Winwood Heights Upgrading Progress. Part Two – The truth! Humph!

Update on Nottingham City Homes Upgrade of Winchester & Woodthorpe Court Flats

After over a year of hard work, we Elderly Nottinghamians, are about get the new unwanted light and view-blocking Balconies finished off.

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Today, I went out to get some medications, and on my return, I was faced with the regular challenge to get back to my beloved Woodthorpe Court Flats.

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Thanks to them all, for keeping us from getting bored and keeping us healthy by our dodging the plant, lorries, and cars over the last months.

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Mostly, for a lonely old soul like me; I appreciate the freeing of the Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles from the external walls. So they could invade my flat.

I’m growing to like them now. And the exercise I’m now getting in trying to kill and catch them has done my Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and Dizzy Dennis no end of good.

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Just thought I’d mention it.

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