Inchcock Today, stomach rumbling Sunday 6th November 2016


Sunday 6th November 2016

Spanish: Domingo 6 de Noviembre de 2016

Stirred into life again at 0115hrs, infested with a state of high anxiety and feeling rather capricious. The anxiety, due to the urgency of the need for a WRHD session. The capriciousness, I’ve no idea why.

A bit disappointed in not remembering any of the dreams I’m sure I’d been having. Especially after recalling so much of the night before’s. And the struggle to get out of the £300 second-hand recliner was not easy, cause it only went part the way down this time, Hehe! 

Again, like Saturday morning, the stomach played up after the WRHD session. 

By gum it was cold this morning, the kitchen thermometer was only 54°f. I thought as the kettle was started, that I could hear the wind, but realised it was the hot water tap I’d left running on full. Made a nice mug of Co-op 99 tea, but had to return to the porcelain for a WRWW.

I decided to get the washing done and collated the gear to take down to the laundry room. Got some clobber on, a box of recycling rubbish along with the bag and down to the foyer. There was still only one lift working this morning.

Took the box out to leave at the caretaker’s door. This made me wonder if he was alright, I’d not seen him for a week? Got the washing machine going on the short mode and returned up the lift and had to have another WRHD session again! Still, no bleeding from anywhere and the knuckles I’d singed on the oven were healing up very nicely. Hell of a thirst on me, so I made another mug of tea, but didn’t feel like anything to eat. The stomach still grinding away. Might be a good idea not to take a walk up to Aldi like I’d planned to do later. Best keep myself within a short distance from the Porcelain today, I thought!

7sun02Down again to the laundry room and moved the stuff into the dryer – oh dear, someone had not cleaned out the filter again.

Naughty! Still, it might have been someone who used the machine last was unable to bend down and do it? Or perhaps an idle old bugger? Hehe!

So I cleaned it up and got the dryer going on the extra-dry option. Back up again to the apartment, and got the medicationalistic requirement tended to.

7sun03I had to do the Enoxaparin injection into the tummy this morning. No bother, I’m lucky with not having any fear of needles or hypodermics (Trypanophobia).

Fair enough, mind, I do have fears of Deep Water, Women (Gynophobia), Walking on Snow & Ice and suffer from Ophidiophobia (Fear of snakes) and Spheksophobia (Fear of Wasps). I’m not too keen on politicians either. Would that be Politicophobia?Hehe!

Returned down and collected the dried togs and cleaned the filter and surfaces. Up to the flat again and, you’ve guessed it, to the porcelain! Put the clothes away.

Time for the medications took a diarrhoea capsule with the regular morning tablets.

Did some more updating on the diaries and some more graphicalisationing.

Got the urge to open the kitchen window now it was light, and I hung out of the above and took a picture straight down from the window, and to the left and down. I told you I was feeling in a capricious mood.


On the first one on the left, lower centre against the wall of the flats you’ll see a rectangle that sticks out from the building. That is out foyer come lobby. Just thought I’d mention it if anyone comes to visit me. That reminds me, I’ve had an idea for a graphic of Duncan (Robertson), my friend who came all the way from Birmingham and helped me out last Sunday with the computer and printer problems. I’ll get it done now.

Back in a bit.

Phew, that took some time, but I really enjoyed doing it. I shan’t show it on here yet, in case Dunc might like to use it on his site, or whichever.

Did a Morrison order for next week.

The rain came down a bit, so no chance of me going out. Little concerned about my innards imploding as they rumble merrily away again.

Did some Facebooking and graphicationalisationing. Worked on the WordsToUse file for over three hours.

7sun06aGot the fodder ready.

Pork Frikadellens, herbed potatoes in oil baked, tin garden peas, beetroot and eggs. Sourdough bread.

So tired and the stomach still churning away, I tried to watch some TV, but nodded-woke for hours.

Had a sweven, in which people were queuing up for advice from me, as I sat on a cloud at a desk, with guards armed with water pistols, leading individuals to the office in the cloud, they would ask their question, and I really felt that I answered each one without hesitation. This seemed to go on for years and years, but I grew no older, when one of the many asked “What is the meaning of life” I’d answer; “If you knew that, life would be forced to cease to exist”. Eventually, I had a tea break and phoned my brother-in-law Pete, asking him to make a plaque with this answer engraved on it?

0010hrs: Awoke with a start, off for yet another WRHD session, the stomach churning again, worse afterwards than before.

Whoopsiedangleplops! No chance of getting back to sleep. What with the stomach, me stubbing my toes and then banging my head as I bent down to pick up the toilet roll I’d dropped!

Updated this diary.

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