The latest Nottingham City Homes Repair Farce – Inchcock Today Wed 13 Apr 16

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Wednesday 13th April 2016

I woke around 0245hrs, actually sweating, shaking and with Little Inchy in a right bloodied state. The dream I’d been having felt horrendous, once more the rooftops and cliff ledges were involved?

To the bathroom and titivated things up. Returned to my 1959 imitation leather armchair and was soon off into the land of nod again.

I sprang awake at 0440hrs, details of the new dream were sketchy, something about me being in a factory and unable to get things done? To the WC for a heavy duty job, haemorrhoids, and Little Inchy both bleeding again. 

A bit misty again this morning, a strange blue hue in the sky?

Went to make a cuppa and take the medications and noticed the state of the kitchen, with stuff all over the place that I had removed from the cupboards P1060066to allow access to the hole in the wall for the Nottingham City Homes man when he comes later today.

Still some bins, pans, kettle, etc. to move out of the way before the man arrives.

The bins need emptying and taking to the rubbish chute too. Still, the mess from the silly Whoopsiedangleplop cleaning up from yesterday has dried nicely.

A busy period was coming up for me after the maintenance chap is finished tending to the hole in the outer wall that’s letting in the draughts. Assuming he does anything, of course, this will be the fifth time that they have been summoned to look at my problem, and they have only done the lower of the two gigantic holes – and that still lets the wind in!

Made another cup of tea, and Anne Gyna started giving me grief.

Got the laptop on and got the Inchcock Today for yesterday finished, then started on this one.

Cleared away the other stuff in readiness for the reluctant repair man coming between 12.30 and 1630hrs.

Got myself bathed and abluted, medicated the bleeding areas (Painful that), Hehe!

Took the rubbish to the chute and called at Olive’s flat, but she was not in.

Awaiting the arrival of the NCH Repairman.

Cup of char and back on the laptop. Did some Facebooking for a good while.

 Still awaiting the arrival of the NCH Repairman.

Did some self-teaching on the new CorelDraw 8.

The intercom rang, and the chap came to look at the problem.

001He left to fetch a can of filler.

He returned and applied the filler into the hole, kindly taking off the part air vent with a screwdriver and dropping bits all over the floor, window ledge, worktop and electric sockets as he did so.

01WHe threw the lump of filler into the sink as he unsuccessfully tried to stop it coming out and even further down the wall.

He said: “I cannot put the vent cover back on, but it dries in an hour and you can cut off any overspill then and sand it down!” I couldn’t even stretch up that high without being in pain, Tsk!

The filler that had been thrown in the sink, I had to take out because I thought if it went down the plug hole it might block the pipes as 01W02it swells out more?

He left me an artistically designed load of crap on the worktop bless him.

As I tried to clean the sticky mess up on the sink, worktops and power sockets, etc. I made a right mess of my hands too. Sticky goo!

01W03The mess on the sockets will have to wait until later, as I was making it worse by trying to clean it before it had dried?

I thought.

I had to stick paper towel around the falling-out-filler-foam, then I stuck the cover back on in a fashion temporarily. This seems to have stopped it now?

01W03aI’ll have to wait and see how it goes I suppose.

The sink is in a right state though.sand

I tried soda crystals, washing up liquid, bleach, elbow grease and swearing a bit, but it looks like it is staying where it is.and

It looks horrible too! Stained and marked for life!

I assembled the rubbish left for me to sort out and filled a black bag with the stuff – including, by the way, £3 worth of kitchen 01W04towels used up to now in my efforts to clean the place after he’d gone.

I felt a little sad at how things had turned out with the repair farce.

The sink was stained badly, but I might be able to tackle that when things dry off completely.

I’d put the vent back on after much painful effort, but it was now facing the wrong way, into the kitchen as opposed to into the cupboard.

The cupboard next to the vent was matted with the horrible filler and I could not get to it, let alone remove it.

I filled a black bag with residues, leftovers and used kitchen towels.


Took the bins to the chute and called to see if Olive was at home on the way.

 She was in, so I suggested I swap the new big orange slow cooker, and she hands me her old little old one. She agreed, bless her. So I felt like I’d done her a favour, but she’d helped me more, because the new one was far too big for me, and she has a gigantic freezer so she can cook larger lots meals to freeze and save herself time. All good!

The Social Hour Meeting tomorrow, I mustn’t forget this. (He says hopefully, hehe!)

I got the lamb casserole out of the fridge, only to find that it was six days out of date! Seem to have got things a bit mixed up there. Tsk!

P1060077So, I put a tin of mini hot dog sausages in the saucepan and flavoured a tin of tomatoes with basil, salt and black pepper and warmed them both up for me second choice evening fodder.

Had a lemon yoghourt for afters.

Do you know, I really enjoyed this meal, have to give it a 9.2/10 rating.

Tired now after all the cleaning and clearing up after the messy maintenance man.

I’m not going to complain officially. Because he was a polite young man, and my EQ told me he was a bit embarrassed by his failure and the predicament he’d left me in.

I tried to get to kip without any luck for several hours. I tried watching the TV, reading and DVD viewing, well gone midnight before I got off, then the dreams started.

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