Inchcock Today Thursday 29th September 2016: Tenants Social Hour day


Thursday 29th September 2016

0255hrs: Aching all over, sneezing and coughing I awoke pondering on the dreams I’d had. I was in a queue of people at St Peters Gate… a group of bearded men walking down the line and they all stopped at me, and drew a cross in marker pen on my chest? That is the only bit I can recall in any detail, although later I think I was in a boat that was sinking?

I  could feel the benefit of my trying last night to increase the heat from the storage heaters, but think I might have overdone it a bit. The place felt warm and snug I thought.

Thinking it was later than it was, I extracted myself from the working perfectly again £300 second-hand recliner and hobbled into the kitchen, took the medications and made a brew.

Got the vegetables prepared and into the slow cooker Crock-Pot, the potatoes in a saucepan on a low heat.

Good news from the WRHD session, no struggle, only the tiniest bit of blood from Haem Aroid, and Little Inchy no bleeding at all. Anne Gyna, Duo Denal and Roger Rea Flux all being kind to me. The odd sneeze now and them, but Nae bother.

Got the Social Hour things in the bag ready for later. Laptop on and started this off and finished yesterday’s post.

Did much graphicalisationing and Facebooking for a few hours.

Checked emails: Then did an order for Iceland.

Got the ablutions done, and smelling sweet again, I went off to visit Olive. She might not be in, though, today is her Scrabble session, I think.

Olive was in, she told me off, for forgetting her Scrabble day is on a Tuesday. She was not available for a cuddle or gossip, though, as she was just going into the shower to do her ablutions. I apologised and left.

4thu06Off to the Tenants Social Hour at the Community Hut.

It was bit windy this morning, but the sky looked fabulous to me?

I had a walk around both blocks of apartments and back to the front of them.

On the greenery between the chestnut 4thu05trees, as I turned around to go to the Community Shed, I noticed how my shadow looked rather amusing, with me legs apparently elongated somewhat.


So I took a photograph of it to give you a laugh like.

Wandered over to and into the hut, where I received my second telling-off of the day from the two tenants who run the session.

I had arrived too early.

Then, as I leant the bag on the edge of a table to get the raffle prizes out to put on the end one, she told me not to put my bag on the table, and gave me a highly disapproving stare!

Oh dear, what a start to the day.

4thu02 4thu03

4thu04Not so many folks there this week. Bill and BJ turned up, though. Most people seemed to have a real happy time. Funny, this week, there was were only three of us on out table instead of the usual six

Funny, this week, there was only three of us on our table instead of the usual six.

But that didn’t stop the raffle prizes being won on it, I won one, Bill won four, BJ won three and good old Eddy won Six!

The others there didn’t half give us some stick for that! Hehehe!

The reflux valve started to play up, and I thought I’d leave, only a few minutes later than usual, to get some medicine down me.

Called at Olive’s on the way, no answer.

2dos02To the porcelain for a WRWW first, then had a swig of the Aludrox, stirred the Crock-pot vegetables, turned off the now boiled potatoes 2dos01and got the laptop on to do a post about Mike Steeden’s poetry book.

Did a humorous graphic to go with it.

Took a few hours, but I was mildly pleased with the resultant effort.

Feeling a bit tired now, but why?

Had a go on Facebook and checked the emails.

Got the Cumberland pie in the oven. About 40 minutes to go and I should be serving up the pie with the Crock-Pot vegetables and new potatoes… better get to the porcelain. Hehe!

4thu07By gum that were good!

New Potatoes, Cumberland Pie with cheese, onions, swede, carrots, leeks, garden peas, mash, minced beef, delicious gravy.

Two slices wholemeal bread thins, followed by lemon drizzle and a Cox’s apple.
Mmm! 9/10

Felt done-in now! Sudden weariness.

Settled to watch some TV and managed to, as well for a few hours. Then the calls for a WRWW came thick and fast. Up out of the £300 second-hand recliner, to the porcelain, back to the recliner, kip for a while, up out of the…


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