Inchcock – Wednesday 12th April 2017


Wednesday 12th April 2017

Scottish Gaelic: Diciadain 12 Giblean, 2017

Woke around 0235hrs: Out of the fragile wobbly £300 second-hand recliner and death-defying chair. To the porcelain throne. Cleaned up Little Inchy who’d been bleeding via his newly opened fungal lesion. (Sounds bad that dunnit? Hehe!)

Haemorrhoid Harold was supporting Little Inchy by bleeding away merrily as well. I can say without fear of being wrong, it’s going to be a right bleeding day today! Haha!

The left arm was itchy all over the lower part. No scratches marks or bruises?

Got the clothes in the big blue bag ready to take down to the laundry room. A lot to go, far too much to do in one go, so I selected the body clothing to do this morning and hope I get up early enough tomorrow to do the rest (Although if things go well today, I might try to get the others, towels, jammies etc. done later, if I can get a machine that is not in use).

Down to the laundry room and got the washer going.

Up to the flat and got started on finishing off yesterday’s diary.

30 minutes
later, down to move the clothing into the dryer. Some naughty personage had not cleaned the filter, so I did.

Again, up to the apartment. Finished the diary and posted it. Started this one off.

Brew, co3Wed01mputer diary work.

Down to collect the clothes.

The machine informed me that it had 0.02 hours left to run? A minute later it stopped and I got out and folded clothing, there did not seem to be so much of it as when I put it in the dryer?

3Wed03Up for a final time, put the togs away and made a brew.

Had to stop and nip to the wetroom in response to that now regular and dreadfully concerning sensation of wet warmth and pain from the lower regions, front and rear.

Both Harold and Little Inchy had leaked again. Cleaned things up and put the undies in soak, and put on a pair of the awfully embarrassing Protection & Comfort pants. (I’m a bit nervous about my having any dizzies or accifaupas that need medical persons to attend to me with wearing these?) They cause me some concern when having to wear them. Fair enough, they protect me well from the blood spreading and ruining other clothing I’m wearing or any seating I might be sat upon from the blood flow – but they are so tight and bulky, they often squash things a bit, and this forces more fluids out of the lesion? I must phone and email the clinic about this happening again, cause I don’t think they will be wanting to do the grafting operation now.

3Wed06I got the medications out ready and did the first daily health check of the day.

Took the medications and carried out the other procedures as per instructions.

Noticed the left arm was still itching madly away?

Did the first health check of the day.


Wondered why the weight had not gone down a bit. I’d had a decentish hobble around Monday and yesterday. The water retention in the feet and legs had gone down, I’d not had a big meal yesterday, lost a lot of blood… I thought these things would have lowered my weight? Hey-ho! The pulse was a bit higher than normal. I’ll do a search on the web later to see what the normal is for a 70-year-old handsome, tall, popular, muscular, intelligent, attractive to women but blessed with a miniature weapon male should be. (I am a fool, but a laugh is essential now and then – innit? Haha!) 2Tue18

Better do it now, with my memory like…

60>100 it says.

No problems then.

I was not feeling very adroit today. And the odd aposiopesis interrupted my thoughts?

3Wed05The urge came for me to take a photograph of the morning view from the kitchen window.

Then realised I’d taken all of the photos with the old camera.

Still, they’ll do. Liked this one, it sort of represented my state of mind at the time.

Dark, shadowy, murky and unclear. Hehehe!

Got the cleaners nibble bag ready.

0553hrs: Got an email from Morrison’s telling me the fodder was on the way. So I sorted through the other emails and did some WordPressing.

Lost the Facebook connection? All other sites available?

3Wed08Did some WordPressing.Obergruppenfurheresses

The food delivery arrived: Put it away.

Got the bread and nibbles for the flat complex Obergruppenfureresses and took them to the Winwood Community Shed. Handed them to Deana and told her of Whoopsidedangleplop at the camera store yesterday. I might as well have stopped short of the centre and told the story to a nearby woodpigeon up in the tree, I’d have got more response from that. Still, we had a laugh and giggle.

