Inchcock Today – Fri 14 Jul 16: Anne Gyna not happy with me today, and letting me know it. Tsk!


Friday 15th July 2016

Vendredi 15 Juillet 2016

0425hrs: Woke in the £300 second-hand recliner chair, stomach churning again and Anne Gyna giving me some stick. Pondered over the dream I’d been suffering: Many things from the past came into it, not good things, and it seemed to go on for yonks! A feeling of failure and rejection lingered in the ether of my befuddled brain?

Climbed out of the now working again, £300 second-hand recliner chair and made my way to the Wetroom Throne. Carried out my mission there, and to the kitchen to put the kettle on and take the medications.

Made a pot of porridge and turned on the laptop. I proceeded, not knowing what I was doing, toying, fiddling, turn off and on, resettings and praying, along with the accompaniment of various well-chosen words I thought might help. Did this for over three and half hours, to get CorelDraw8 to open and work for me. Around 0900hrs it came on and opened, I still have no idea what I did right to get it to work?

Got a landline call, a chap with a strong Asian voice said: I am calling from Microsoft about your Windows, okay… At this point, I said ‘No’ and rang off. I think I was being attacked by a, what’s the name… Hacker? Con-Man?

I noticed medications I had failed to take earlier, so I took them, made another cuppa and finished the Thursday Diary off and made a start on this one.

Anne Gyna was increasing her attacks then, and concentration was involved. Then some drilling noises started from a nearby flat, no problem with that, these things have to be done – it was just the identifying the sound in the first place was difficult. I took out my hearing aids.

Did a bit of work on my latest funny blog, then got a  good shower and changed ready for a walk through Woodthorpe Grange Park for a bit of exercise and fresh air, and take the stuff to the Nottingham Hospice Shop.

10e2I took a route up the gravel hill and noticed a Wet Paint sign on a bit of cardboard on the bench halfway up the hill.

They had painted them black now.

Then right over the grass and into the trees to try and get a shot pf nature like.

I waited patiently in the murk under the trees and was rewarded (I thought at the time) with a couple of piccies of squirrels up in the branches.In the trees.

10kI hobbled down the footpath towards Mansfield Road and found it devoid of people, never seen that before?

It was a most beautiful site!

It was here that I realised I’d left the catch loose on the camera card cover, and the nature photographs that I thought had been taken earlier had not been taken at all! Humph!

Pressed on down and into Sherwood.

Where I called in the Nottingham Hospice Charity Shop to drop off the clothes and bag of donations… that I’d left back at the flat! Double Humph!

Then down the hill to Wilko to get a bottle of Dettol Lavender. They had none in stock.

Doing well, wasn’t I?

Further down towards Winchester Street Hill and into the Hot Food shop, to get some cooked roast potatoes to have with my pork loin – they hadn’t cooked any today! Treble Humph!

10eOut of the shop and left up Winchester Hill, I ould see in the distance a bus parked up, but knew I would not be able to make it to it in time. When I got to the bus stop, it was 21 minutes to the next bus. So I pressed on (painfully) up the hill.

As I got to the top to turn left to the flats, I noticed some blackberries, no that’s blackcurrants coming through. I thought I’d go into the bushes and get a close-up photograph of some.


After getting pricked and stung in the overgrowth, I tripped over… I gave up. Quadruple Humph, no… quintuple actually innit? No again, it’s sextuple Humphs?

Scratching at the stinging hands, I plodded on back to the flat, saw a lady tenant outside and waved hello to her… got a scowl back in return.

Actually, not one of my better days today methinks.

Got the laptop on and carried on with the ‘Open letter to Theresa May’ funny post. Blimey, it took me hours to get finished. Reckon it took me ten hours in total to do.


Really tired out now. So late now, too.

Got the din-dins in the oven. Parsnips, carrots and some frozen roast potatoes. Going to have tomatoes and pork loin with them, that’s the plan anyway.

Titivated this dairy then did a bit of Facebooking.

P1110340The fodder ready, I served it up and got stuck into it.

As part of my dietary plan, note I took this picture, then put on the rest of the roast potatoes on the plate. Guilt? Hehe.

It was all good especially the roast vegetables and beetroots.

Very late in the day for me now, and despite the plans to watch some TV, I drifted off at the first commercial break… 

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