Inchcock Today – Tuesday 12th September 2017: Blood Test and Whoopsiedangleplops Galore Day

Not that I expect to still be here in 2042, of course. Hehe!

Tuesday 12th September 2017

0035hrs: Awoken and in need of the Porcelain Throne. I had to remove the signs of my nocturnal nibbling from my ample stomach as I alighted the very-shaky rattling £300 second-hand recliner. As I sat there on the Throne, two things became apparent to me. One that I was itching so much on the head that I thought I might have nits or some cooties, despite my being bald? Two, Trotsky Terence had left me in peace now, in fact, the session was slightly intimating to me that Constipation Conrad is getting ready for an attack? Humph!

Made a brew of tea and did the Health Checks. Sys 139, Dia 69, Pulse 84, Temp 33.9 and Weight 14.94.

I put the nibbles in the bag for surgery staff and hopefully Nurse Nichole, and not Obergfreiteress Nurse Ann. (She scares the living daylights out of me), who takes my blood this morning.

Tomorrow, it’s the dentist for 0900hrs. Next week, the Audio Clinic and to have Hilda Hips looked at again.

Onto the computer and finished off yesterdays post. Tons of Emails to sort next.

Hours spent on Facebooking. I’ll try to get another TFZer graphic done if time before I get the ablutions and readied for the blood test. Done it, Marie, with her new recipe. Hehe!

Got the ablutions done and tidied me in the clean clobber, and off down in the lift, with plenty of time to spare to get to the surgery at the specified time.

On the elevator floor, there was still the ‘Blob’ whatever it is, from last Wednesday. It had lost its grungy green colour, but still appeared to be breathing to me? Hehehe!

The Obergefreiter Caretaker and expert ‘Phubber’, Bob, will no doubt get around to cleaning it eventually, I don’t want anyone rushing him.  Just because they now charge us more for the Communal Area Cleaning and CCTV that doesn’t work, (Well it might if you want to view the stars and clouds) it doesn’t naturally follow, that it will get done, you know. (Bill (William on Sundays), told me that!

Not a soul in sight as I walked along Chestnut Walk and down Winchester Street.

No workmen, tenants, caretakers or OBergrupenfurheresses.

At the corner of the first bend, the bus shelter was having some work done on it, no idea what, but it was taking a lorry, a van, and eight men.

I limped through the children’s playground on the corner of  Mansfield Street.

Not a beautiful sight – the No Smoking Sign had been ripped down, and nub-ends and a smelling pile of sick, and empty crushed lager cans, scattered on the floor near the bench!

I got further down and onto Mansfield Road, took a left up the gradient.

At the traffic Lights with Haydn Road, I heard the siren of this police car as it neared the junction and turned right. It went through against the lights and nearly hit the Calverton black bus.

Just over the brow of the hill, there was a traffic queue of over half a mile!

Radio Nottingham warned of delays here due to gas works ongoing.

I plodded down the hill and got to the Sherrington Park Surgery with time to spare for the blood test.

Logged in and got the crosswords book out, and was doing well with them until  I was called in by, not Nurse Nichole, not Obergefreiter Nurse Anne, but a new unknown nurse? Who was pleasant enough and had a sense of humour that suited me.

She soon had me done and dusted, and I handed the nibbles to the receptionists and set off to catch a bus into Arnold to get some bread and have a nosey around. However, this trip, unfortunately, was the start of the:

Whoopsiedangleplop No.1: Tried to swipe my Pensioners Free Bus Pass on getting on the bus, and got a well-practised smirk and grin from the driver, who tapped his wristwatch – it then dawned on me it was too early to use the pass! So, I apologised and paid the man £2 fare money, and sat red-faced, getting the crossword book out.

Whoopsiedangleplop No.2: I’d got on the wrong bus without realising it until I looked up from the crossword book, and wondered where the heck I was?

Whoopsiedangleplop No.3: I got off on one of the housing estates, and had to decide which way to walk, to hopefully find my way into Arnold.

I felt a little more confident that I was going the right way, after walking half a mile along the road I chose and saw that it dropped off downhill.

I had an idea that I might end up near the old Ministry of Transport driving school.

Two aching, burning feet and knees, Hippy Hilda complaining and Anne Gyna and Duodenal Donald giving me agony, that’s the only word to describe how things were by then. After covering, I don’t know how many miles, I recognised the Ministry of Transport building in the distance at the bottom of the road – the topography and geography all fell into place then.

This building is now an Insurance Agent office.

I hobbled around the back of the building and along to the Front Street in Arnold.

At last, I arrived. Boy oh boy, the feet were stinging terrible, and Hilda Hips horribly painful by now. I am an old fool!

I limped into Boyes Store, seen here on the left, and purchased some foot spray, air freshener and Zoflora citrus disinfectant. I use the Zoflora diluted as a spray on the washing machines, WC and bins.

Paid the kind lady who served me, and checked the time to see if I had sufficient minutes to call in Asda to get the bread before the L9 bus arrived. I thought had, so I struggled to Asda and had a look around. I ended up getting Marmite crisps, some nibbles for the Social Hour gang, fresh peppers, tomatoes, and some small turnips. I wanted to get just a yellow pepper but had to get a pack of red, yellow and orange. I must ask someone later which is the mildest. I asked Tim on the web a while ago, but I’m blown if I can remember which one it is I want. Not surprising with how today’s luck has gone up to now!

The knees froze a bit when I was going through the checkout, and this displeased the lady serving and the customer behind. Oh, dear!