Back to the apartment, Facebook was still not working and the two cleaner gals arrived shortly afterwards. Had a chinwag and laugh with them and they did me some cleaning of sorts. How they can clean a wetroom without moving a cloth that I’d left dropped on the floor defeated me. Unless she replaced it after cleaning underneath it… the floor was not wet after they had finished?

I asked them if they could come earlier on the next visit so I could get to the free Fish & Chip meal with the other tenants. They said they would. Gave them their bag of nibbles and Easter Eggs and off they went.

Called Olive to see if I could visit and gained permission. Went around to see her, got told off a few times, but that is good, it shows Olive is feeling a bit better, only when she really poorly does I escape the tongue-lashings. Gave her the chocolates, Easter eggs and a kiss, and returned to the suddenly depressing for some reason now flat.

Facebook still down.


Got the fodder prepared.My first effort at making some sage & onion stuffing

My first effort at making some sage & onion stuffing mixed it well and laid it flat in a pan and into the oven for half an hour, nice and crispy on the outside.

It all went down nicely.

Checked on Little inchy and the bleeding was far less than earlier, gently cleaned things up and re-creamed the reddening sore lesion.

Tried the DVD on the TV again, but could not get it to work.

Forgot to take the evening medications, although I didn’t actually realise this at the time, but when getting the morning medications out I noticed tonight’s dose pot was full. (That was a bit of messy statement won’t it?)

Settled to watch the TV, managing to get through Law & Order and most of the Heartbeat before I was off into the land of nod. Nice change that should have been, unfortunately, I kept waking and nodding for hours. No idea when I eventually got off proper but woke with a start at 0225hrs.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock – Wednesday 12th April 2017

  1. Laurie and I only have each other to blame for not emptying the lint tray on the dryer. I tried to give up emptying the lint tray for lent, but that one didn’t get very far. Your medicine tray is looking scary with syringes, solutions, pills, crockery and sphygmomanometer. Speaking of blood pressure, our daughter called and Laurie had her on the speaker, so I had to read portions of this blog out loud to them. Everyone got an especially good chuckle out of you looking up a normal pulse for a 70 year old male, and your description of the 70 year old male. When we all stopped laughing, Laurie told our daughter “See I told you he is brilliant!”

    • Do you know Tim, I didn’t know what the machine thingy was until I read your sphygmomanometer. I like this word, and will include it in a later diary! (Today’s maybe) I fank you!
      I am honoured that someone likes my efforts, (Smiling to self rather proudly here). I love it making folk smile.
      Taketh care.

      • Not sure how they came up with the name other than to make it difficult to pass medical exams. “You didn’t spell or pronounce ‘sphygmomanometer’ correctly — FAIL!”

      • Copy from today’s Inchcock, Tim: “Got out the sphygmomanometer and did the first Health Checks. I looked this up.(sphygmomanometer. 1891, from comb. form of Greek sphygmos “pulse,” from sphyzein “to beat, throb” + -meter. An instrument for measuring blood pressure in the arteries, especially one consisting of a pressure gauge and a rubber cuff that wraps around the upper arm and inflates to constrict the arteries)

        Many thanks to Tim Price in America for the word sphygmomanometer! I might not be able to pronounce it, but I can write it. Hehe!”

        Cheers Sir.

  2. Wow, those cleaners are amazingly good at their job (please read sarcasm in that statement), LOL. Sorry to hear about the bleeding, seems to have been going on a few days, hope things improve soon <3

    • Thanks Gal.
      Sarcasm detected and appreciated M’am! Hehehe!
      Wish I had the nous and bravery to cancel them and try another company, but from what I hear from other old souls in the flats, they are having similar results from their cleaners, and worse. Tsk!
      Going to check things out in the nether regions in a little while, fingers crossed.
      Hope you are having a good un pet.

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