Inchcock – Thursday 13th April 2017


Thursday 13th April 2017

Samoan: 13 Aso Tofi Aperila 2017

Stirred at 0235hrs. Bits of the dreams remained, and I wrote them down straight away.

Little Inchy felt sore and tender, and Roger Reflux was in tandem with Anne Gyna giving me some gip.

As usual, the porcelain throne needed visiting, so I did. The brain seemed to be operating in an Arabesque type swirl. Concentration was challenging. I remembered the washing needed doing again for the big items, and it was the Winwood Centre Social Hour today.

Little Inchy was so tender and almost glowing. But far less bleeding at the moment and Haemorrhoid Harold was the same.

Got the washing bag with the accoutrements and down to the laundry room and got the washer going.4Thur02

Back up to the dwelling and got yesterday’s diary updating started.

Down to move the things into the dryer.

Up and at 0320hrs, down to collect the laundry.

4Thur04I spotted two new signs on the residents’ board from self-elected Obergruppenfureress Penny.

One of the reports from the meeting gave dates for certain things to be started at the flats:

May: Site Compound to be in situ.

June: Bus stop to be moved to the far end of the flats and temporary Winwood hut be built.

July: The old hut to be demolished.


One bit of it caused me some concern, though.

The renaming of the place!

Instead of Winchester Court and Woodthorpe Court, both will be called Winwood Court now. The complex is to be called Windwood Heights!

Which by its very nature, will mean every old person having their address changed, new flat numbers, entailing us all having to inform utility companies, Post Office, banks, tax offices, licencing offices, Council Tax Offices, all companies delivering to you, family, friends, any employers, doctors, home nursing services, home cleaners, HMRC/Inland Revenue, Local council, banks, credit card companies, State Pensions, all insurance providers, private pension providers, Home insurance, Car insurance, Life insurance, Travel insurance, Other insurance, Hire purchase providers, Loans Company, Loyalty cards, Share register, Premium bonds, Water suppliers, Landline, TV Licence, Digital TV, Broadband suppliers, Mobile phone, DVLA, Vehicle registration, Breakdown cover, Car finance (if applicable), Doctors, Dentist, Optician, Vet, Film/TV rental, Gym/Sports clubs, Newsagents, Chemist, Magazine subscriptions, Library, Solicitor, Trade unions/Professional bodies, Schools, Pet micro-chipping services, Milkman, Window cleaner, Charities you support, Electoral Commission, Audiologist, Prepaid Funeral supplier… I’m all confused with the banking farce and am not looking forward to sorting all these out in the least!

Well, thanks for getting them to change the address for us, Penny! Good thinking. I bet the previous tenants up in heaven will be well proud. Humph! Christ, we have enough problems with deliveries as it is.

4Thur05Took this photographicalisation out of the foyer doors, as I collected the washing.

Up again and into the flat. Kettle on and took the morning medications, realising I’d missed last nights dosages again! Getting mad it myself now!

Finished Wednesday’s diary and started on this one.

4Thur06It had turned into almost pink skies as the daylight dawned.

Concerned over the renaming of the flats and the apparent complications this will bring for me, my spirits sank a bit. No one to help, I know I’m going to get all stressed and panicky when the time comes.

I thought about if it would be easier to move to another flat somewhere else, but the banal thought of that soon faded.

Did some WordPressing for a while.

Oh, dear!


It appears I had left the potatoes boiling on high for an hour or two? Eventually smelt the rather appealing aroma of singed fodder wafting into the front room!

I went into the kitchen, adopted panic mode and set about sorting out the mess. The windows were soaking wet, top of the stove burnt, had to prize the potatoes out of the bone dry red-hot pan, burning my fingers as I did. Opened the window, closed the door to keep the smoke away from the smoke alarm in the hall. Juggled with the spuds as I extracted them from the saucepan and put it in to soak. Cleaned the cooker, wiped the windows and the ledge. Burnt my hand next while cleaning the stove, I’d not turned off the heat to the ring!

Managed to get the ring sort of cleaned a bit. Put the cloth in a bowl to soak in liquid and bleach to soak for a few weeks in the hope of saving them, the saucepan is beyond salvation.

Ate four of the potatoes, they were delicious!

Hey-hoed, to myself, made a mug of tea and started updating this diary.

A bit of artwork started, then it was time to get the ablutions tended to earlier than usual because I knew I had the fungal lesion bleeding to spend more time on sorting. And I was right. A messy, painful session sorting Little Inchy out seemed to have worked, as the swelling went down almost as soon as I’d finished doing it. A good shave and teeth cleaning session and under the shower, using the lemon fragranced soap. Creamed the areas needing attention and put some antiseptic cream on the burnt finger and hand. Put some oil in the ear-holes.

Got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag and set off. The lifts seemed to struggle to get to the twelfth floor, one even came up passing me to the fifteenth floor and missed me off again on the way down! Lucky devil I am! So I walked down the stairs.

