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Tuesday 12 April 2016

0400hrs: Shuddered awake, immediate feelings of depression and lack of self-esteem were rampant in their harassment of my poor confused mind. I sat there worrying about everything, yet didn’t have the ability actually to tackle any of my problems? I seem to skirt over them and just accept them along with my, pathetic efforts as being normal, yet knowing they weren’t?

P1060061After a while, I stirred and to the WC, no bleeding much at all. Decided to take another Bisacodyl.

Made a cuppa, and took a photo from the kitchen window, of the mist and drizzle.

Had to nip back sharpishly to the porcelain for another throne session, a lot easier this one was. Took the medications with a cup of tea and got the laptop going.

I did momentarily consider doing some much-needed cleaning of the flat, but my current apathy decided me against this.

Coreldraw X7 and WordPress initiated, did the top graphic. Photographed the Slow Cooker I bought yesterday. Still not knowing how to use it mind? There was a four-page recipe booklet, but in all of them it says you have to fry the meat first, before putting it in the slow-cooker? Not going to be much use to me this I think? I’ll check with Olive when I see her.

Checked the emails. Then spent four hours on graphic posting and catching up on Facebook at last.

P1060064Making the nosh, I did some chilli and added Bovril to it.

The pot I made it in was well stained so I soaked it in hot water, washing up liquid, soda crystals, and Dettol cleaner.

The ingredients formed layers in the tub that looked rather artistic.

I put the lid on and shook them all up to mix the concoction up. As I took off the screw-on cap, the stuff squirted out all over the floor and the three-tier trolley where I had stored the P1060063stuff I’d taken out of the cupboard so the workman can get access to the holes in the wall easier when the Nottingham City Homes Repair Man takes off the cupboard, to hopefully block the hole in the outside wall tomorrow.

So I had to clean everything up, and in doing so, I clouted my head on the storage heater getting down to gain access to the shelves on the trolley.


Got it all sorted eventually, by which time the nosh had burnt a bit.

P1060065Then I had to clean the saucepan and lid and the nosh got cold in the meantime!


The baked seasoned beans and steak slice tasted surprisingly good.

Rated this one an 8.9/10.

I watched some New Tricks episodes on the DVD.

Had an involuntary emission of the wind from the rear quarters, went to the bathroom and found the bleeding had started from the haemorrhoids and Little Inchy, lost a fair amount of blood.porcelain

I must remember after the bath in the morning, to treat both departments, before the arrival of the NCH repair man.

I questioned my own sanity.

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