg of lamb chunks, TV paper and a Wiejska sausage ring. Paid the lady on the checkout and remembered to return to the photo section to collect the photographs.

After a wander around the main street window shopping, then made my way to catch the last L9 bus.

I noticed the public seating bench had not lost yet further planks from the seating area. Doing well. Hehe!

Got the bus back to the flat and was just in to use the porcelain in the bathroom.


Start the slow cooker cooking!

I set to, using the slow cooker for the first time. I cut some of the fat off the lamb chunks and put them in the bowl. Prepared some swede, parsnips and carrot of about the same size for each of them and added them to the lamb. Made some lamb gravy and added some seasoning, herbs, vinegar, and mint.


The first check on the food, looking good!

Got the laptop on to update this diary, and checked the food about an hour later. I planned according to kind advice that I had been given, for the food to be ready to serve around 1800hrs or so, but realised I’d have to keep checking it regularly until I get used to the cookers foibles.

Checking it again an hour later on, I realised that the slow cooker doesn’t half give off a glorious aroma when cooking. It seemed to be coming on nicely, so I turned down the cook level from high to low.

Half an hour or so and another inspection and stirring the pot was made. All good! Taking its time, but smells just great! Really, getting hungry now.

Went on Facebook for a while then. After much hassle, Facebook was not responding; or posting on its own while I was writing or uploading a photo and general mayhem with trying to type I had to give up. I did manage a message informing the TFZers of my problem. Humph!

P1060093I tested the fodder a few more times and it is coming on just fine. I reckon a stew like what I’m doing will take five hours on the low setting in future.

Beneath the seasoned gravy in this dish, lies some appetising carrots, parsnips, swede and onions that were delicious indeed. The lamb chunks, were not so tasty, though. But I still gave this ‘Slow Cooker’ prepared concoction a rating of 9/10.

Getting late for me now, but the fatigue didn’t kick in as early as usual? Still, it came later. Hehe!

I must get the things ready in the morning, for my visit to see Deana about calling my imitation solicitors FraserBrown to sort out why things are not moving with the house sale, and my losing my Age UK councillor Steve, and Jane and Pete taking over as my advisors.

The befuddled brain resisted sleep for a good while. Humph!

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