Inchcock – Thursday 4th October 2018: A few panegyric words in praise of the dead evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting Beetles. Social Hour. Then I did some Graphicationalisationing


Thursday 4th October 2018

Norwegian: Torsdag 4 Oktober 2018

0115hrs: I woke, and activation mode was adopted almost instantly. Most pleased to report that the sharp electric-shock-like lower back pains seemed to have eased off a lot in degree, and are now only sharp trapped-nerve-like pains. Humph!

As I dismounted the working again £300 second-hand recliner, I selected to go on an ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles assessment patrol. Pot to collect any dead ones in, and a can of ‘Raid’ Ant & Cockroach killer spray at hand.

4Thu001aWD 194.117.2 The final (Body Count) result, after investigating the wet room, kitchen and spare room, was many dozens of dead corpses and just three live evil ironclads Boll-Weevil black biting beetles.

I collated them in a pot I save for this specific task, ready for their final burial and trip to the landfill site. Naturally, I said a few silent words in panegyric form, a sort of eulogy, for the little beasts who are slowly getting some admiration from me. For the fearlessness and persistence shown in their illegal invasion, and so many of them cunningly surviving to bite again, despite all I can throw at them.

I have to admire them for their attack, requisitioning and occupation of every crack and hole left in the plastering up of the new unwanted light and view-blocking windows in the apartment. And, boy, can they breed! Hehe!

WD 194.117.2 I had to try several times to get the sphygmomanometer to work, to do the Health Checks. Ended up changing the batteries. Although those in the machine were not that old? The hemadynamometer would still not operate. I put the old batteries back in and hey-presto, it worked?


The readings were similar to what the previous ones this week, but the HP and weight remain so high.

WD 194.117.2 This was when I got up to make a brew and noticed the half-empty tub of cheese biscuits down the side of the Ottoman. Nocturnal nibbling Again! Feeling penitential and inwardly shamefaced, I mutely muttered a few indecorous words to and about myself! Eizel!

I took the morning medications and made the brew.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Messy again!

Got the Wednesday post finished and on to WordPress. (2.5 hours)

I went on the WordPress Reader page. Some good stuff on there this morning.

All ready for another mug of tea, I trotted (limped) off to the kitchen.

WD 194.117.2 I realised that earlier when I made the last brew, I’d left the dang hot water tap (faucet) running! No hot water available now, Humph! What a Shmo!

4Thu001WD 194.117.2 As I returned from the kitchen, I was surprised to see that the dang ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting bay beetles had reappeared from the cracks in the floor tiling and under the door stop!

Tenacious or what?

You have to give them credit; they just seem to be sending their ankle-snappers out to get killed first. Tsk!

Had a go on doing a bit of TFZer Facebooking, then got the ablutions done. No shower of course (only 0400hrs) I don’t want to disturb my neighbours.

Sorted the nibble box out, and got the Morrison empty bags out ready for the delivery to arrive (0600hrs > 0700hrs).

4Thu06Did some searching for missing words to replace in the new Personal Word dictionary, for the one that mysteriously disappeared from the computer after the last MS Windows Update arrived.

0738hrs: Mr Morrison came, not so much bought this week.

Then, I attempted a wider-panoramic photo effort from the Kitchen window.



Not too bad a try, I thought. Not up to Tim Price’s quality of course (My photographicalising hero).

I spotted two of the Willmott Dixon lads coming along the road and took a photo of them. Later on, I added the young lady to the graphic, for a bit of fun.

I got the nibble box, and raffle prizes sorted to take with me to the Winwood Social Hour at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, telling Inchcock off Zone, things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from. Somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, and Tenants Socialisation shed.

4Thu07Dropped the black bags down the chute as I left, and down and out into the nippy dim morning.

Not many folks around out there at this moment?

Ah, I bet it is tea-break time, perhaps?

But, no, further along, I bumped into Ian Incharge, and Paulius Plonk-Brewer (hyphenated, the plant driver, nice chaps), and they came up with an idea for a graphic for me to do of Paulius Plonk-Brewer (hyphenated) later.

I poddled to the Social Hour. Got some tickets, put the prizes on the trolley and went round with the nibble-box, having some great chinwags, laughs and gossips on the way. Jenny, Cyndy, Margaret, Frank etc. all seemed to be in fine form. BJ, Bill, William, Doreen and all the folks sounded in good spirits.

I was indeed having a good time.

WD 194.117.2 Unfortunately, it all came to an abrupt, embarrassing end. I sensed the wet warm sensation suddenly, from Harold’s Haemmorhoids.


I had to offer a quick cheerio to the clan, and get back to the flat post-haste, to clean things up. I don’t think I’ve scurried along so fast in a long time. Humph!

I foolishy stopped to take a photo of Woodthorpe Court building as I approached it.

WD 194.117.2 Calamitously, I found when I got inside, that the bleeding was much worse than I thought. What a picklement I got myself into. What a Shlimazel! It took me ages to get things sorted out, but I got there in the end. I got stripped and under the shower and cleaned up. Obviously, the PPs needed changing. I had to throw the trousers away and adorn another pair. If only I had not stopped to take that photograph, Humph! I might have made it to the wetroom just in time to avoid such a regrettable incident, the mess and the accompanying stigma and ignominy.

I felt a bit better after I was all cleansed and redressed.

I went on CorelDraw to do the humorous doctorisationing of the photo of Plant Perambulator Paulius Plonk-Brewer (hyphenated). Hehehe! Hope he likes it.


Got on with updating this post, until the tiredness arrived.

I received a call from the surgery receptionist. Who did not give me the new doses for the Warfarin, or the test result, but got me to change my appointment day from Tuesday 9th October at 0900hrs, to Monday 8th October same time. I agreed and thanked her. Then I wrote the modified the date on a card and stuck it on the TV screen, and altered the Google Calendar.

4Thu23This got me thinking, and I realised I had not had the Anticoagulation Therapy Result Card yet either. So I popped to the door and found the card on the carpet.

Most confusing – the Next Test Date on the Anticoagulant Service result sheet was given as 30 October? Feeling all ferdrayt now!

4Thu24Got the nosh sorted.

Mini-waffles, vegetarian sausage and a bean stew of sorts, with tomato passata. Brown thins, apple, Lemon dessert, and clementine juice. Not one of my better vittles tastewise, but I at it all up.

A 6.5/10 Flavour-Rating is the best I could give it.

4Thu25Did the Health Checks.

As I pulled the curtains to, I noticed I had now got rain spots and bird feathers inside the pod. I think the boards might warp with the rain getting in too.

I’m not looking forward to cleaning the bay windows when I can get out onto the pod (Balcony). There is over a years-worth of bird-poo, dead insects, spilt plaster and building debris, grot, detritus and gubbins to get off of the already scratched glass. Tsk!

Sleep came almost instantly as I settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to watch the A-Team on the telly.

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