Arrived in the Social Hut and greeted about 18 folks, one even replied to me. Sat down and got the crossword book out, as the hearing aids not working properly made hard work trying to talk to anyone who was not right next to me.

BJ arrived, threw a ‘Hello’ at me and didn’t speak to me again until after the meeting, and only then when after I approached him? He forced himself to tell me that he would pick me up for the Papplewick visit… and I stopped him there because it was obvious that there was no eagerness or friendliness in his voice; and told him I could not go cause of the bleeding starting again. This cheered him up. No idea what I’ve done to upset him. Leaving him happier is reward enough for me. It can be a burden having a very high EQ.

Trotted (Not the right word really, Hehe!) down the hill and to the bank in vain unsuccessful attempt to see if the new bank account had been transferred yet. When I eventually got to the counter, at least the same Gruppenfureress that spoke to me on Monday was serving. The glass partition was thick and opaque. I had some bother hearing what the woman was saying. After a long time and a few different progress stories; No it isn’t Working – IT should be working – IT is working, but the other bank has not transferred anything yet.I gleaned that the last one was supposedly the right one.

I gleaned that the last one was supposedly the right one. Then I thought the gal said: “The manager will call the old bank to see what is happening” and assumed she was going to do it now. Oh no! Made a fool of myself by asking if I should stand at the back while she does it. I heard her next sentence as she barked out alright though: “She is not doing now, she’ll do it when she finds time later!”

Timidly I inquired of how I shall know the situation. “She’ll call you!” I wasn’t brave enough to say that she and the previous manager have kept saying this over the three months I’d been trying to get the 7-day guaranteed procedure done!”

She did, however, let me pay a cheque in that I’d received from the Government for their overcharging me for the TV licencing cock-up. Kind of them!

Feeling downtrodden, apathetic and miserable, I wandered up the hill in the hopes that one of the one-an-hour buses that go up the hill might be due. A bit of luck with this, one was due in five minutes.

Jim and Roy from the flats were at the stop, and we had a chinwagging session.

They both left me standing when we got back to the apartments, as expected with the high winds a-blowing.

When I got in the foyer, there was Olive sat waiting for her family to take her out. I told her what had occurred with the bank and she told me off for not making a fuss and hassling them more. Which was good, it’s alway good when Olive tells me off, this indicated that she if not too bad. When she is feeling really poorly, she tends not to have a go at me so much you see!

Up to the flat and updated this diary again.4Thur08

A sudden hunger overcame me. So I got the meal prepared. Got some roast potatoes into the oven, with the intention to of adding some potato waffles to it later, so they hopefully are cooked at the same time. And having the last of the burnt boiled potatoes with it. Cheese portions, pork and mini pickle pies, beetroot, boiled egg, some ordinary mushrooms and wild Borowiki mushrooms, Pork & Mushroom Pate followed by a pot of the Special Offer bliss lemon yoghourt. That’s the plan anyway. I’m having extra potatoes because I forgot to get the bread earlier when I was getting depressed at the bank.

Z02Did some more work on the next TFZer graphicalisation.

Which I finally got finished and onto starting another one.

Added the waffles to the roast potatoes in the oven.

Nervous of letting them overcook again, I stayed in the kitchen and had a look through TV magazine choosing some decent programmes to watch.

4Thur10What a feast it turned out as well. Roast potatoes (Excellent), Pork & Mushroom Pate (Excellent), Waffles (Okay), Cheese portions (Excellent), Pork & Pickle Mini Pies (Excellent), Mushrooms exotic (Crap!), The self Burnt boiled potatoes (Excellent), beetroot (Excellent), regular mushrooms (Okay), Lemon yoghourt with extra lemon juice poured onto it (Excellent).

Too much fodder I know, but I didn’t have any bread with it, and it was amazingly tasty!

Intermittent periods of watch TV, sleep, wake, cough and confusion repeatedly followed.

5 thoughts on “Inchcock – Thursday 13th April 2017

  1. Obergruppenfureress Penny sounds a bit like the devil, and all your problems with addresses, bank accounts and burnt boiled potatoes sounds a bit like Hell. Dinner looks good despite it all.

    • She is not appreciated or liked in many quarters, for her Hitleristic/Stalinistic (Are they a real words? Hehe!) overconfident nature.
      I found in life, that too often the confident workers got further than the more capable ones.
      I might use that later. Hehe!
      Must say the meal was wonderful Sir.
      The weight this morning was the same as yesterday morning, no increase!
      Hope things go alright for you today, take care.

  2. Penny doesn’t seem too concerned for others & it seems to me just as complicated as moving to a new flat. :/ At least the potatoes were saved though 😀 I quite like a good potato, lol. Can only facepalm about the bank & hope that things go through before you suddenly have to sort your new address :/

    • Thanks Gal. I’d dreading it changing.
      I was wondering if I should burn all the boiled spud in future? They tasted so nice. Only joking. I’m sure I ca n burn food in the future without trying. Hehe!
      I had to look-up Facepalm… I like it and will use it in future, I fank you! X

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