At the bus stop, the Police Station that opened last year was being demolished.

As I waited not daring to sit down, in case Hilda Hips or Arthur Itis kicked off and I could not get back up again, I realised I had not bought the thing I went out for, Bread! Still, I think I have some in the freezer to use.

Minutes later a lorry arrived with some hardcore to be delivered at the old station. So maybe they are going to alter it to another use?

I must have looked a bit rough, cause people kept asking me if I wanted to have their seat in the shelter. Hehe! I thanked them and declined their kind offers.

The bus arrived, and I settled into one of the higher seats and got the crossword book out.

Whoopsiedangleplop No.4: I fell asleep, and when I woke up, the crossword book was on the floor, and for a moment I wondered where I was. Still, it made for some amusement for a few of the other passengers.

When the bus crossed the traffic island on the ring road, I got the camera out and took a shot from the same place, more or less, of where the pigeon was yesterday, just in case he was still there.

He wasn’t, of course.

No one I knew got on in Sherwood, but a gang of them got on when I got off at the flats. A few ‘Hellos’, ‘Are you all rights’ and ‘How yer goings’ were exchanged.

I really was in difficulties with the feet and knees now and took my time getting back to the flats. (I had no option really but to do this, Haha!) I heard some horn-papping persistently and eventually, I turned around to have a look in the direction of the noise… and then, Whoopsiedangleplop No.5: I’d left my flat-hat on the bus, or floor of the bus, and one of the lady tenants very kindly chased after me and handed it to me. Bless her cotton socks. She shall have extra nibbles! Oh, Yes! I thanked her profusely and copiously.

When I made it up to the flat in the lift to the twelfth floor and got out, and I met the delightful Obergruppenfurheress Deana. I was glad I did, cause it gave me the opportunity to ask her if she was interested in having two lamb cook-in-the-bag joints that I had left after trying them and finding them too sweet for my tastes. Also, I had some nibbles for her. She was calling on Josie next door, another lovely lady. Said she would call to see me later.

I got in the apartment and had a wee-wee, then took the medications, with three extra painkillers. So bad was the feet and Hippy Hilda after my enforced route march. Tsk!
But they were only Paracetamol, and one of the smaller 30g Codeine Phosphates, so they should not cause me any bother.

Got the potatoes, mushrooms and turnips in the Crock-Pot. I plan to have them with a tin of Mackerel fillets in BBQ sauce, an apple and some garden peas and bread and butter?

Then started to update this diary, and get the photographicalisations I’d took during the Whoopsiedangleplop filled day, ready to use.

Several wee-wees and cups of strong-tasty tea later, Deana returned. Had a chinwag ensued and she kindly took the lamb and nibbles, very luckily she was just off to have a salad, so the seaweed came in handy. Caring gals, Deana and Josie.

Checked the Crock-Pot, and moved the peas and mushrooms into a saucepan to warm off later. Turned the slow-cooker to the high setting.

Updated the diary here, then checked the Morrison order for Thursday. Took two items off of it, and added about ten, nibbles, chestnut mushrooms and a Lamb Rosti Shepherds Pie, that was expensive, but looked lovely.

Had a check on the Emails and responded answers and WordPress reading.


Checked the fodder, then onto CorelDraw, TFZ. Made a start.

Got the fodder served up. A salad of sorts I suppose I could call it. Surimi, mackerel in sauce, spuds, tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, peas, turnip, sliced apple and chestnuts with seaweed. Rated this one at 9.2/10, and enjoyed it.

Went to get a mug of orange juice and the sky looked a tad threatening.

Selected what to watch on TV. (I don’t know why I bother doing this? Hehe!).

The feet finally stopped stinging after I’d got the legs up for an hour or so, but when I had to go to the wet room, Hilda Hips did not like me moving.

Back to the recliner and nodded off, woke-up repeatedly. Huh!

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tuesday 12th September 2017: Blood Test and Whoopsiedangleplops Galore Day

  1. Sad for no Nichole, and sigh it wasn’t Anne. At least the new one had a sense of humor. Humor makes nursing a better deal. But nothing like pretty and sexy with a sense of humor — those nurses will make you putter twitch. Which reminds me, I think you need turbo nurses like the video of Turbo Polka:

    At least the whoopsies resulted in a great set of photos — always worth the pain and discomfort of getting good photos. Are the crooked lines along the curb in the one photo to confuse parking or the stripe painters were sniffing more of the paint than they were applying to the road? Well arranged dinner.

    • “Nothing like a pretty and sexy nurse, with a sense of humour” Well said and spot on Sir! I’ll have a peep at the video thingy… back shortly.

      15 minutes later and I’m back, I got carried away watching this and one that followed it of the same ilk.

      I’m so glad the weather was fine, else I’d have gotten well soaked if it was like this morning, very windy and wet! Tsk! I think it helped with the photographicalisationing too.

      ‘Stripe painters sniffing more of the paint’, Hehe! Kerbside Zig=Zag White Lines, mean an absolute ban on stopping or parking. No exceptions allowed, Tim.

      Can you let me know again please if yellow peppers are the mildest ones?


  2. Well, you certainly had an adventure! I empathize with your foot pain, mine are giving me fits because it rained (mildly) for over 24 hours & my work shoes were soggy throughout 2 nights of work. <3

    • Oh dear, poor Corin. Horrible when that happens. Hope things calm down soon.
      If I win big on the lottery, you won’t have to work anymore, or at least for a few years. XXX

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