Inchcock Today. Wednesday 2nd November 2016: Not a successful day, hey-ho!

3wed01Wednesday 2nd November 2016

In Ukrainian: Середа 2 листопада 2016

Woken at 0200hrs. WRWW, Cuppa, updated diaries.

0235hrs: Got the rest of the washing together and down to the laundry room again. Did a bit of graphicalisationing.

3wed020312hrs: Down to move washing to the dryer. Checked filter, all clean. Photo took from outside the foyer door. When I got back up and downloaded the photograph, looking close up, to the left of the car on the far right, I thought there was a cat dog or something sat looking at me?

If you can see owt, I’d like to know it ain’t just me losing it. Hehe!

3wed040420hrs: Got the clean and dried clobber out of the dryer.

Cleaned out the filter and wiped the surfaces and sprayed around with some citrus disinfectant spray. Cleaned the brushes.

I had to laugh at myself as I emptied the things out of the drum – I’d gone and forgot not to put me 3wed05favourite woolly cap in with the main wash.

Here’s why on the right.

Now it’s shrunk even further than it did last time I forgot not to put it in the washing machine.


Back up to the flat and a WRWW completed. Put the things away, got the accoutrement ready for the next laundry session, made a cuppa and took the photo I used as the header on this post – doctoring it I came across some problems with Coreldraw though.

Made a cuppa and done some Facebooking. The tea got cold, so I made another and took the morning medications.

Had to get ready then, for the Morrison delivery coming twixt  0730 > 0830hrs, and get the things ready for me shopping.

Going to look for a phone that shows callers number on display, some sauces to go with my dumplings and Potato Gnocchi, and something else that I cannot recall at the moment. Hello, a change of plans, a WRHD session first!

Oh yes, Lip salve was the other thing.

Abluted, I called at Olive’s and had a little chinwag. She said to look for the Nivea lip salve in town. Had a cuddle between us. Picked up some glass jars to take to the bank with mine on the way out.

Then back to number 72 and got me bags and off I poddled to the bottle bank then the bus stop.

A great laugh with some other residents, at the bus stop. The L9 soon got me into town and I dropped off and went into the Pound Shop to see if they had any lip gel stuff in stock. But they had none available. I got three things for raffle prizes tomorrow.

3wed07Went over to the Argos store to look at the landline phones that show incoming numbers, but couldn’t fathom what did and what didn’t. Walked into Victoria Mall and went in the old Jessop Store and looked at theirs on display on the third floor. It was horrendously busy and I could not get anyone to assist me, so up to the necks in it, they were, poor souls. There were two models that had stickers on them saying they could bar calls. I’ll have to go back when they are not so busy.

Walked to the Aldi store and got some Deli Pea Snacks and some jars of pasta sauce.

Called into a shop to get some lip gel and they had none. I walked into Boots and they had some, but at a ridiculous price.

3wed06As I passed the Council House on the way to the bus terminus, a plane going up into the sky looked like it was a searchlight or something shooting out from the dome. and caught the L9 back to the flats.

Caught the L9 back to the flats.

Mary was at the bus stop when I got off again, so gave her a nibble and walked back to the flats with her.

Got in the INR Warfarin blood test letter had arrived. 2.5, that was goodish, so they informed me to book the next appointment for Monday 14th November, then a WRHD session took place. Sent an email request.

3wed09Put the things away, placing some Pea & Rice snack packets in the small Ottoman at the side of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner for later.

Got some water in the pans ready for doing the meal later.

Computer turned on checked the emails, Sister Jane sent one. Replied. Did a quick Facebook session, then some graphicationalisationing.

3wed08Got the food cooking. Managed to let the Gnoochi boil over and had to clean the stove and floor again.

By the time I got the nosh it was not as hot as I would have liked it to be but still enjoyed it.

Potato Gnocchi, tomato & Herb sauce, cheesy cobs, Mushrooms and crispy bacon. Followed by Mandarin in orange jelly.

Well tired now, I did manage to watch an episode of Hustle on a DVD, before turning off and tired as I was, struggled to get to sleep.

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