Inchcock – Friday 5th October 2018:


Friday 5th October 2018

Samoan: Aso Faraile 5th Oketopa 2018

2246hrs: Woke-up, blinked and decided immediately, that I would get the laundry tended to, the first job of the day! Please note the truancy of my usually rampant pathological indecisiveness! Smug Mode Adopted.

I was out of the £300 second-hand juddery recliner in minutes. No ailments caused me any bother in doing so. The back pain, Hippy Hilda, Anne Gyna and Arthur Itis were all being kind to me. A little unsettling when this happens. I gathered the bag of washing with the accoutrements already in it and set off down in the lift.

When I got to the laundry room, a chap was filling up the better dryer with his clothing that he’d washed in his machine in his flat.

5Fri003I got my stuff going in washer No.2 and back up to the flat.

5Fri003a But not before I had to clean out the filter that someone had left clogged up.

To the flat and got the Health Checks were done. The readings were all still too high, I think. 


5Fri001bMet Bill from the first floor on the way down as he got on the elevator, on his way to do his washing.

Move the togs from the washer to the dodgy dryer. I’m never content using this machine, because of the number of times it had finished its cycle and the clothing has still been wet.

5Fri003a I stayed downstairs 5Fri002wondering around. As I feared, the crap-drier stopped early, and the clothes were still almost wet! At this point, the big lad came in to gather his not been long in the machine clothing. Which was good for me, cause I could move the undried things into the better dryer after the big lad had emptied it. As he started to remove his items, I advised him to clean the filter out first, or he’ll drag his gear over it and get fluff on his clean clothes. I showed him how to clean it out, then did it for him.

I transferred my items to the dryer. As I was taking them out, Bill arrived to remove his washing, so that worked out well.

All this laundry room traffic made me realise how early it actually was. I’d woken up assuming it was somewhere around 0200hrs, my usual waking up time. But it was not. Fool! Folded the clothing into the bag and went back up to the apartment.

Then made a brew of tea and took the medications. Put the stuff away and got on the computer to get the diary updating done for yesterdays post. Went on the TFZer Facebooking duties, WP Reader. Made another brew of tea to replace the one I’d let go cold. Huh!

While waiting for the kettle boil, I leant out of the unliked view and light blocking new window in the kitchen to take a panoramic effort of a photograph of the night, er, morning now.


Not a lot to look at, is there? They are not stars in the picture, but, house and street lights.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Had a rinse, and made yet another decision (Oh, yes!). I’d get out to the Goose Fair later, to try and get a walk in, and some photographs of the stalls and rides for the TFZers on Facebook.

No good going out too early because there will be nobody much there. Too late, and it will be too crowded for me to get through. And, knowing my luck the pickpockets and or muggers might have a go at me. Haha!

My earlier aberration (Of instant decision making) came over me again. The cooked chicken legs I bought two of in error, is still a week in date, but a little too sweet for my taste, I’d been pondering over who might make the best use of it I can help out. Roy, well his better half, who has been struggling without complaint in looking after the old codger since he got out of the hospital and started his recovery, I thought. Might just save the gal from having to go out to get some fodder, I hope. I also hoped that they could make use of them.

So, I got the ablutions tended to and on my way out, I went up to the next floor with everything I needed for the trip out and the chicken legs and called at Roy’s flat. The Lady of the House answered the door. I explained about my getting two packs of the chicken on offer, and wondered if they could use it. I was tickled pink when the Madam of the House accepted and thanked me. I wished her and Roy all the best and toddled off and down and out onto Chestnut Way, feeling good that I could help for once.

5Fri006It was bit murky out there this morning, but not as cold as the weather forecaster on the radio indicated when I had my shower.

In a good mood now, I ambled on along the road. Passing the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Stabsgefreiteress Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen 5Fri20from, and residents porta-cabin, and threw a wave and smile at Wardens Deana and Julie through the window.

I stood a while on the corner, watching wood pigeons in the trees and bushes.

Then set off on my mini-little-hobble.

Down the Winchester Street Hill and onto Mansfield Road, over the hill and down into Carrington.

5Fri007At the junction traffic lights, a young Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist was initially doing wheelies as he sped down the hill, then mounted the pavement, then back onto the road as the light changed to red. Of course, this didn’t interest him at all, and I caught him on camera cycling over, nearly hitting a lady with her child in a pram, then he began to so wheelies again. He seemed to be a high of some sort, I think he was shouting or singing as well? He was a big lad, I hope he grows up mentally too. The meshuggeneh!

5Fri08As I got into Carrington and near the doctors’ surgery, I was surprised by the lack of traffic on Mansfield Road.

