Inchcock Today: Sunday 15th July 2018


Sunday 15th July 2018

Czech: Neděle 15. července 2018

0535hrs: I woke up, and was soon battling with the brain in an effort gain a rapprochement, or at the least an understanding of the need for it to stop wandering off of its own accord, fretting, fearing and being apprehensive about everything that came into its grey-cells this morning. Amazingly, within a couple of minutes, the degeneration of the thoughts had rectified themselves, and a mock-semi-logical frame of thinking had returned. A rare and strange to me, feelings of almost contentment took over (Albeit only temporarily).

7Sun02I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner with a bit of a struggle, due to Hippy Hilda being a bit bothersome, and checked the temperatures in the two room.

Got the kettle on first.

The front recliner-bedroom had the 7Sun01temperature of 31°c – 87.8°f indicated.

In the kitchen, the window ledge thermometer was showing 26°c – 80°f.

So, a little cooler this Sunday morning at least, in fact, it felt cold.

Got the Health Checks done next.


Results looked alright to me.

7Sun06cOff to the Porcelain Throne. A little more natural evacuation this morning.

Whoopsie2 I noticed when cleaning up, that he chest had somehow acquired new decorations. In the form of spots, pimples and scratches, of a variety of different colours? Even the body hair is now in different shades! However, Belinda’s Blotches had improved well, far less itching and no pain.

These new spots, reminded me of Peter Cooks 1965 rendition of “Spotty Muldoon” I love the ending of this comedy song. Highly suitable for me at the moment! Haha!

To the computer and finalised the Saturday diary and got it posted off into the ether.

7Sun4Whoopsie2 Then I noted that I had not taken the morning medications. So I swallowed them. Hehe!

Just finished another week’s medication pots, so I now have four doses (Two weeks supply) to make-up, I must not forget to do this.

I could just make out that it was sun shining outside now.

Although the Woodthorpe Court, Nottingham City Homes designer wrinkly plastic film covering over the terrible light stopping new windows, prevented one appreciation of the view.

When I got down in the computer chair again, I had the dressing gown on the back of the chair, I felt I had sat on something hard, that was in the gown pocket.

Well, blow-me-down! It was the missing food timer! I knew I’d find it after I bought the new one!

7Sun05I’m glad I did discover its hidden location, though.

For it is far easier to use than the new one, although the fresh one on the left, has a louder chime, the old one uses buttons that are a breeze for anyone to use and understand, who have Arthur Itis and or Crampy Craig affected fingers.

7Sun07I decided to sort out the medication pods and pots before I forget again.

There were some odd, tap-tapping followed by rustling or water running like sounds repeated over and over again for a short while. No idea from whence they came? I could only hear them (without the hearing aids on) in the kitchen and hallway?

I then got on with creating this Sunday diary.

Went on WordPress Reader, some brilliant entertainment reading, and photography on there today.

I started to make up some Inchock Page headers on CorelDraw, to get in front again with them.

Went to pod the peas and get the potatoes into the crock-pot – making sure that I turned on the slow-cooker and stove hob this time – not like yesterdays cock-up. Tsk!

Went on Facebooking on the TFZer site.

Checked the fodder. Potatoes need a lot longer yet, but doing them in the crock-pot I think keeps the flavour of the balsamic vinegar in better than using a saucepan. But, I may be wrong about that.

I’m hoping to watch the World Cup final, although the thought of France winning is cringe-making. I fear they will.

7Sun38Got the nosh ready and served up.

At last, after several days of terrible meals, I got this one right.

A worthy 9/10 for Taste-Rating.

I settled to watch the World Cup Final, with the feeling that France would win, which the swine did!

France is World Cup champion for a second time in its history after a 4-2 win over Croatia. But with two goals scored in very controversial fashion in a two-goal win, Croatia feel rightly aggrieved by the result; Which was helped along by a dishonest Argentinian, probably back-handed, referee, and the VAR cheats and or imbeciles who gave a penalty for a handball, that wasn’t!

If Croatia declare war on France for this unjust treatment, fair enough. I’ll send them my knuckle-duster and truncheon! Hehe!

Sleep was impossible after the game. The injustice and overall pathetic decisions made by the MAFIA, no sorry, FIFA controlled crooks, liars and World Football Argentocracy, are deserving of any right-wing political Fascist Government throughout history. Well, maybe not Stalin.

I even stayed up late to watch a film, The Equaliser, with Denzil Washington. A thriller starring Denzel Washington as a one-man army who hands out justice to criminals operating above the law. I wondered if he’d like to sort out FIFA and France? Haha! I stayed awake all through the film and commercials too!

I love when the good guys win!

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