Inchcock Today, Older but no Wiser: Saturday 5th November 2016 Bonfire Night


Saturday 5th November 2016

In Afrikaans Saterdag 5 November 2016

Sprung awake at 0130hrs, wide awake! Memories of the dream were for once lucid, and I wrote them down straight away, then out of the shaky £300 second-hand recliner and off for a WRHD session. Things had turned in this department. I thought about taking an Imodium tablet instead of the senna tablets I’d been relying on recently – seems they did too good a job?

Made a start on the diaries and graphics. Went to make a cup of tea and sorted out the weekly medication pots. Too early to take the tablets yet this morning.

Got the Friday diary finished and posted, and another demand from the flobby-body for me to attend a WRHD session. Which I did.

The stomach started rumbling, and I had to make a hasty trip back to the porcelain for the third WRHD session in three hours of the morning. Oh dear! Where it was all coming from was a mystery, but the stomach is still playing up. Oh dear! Took an Imodium tablet then, well, it said, take two in the first instance one the box. I don’t mean the instance was on the box, I mean the instructions on the box said to take two tablets in the first instance. There’s a slight chance I’m getting confused here?

Spotted my writing pad and looked at the memories from the dream.

6sat02Couldn’t resist doing this graphic that represents some of the dreams. In which I was young, thin, fit and in a marathon race; But doing it asleep in the dream?

I kept running into things and was running well behind the other runners, who, all waited at the finishing line to cheer me across it? I got the impression they had been waiting a few hours for me to arrive. Then (in the dream) I woke up and was on an operating table, they were putting something into my brain. I asked the surgeon, who was wearing a collier’s  helmet and lamp, what he was planting in my head. A bit vague here, but I don’t think he told me. But he did give me a packet Marmite crisps? Ah-well!

Got on with doing some graphics I’d been trying to find time for ages now.

aa aa2

Took me hours, I just hope I’ve got the details right this time.

A good shave shower and assembled the bag to take to the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop. Shortly I was ready for a walk into Sherwood through Woodthorpe Grange Park and back.

6sat02This hobble temporarily removed my feelings of acedia.

Despite the howling gusty cold winds, the sun bright but so weak.

So many dogs were taking their owners to play ball in the park this morning. I kept stopping and having a look around as the tails wagged and they barked. The dogs, not the owners!

It was dry, so no worries about slipping on the leaves of Autumn.

6sat05Slowly made my way into Sherwood and dropped off the bag of donations at the Hospice shop. Went down the hill and was tempted by the cream cakes in a shop window. I weakened and got one! All right then, got two! Tsk!

Then into Wilko and got some micro fibre clothes.

Then to the Co-op and bought tea bags and a ready made sandwich.

6sat046sat03Then down and left onto Winchester Hill.

Noticed on the timing board that an L9 was due in six minutes, so waited for it. The wind came in strong gusts at times and the leaves made it look like a brown fog when it hit. Each time I got the camera out to shoot the mass of leave it dies down. Humph!

Had a great laugh with some residents who were on the bus.

Overly tired when I got in, WRHD session again!

Got the nosh done and eaten early. Took a photograph of it, viewed it in the camera, but it was not there in the morning when I updated this post? About the fifth time, this has happened. Have I got a Panasonic Camera Card File eating Ghost? It’s not easy getting through life when things confuse you easily you know. Hehe!

I was shattered after I’d done the washing up. I must try to get up later than 0130hrs tomorrow, or at least try to nod off again if I do wake so early!

TV on, and I was soon gone off into the land of nod again by 2100hrs!

0025hrs: Woke up by the flashing from the fireworks (Guess who didn’t close his curtains? Ahem!). So I goteth up and took some photographs from the kitchen window.

7sun01The fireworks were all in the distance it seemed.

Head down again.

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