Inchcock – His sense of humour brought into question here…

This morning determined not to forget I’d left the washing in the drying machine twelve floors down in the lobby laundry room again, and someone having to take it out and let me know, like wot I had dun on the last two washing sessions during the previous week.

I tried to set the alarm on the black kitchen clock, but knowing I can’t hear it when it goes off, I found the little Poundshop travelling clock and set that to go off at the same time as the other to remind me.

The black clock did not go off? I could not hear the travelling alarm, but it shook apparently when it went off, and slid along the top of me polished 1959 £80 sideboard and landed on me foot, via me knee.

So, I remembered to fetch the washing, see?

The thing was, when I got back up to the flat and saw the three clocks next to each other, I thought of Mummy Daddy and a baby clock? Thus, romance?

Anyway, I doctored the photograph wot I took and made this here graphic and thought it very humorous at the time.

Sad innit?


4 thoughts on “Inchcock – His sense of humour brought into question here…

  1. I have to ask !

    how do the other residents know it is your washing that’s been abandoned in the laundry room?

    have you got your name sown on your underpants ?

    • That’s down to my wonderful and clever Warden Deana, Duncan.
      She read me blog when I wrote about me getting underpants in the wrongs size from Asda, and they were down to me knees and up to me nipples.
      She investigated the clothes and noticed the undies had ‘Georges’ labels on ’em, and were rather large. So she came up to the flat to investigate!
      There’s nae fleas on this gal! Hehe!
      By the way, the door ringer came today, and I can hear it easily mate… no ones rang it. yet, but I live in hope.
      TTFN, hope all well with you and your passion-gal?

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