Diarrhorea Dickie Attacks Again – Messy!

Diarrhorea Dickie Attacks Again – Messy!

I realised he’s back and felt quite sick,

Diarrhorea Dick attacked me so quick,

No use, medications, praying or the walking stick,

Codeine, hearing aids or an analgesic,

The rumbling Throne Sessions, messy, not thick,

The evacuated innards are certainly not, non-stick,

Had to wash so often, with bleach and carbolic.


What had caused this? The chicken drumstick?

Was it a problem that is colonic?

A bug, bad food or summat bacteriologic?

No idea what it is, but was it Deoxyribonucleic?

The flat now cannot be described as aromatic,

Rather, as putrid, gut-wrenching and chronic!

Took the Diah-Limit capsules very quick,

Their failure has proved rather catastrophic,

Nowt I try taking can do the trick,

So, I wrote this silly limerick!


Composed in the hopes of something or other, and in Support of the Outer Peruvian Three-legged Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society.

6 thoughts on “Diarrhorea Dickie Attacks Again – Messy!

    • Thanks. Tim.
      Trotskis are easing, and the wind is being involuntarily released this morning, almost non-stop.
      Reminds me of the film where the wagon train crew (I think) are sat around eating beans and emitting noisy wind. I can’t remember what film it was from now. Was it Blazing Saddles perhaps? I loved that one. TTFN, cheers.

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