Inchcock Today. Sunny but so cold: Friday 4th November 2016


Friday 4th November 2016

Swedish: Fredag 4 November 2016

0230hrs: Woke up needing a WRHD session, which went well, very well, no blood, no pain! Made a mug of tea.

Got on the computer to start doing the Thursday post around 0240hrs, and got carried away with updating my Words To Use file.

I looked at the Oder tracker for the phone coming from Amazon, it was on about 75/80%

After half an hour, surprisingly, I had to return for another WRHDS session?

Not nice this one. Bleeding, painful, and the stomach ache started, afterwards? Back to the Word editing.

0750hrs: (Five hours plus later), I finally got it done. I saved it to the dropbox.

With the innards still giving me grief, I got the Crock-Pot vegetables going. Quartered two large mushrooms, sliced some red peppers and added some Parsnips. I meant to add some sea-salt which I did, and basil. Realised afterwards that I’d put Oregano in instead.

I had another look at the Order Tracker for the phone coming from Amazon again, now down to about 60%?

Hey-ho, I got the Thursday diary done and posted off, at last. Started this one off.

After computerisationing for ages, I checked the Tracker, and it said it was here? Minutes later the intercom rang, it was the driver. Met him at the lift, got the box and took it to the flat. Now the job of finding someone to help me get it going properly.

5fri02Ablutions were done and out for a walk through the park to Sherwood, to catch a bus to Arnold.

The Copse looked gorgeous as I went up the gravel hill path.

The sun was intense, but it was perishingly cold.

As I waddled down through the park 5fri03onto Mansfield Road, I saw that the works that have been going on for a while now had reached the putting in of cement and iron poles next to the brick garden retaining wall.

I hope this works, I’d hate to clock-out of this mortal world buried under a massive brick wall as it collapses on me? Hehe!

5fri04Walked over the hill and down to the bus stop, caught a number 58 bus into Arnold. Which was a lot busier than usual today.

Nipped into the Wilko store and got a magic sponge thingamabob.

Then down passing the Market Place and into the Boyes Store, where I got a tin of Vaseline Lip Balm for a quid. Then I nipped into Savers and got toilet cleaner, Baco-Foil and Deo Fab freshener.

Along to the Asda, the reason I went out in the first place, to get the photographs from the Social Hour printed. As I approached the booth thingy, I was amazed to see the lady locking it up! Seems they now close half day on a Thursda5fri04ay. Humph! So no choice but to leave it and try to remember to try again on Monday or Tuesday next week.

So to the bus-stop to catch the L9 back to the flats.

Glad to report the vandalised bench nearby had suffered no more attacks since the last visit.

5fri05Got on the bus and fellow resident Mary was on the bus. Had chat en route. When we got off, May was there just getting off a number L8 bus, and we all hobbled up in the lift together.

Note how the gals, well, all of us were well wrapped up. Despite the bright sunshine, there was a well-cold nip in the air.

5fri06A WRWW and I got on with making the fodder.

As I did so, I took this photo through the kitchen window of some distant housing opposite my Woodthorpe Court apartments.

Captured the changing season colours rather well I thought.

5fri07Made a bit of a mess with the meal preparations… I overcooked the potato Gnocchi, ended up throwing it away.

 Still, I had plenty of Sourdough bread with the Frikadellens and crock-pot cooked mushrooms added to the Pasta tomato sauce with herbs.

Appetising, but I have become so tired out again. Drained, for some reason?

Watched an episode and a half of Hussle before drifting off…

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