I got into the reception and asked the lady behind the counter (the one on the reception was on the phone) if she could help me sort out my appointments.

There followed a farce of Faulty Towers merit:

Moi: You booked me in for a changed appointment for INR blood Test next Tuesday, to Monday at 0900hr...

Receptionist: “Yes!”

Moi: Well, I got the Anticoagulation Results, telling me my next appointment is for 30th October?”

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” Five minutes later… Receptionist: “This is not for your INR Warfarin, it’s for your CHC/D test, Mr Chambers.”

Moi: “I thought I had that a week or so ago with Nurse Ann?

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” “Ah, you need to retake it Mr Chambers, and some extra tests at the hospital, the last test showed up some concerns, that’s why we have to get it done urgently.”

Moi: Will I need to fast 12 hours before and bring a sample this time, please?

Receptionist: “I’ll check for you…” “Yes!”

Moi: Can I have a sample bottle please, and book in an appointment for the Warfarin blood test, on the 30th?

Receptionist: “We’ll see you on Tuesday next then.”

5Fri003a I didn’t realise until much later that she said Tuesday and not Monday? At least, I think she did? I never got a sample bottle either. I left and carried on walking along on the way to the Goose Fair on the Forest.

5Fri003a Flummoxed, brain-scrambled and confused, I nearly walked off the edge of the gutter into the r5Fri09oad.

I think I’ve got things wrong and muddled somewhere along the line? Klutz! I’m sure that I am to blame!

When I got to Gregory Boulevard, I spotted that this year they had given model Goose on the traffic island a blue jacket. To keep him warm, perhaps? Hehe!

I hobbled up the hill and over the pelican lights into a Forest Recreation Ground and Goose Fair, that did not have a single stall or amusement ride open.


5Fri11It all came back to me then. I’d made another mess over timings! Schlemiel!

I had a wander around, getting dirty looks from the staff and owners of the amusements when I got the camera out. So I only took this one shot of ‘Spooky Towers’.

I presumed this was a take on the old Ghost Train?

5Fri12I wandered out and up the hill and caught a tram a few stops to the University. The tram was almost full to capacity.

5Fri003a With this ignorant young man sat on the outside of the disabled seats blocking anyone sitting next to him as people stood all around him. I despair of people nowadays!

I dropped off of the tram and walked along Shakespeare Street to Mansfield Road/Milton Street traffic light.

This ‘5Fri013Nasty’ Nottinghamian cyclist passed me by from behind, shouting something and swearing I think with it. He was within inches of hitting me, then he carried on right up Milton Street weaving between the pedestrians. A naughty young Nudnik!

I went into the Tesco store and came out with Surimi Sticks, a Pork Knuckle joint and a  loaf of sliced crustless wholemeal bread. Paid the lady and out onto Milton Street to walk to the L9 bus stop.

5Fri014When I got out into the fresh air, Milton Street looked very eerie and unreal to me!

No traffic and few Nottinghamians in sight.

I walked up through the Trinity Walk and stopped at a second-hand jewellery shop, and I think, Pawnbrokers.

To take some photographs for the TFZer gals to take their fancy of. Hehehe!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5Fri018Amethyst, the birthstone of February, I think.

I hobbled into the Slab Square and took this picture of the Gay-Abandoned happy, merry, cheerful Nottinghamians coming out from and going down into Exchange Walk.

Up Queen Street to wait for the bus, on which I must have nodded-off eight or so times en route. Tsk!

5Fri019There were two other tenants on the bus, neither of which chose to wake me up when we arrived at the flats. Hehehe! Luckily the jerking when the bis pulled up woke me, I did feel a clot!

A resident of Woodthorpe and I tackled the challenge of walking on the road back to our domicile.

5Fri019aThe gal walking in front, by gum, she can’t half move, pointed out to me that the Woodthorpe Block had had its naming board finished while we were out.

I took this photograph. Notts County colours on the sign, I noticed.

I hastened to the apartment and took a short-sharp wee-wee. (One of many that followed, Huh!)

Got the meal part sorted. Mushrooms and green beans in the same saucepan with a little balsamic vinegar.

Health Checks were done.

5Fri34Updated this diary a little.

Got the meal served up.

Can you see what’s on my plate here? Can you identify everything in this picture? Hehe!

A Flavour-Rating of only 6.5/10 for this one I’m afraid. No idea what I did wrong, but, The Lithuanian made Tesco surimi sticks tasted right foul and bitter, and undercooked the green beans by a long way! The Morrison apples were soft and mushy. The shitake mushrooms were tough-textured.

Settled down after the 23 hour, up and about day.

The usual performance with the TV watching. Or rather not watching due to my nodding-off. Haha!

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