Inchcock Today. Thursday 3rd November 2016: Busy day


Thursday 3rd November 2016

In Swahili: Alhamisi Novemba 3, 2016

Up at 0300hrs, fumbled my way out of the unsteady £300 second-hand recliner and completed a WRHD session. No blood this morning, a good start.

Wo4thr03rked on some Graphics for the TFZer folks, and managed to do a Spot the Difference Competition, but oh dear. What an idiot. I’d written the differences down on a bit of paper when I made each one so I could count them up afterwards… Went to make a cuppa and take me medications, and threw the paper in the bin, realised the container needed emptying, so swapped the black bag for a new one and took the used one to the chute and threw it down. Along with the list of differences! Plonker! Still, I posted it off.

After all the effort to get it right, I had to.J

I found nine difference up to now, but no worry about letting folk know this, cause I’m sure there were more than that? I think. Perhaps. Maybe?

Several mugs of tea, WRWWs as I got on with updating the diaries.

Looked on Amazon and found they were selling cordless landline phones, with call blocker on them. So I ordered one, should be delivered tomorrow!

Got the ablutions done and set off for the Tenants Social hour, calling on Olive to ask her if it was alright for me to use her address in case I’m not in, although I’m staying in until the telephone comes. She was very busy getting ready for a family visit and agreed it would be alright.

 4thr06There were not many residents at the social hour today.

 So many regulars were missing.

Mainly I heard, due to their being poorly.

Sore throats, coughs, colds, influenza, the trots and so many on holiday or 4thr04visiting relatives.

But that was fun to greet and talk to those who had just got back after illnesses.

Only three of the usual gang at our table. Bill, BJ and me.

But we all seemed to enjoy the meeting.

4thr05BJ arrived a little late and got his raffle tickets. Then proceeded to win four prizes, Bill won 2, and Eddie won 3, even I won a tin of peaches which I gave to Bill cause I don’t like them and know he does. Beats the lottery! Hehe!

Warden Dean shot through with a smile and a laugh.

We parted, and I went up to the flat and got the bits ready for my trip to town to see PC World and find out how they are going with rescuing the data from the old laptop. Been a fortnight now, I’ve paid my £90 quid and heard nothing from them.

4thr07WRWW, checked the taps, cooker, etc. and down to the bus stop.

Nice chinwag with some residents as they also waited for the bus.

Got the L9 into town, and nipped into the Pound Shop to see if they had any Lip Salve this time. I was in luck, I think

4thr09They had some minuscule tubes of Virasorb Sore Cream, one left on the shelf. The tube contained 2g of the stuff. Two gramme, I ask yer! That ain’t gonna last long, is it? Also got some Wagon Wheels, cause when I took the nibbles round art the Social, one of the gals asked if I had any. Marmite cheese bites, washing-up liquid, wholemeal rolls, and Wasabi nuts made their way into my bag.

4thr14Next, I made my way to the PC World store and explained my queries to a 6’4″ totally uninterested ankle-snapper almost ready to start shaving, and he ‘Uged’ grunted and pointed to the back of the store towards the KnowHow Computer counter.

I made a point of overdoing the “Thank you for your time and effort”, and the lad didn’t seem to understand or recognise my sarcasm at all. To the KnowHow counter, and bravely approached the assistant, who eventually came back down to this planet and saw me there after a few minutes. He nonchalantly strolled over to me, and obviously being economical with words as well as the ankle-snapper, shook his head upwards and forced out of his lips: ‘Cun I ‘elp yers Sir?’ I gave him my details, he looked them up and informed me that they had not done anything with the laptop yet, as they do not have the access code. And, I have to buy a 32mb memory stick for them to put any files they can rescue on. You’d have thought the bloke that collected it when he came to set-up the new computer and printer a fortnight ago [and failed to get it right] might have thought of this at the time?

He added they had tried to phone me on both contact numbers. I explained that since I had been hacked, I now pay Virgin to block all landline calls with their number withheld. (Which PC Worlds are) Checked the mobile and there were no missed calls on it!

I supplied the genius with a password to get into the laptop and an email address. Bought a memory stick and gave it to him.B

I left feeling confused, bitter, and wishing I could now blow-up PC World, Virgin Media, British Gas and Pavement Cyclists. The Pavement Cyclist were a late addition to my Bucket List, as one only just missed hitting me on the pavement as I left the beautiful, caring, accommodating, considerate staff of the PC World store.

4thr08Shook such terrible thoughts from my mind and pressed on over the road and into the Victoria Centre Shopping Centre (Mall).

Good job Arthur Itis was kind to me, as I battled my way through the throng of folks and shoplifters and on into Tesco. Where the reserve bag I carry the regular one in, came into action.

Having a real slow perusal of the shelves, I came across some PEas-Rice Stick snacks in big packs, on offer £1 off if you buy two packs. I could not obstrigillate the desire to try them, and bought four! Along with two of their small Sourdough sliced bread loaves, Marmite cheese cubes, a TV paper, two different Pasta Sauce jars; one of them at half-price, and I even found some Vaseline Lip Salve!

Made my way to the bus stop outside the Boots store, and had a chinwag with a lady waiting. She lives in Bestwood, and her daughter is visiting her for two days, she had a lovely smile and had a crossword book in her bag. Just thought I’d mention it, like.

Back at the flats I soon had a WRWW, medications taken and found a letter from a resident, Jenny who is a former Warden of the apartments, who can’t let it go, you know; The urge to be in charge. She certainly is with her partner, poor old Frank, H4thr15ehe!

She explains in the letter that Kath and Ian, who run the Tenants Social Hour are leaving (Poorly health and long travelling), and wants to know if we want to donate to a leaving gift.

She or Frank must have the money by Thursday 1st December.


Here is Jenny from a few months ago in the Reception Foyer of Woodthorpe Court.

She was collecting money, from 93-year-old Polish Eddie for something or other; I forget now.

I think she is a bit intimidating to some of the residents and has gained the ability to remove any and all humour from her psyche. But I like her. Honestly, I’m not being pseudonymous at all. Alright, she scares the hell out me!

To tired to do any diary writing until tomorrow now. Got on with the 4thr10meal. Oven chips, beetroot, tomatoes, pork pie centre, Polish ham, Yorkshire puddings & Cheesy cobs.

Calamitously, when adding the Yorkshire puddings in with the chips as they were nearly cooked, I caught me knuckles of the oven as I did so.

I think I said something like “Oh, fancy that” at the time. Haha!

A dab or two of the Germolene antiseptic cream eased the burning 4thr11twinges.

Although, I could easily have had another Whoopsiedangleplop when I nearly applied the Daktacort cream by mistake for the Germolene. Phew!

I enjoyed and savoured this meal, the Yorkshires were the highlight, and there were no failures tonight. Which made a nice change.

When in the medication drawers, I remembered to let Brother in Law Pete have some pain-gel, I’d put two tubes away to give him and forgot to take them last time I visited. Fancy that, me forgetting something, I’m amazed!

No sooner had I got down in the £300 second-hand recliner, I’d nodded away into the land of kip!

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