A few words about British Gas and why they are incompetent but most accomplished liars!


British Gas, several weeks ago sent me a charge in my name and address for electricity on a numbered meter that does not exist. Not here anyway!

This worried me.

Warden Deana rang them for me, and an hour and a half later – they informed her the account would be closed.

This still worried me.

A few weeks later, they sent the same bill again.

Warden Julie rang them but didn’t get anywhere with them despite her most valiant efforts.

Due to my high-EQ, this continued to worry me.

The following (Last) Monday, Deana rang them and was again told the account would be closed.

I didn’t believe them!

Today (Saturday), I get the same bill in Red this time through the door once more!

I’m so anxious about this, and angry at British Gas, and intend as soon as I can, to change Electricity supplier to a competent¬†one, if one exists?

I’ll take the bill to Warden Deana again… and asked her to sort it again for me this coming Monday.

With my health, I can do without this stress!




9 thoughts on “A few words about British Gas and why they are incompetent but most accomplished liars!

  1. Ugh! I had one of those situations with a hospital bill.

    Jesus (“hey-zues” – he was Hispanic) called to tell me I was a naughty boy for not paying my bill. I pointed out to him I didn’t pay it because it was for more than my co-pay for the year, so there was some error with it. Further, I told Jesus, on investigation, I discovered the reason it was in error was that charges before January 1st were to be paid by one insurance company, and those after, another because my company insurance carrier changed on that date. “Send those before to UHC, and those after to BC/BS.” Jesus made threatening noises in a thick accent.

    A week or so later, Maria (also Hispanic – I’m not making their names up!) called making the same threatening noises about my unpaid bill. I explained the insurance carrier situation to her, with the same result.

    The third time, they sent me a threatening letter about turning me over to nasty bill collectors who would kill my dog and beat me up if I didn’t pay. (I “exagggerate”….! But they did threaten to turn it over to a collection agency.) So, I talked with my company’s person in charge of dealing with insurance issues, who called the hospital’s accounting department, asked for the Anglo head of department (Maria and Jesus apparently were unable to work in English), and settled the issue in less than five minutes. “Oh,” said the head of department, “We should have sent those before January 1st to UHC, and those after to BC/BS! I’ll take care of it today!” And she did.

    You just have to find the one person at British Gas who understands received English and has an IQ bigger than his or her age. LOL! Best wishes and good luck, inchy!

    • Boy, that took some sorting for you mate. Well done at that Sir. Bet it got to you for a while, it would have me.
      Love the suitable names by the way. Hehe!
      TTFN, take care.

  2. Considering the huge size of the bill, you bet! I’ve never had happy relations with hospital billing departments or insurance companies, both of which seem to hire people who are thick as bricks to handle complex issues..

    • The systems must rely on working as cheaply as possible – of course, ‘they’, will tell us it is to keep down costs to the customer/consumer. But we know differently. It’s the philargyrist nature of man?
      Don’t give up Sir, Hehe!

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