Inchcock Tue 27 Nov 2018: Back to another messy day. Ah-well, Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit!



Tuesday 27th November 2018

Norwegian: Tirsdag 27 November 2018

00:30hrs: Woke with discontent at not remembering anything about the nocturnal phantasma I’d been having. Well, the first few seconds the head filled with memories actually, but they faded before I’d grabbed the pad and pen to write them down… Tsk!

I felt a reluctance to get out of the recliner this morning, not like me usually. As I lay pondering and pontificating on life in general, jumping from Brexit, my ex2Tue02fcessive weight, pavement cyclists, dogs taking their owners for a game of ball in the park outside and the new mystery bruises on my leg, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived most abruptly. So, I extracted my body with the bulky, flabby, wobbly overgrown stomach attached, out of the £300 second-hand in-need of oiling chair. Not easy some mornings, like this one! Haha!

WD0.0.128 The unaccountable for new bruises on the left leg seemed to be much the same as last night, apart from the addition of a new one. Puzzled-Mode Adopted!

2Tue04WD0.0.128 Things with the evacuation clogged up somewhat, and a painful wait, allowed me to read several pages of the Clarkson biography book.

During which I noticed the odd EIBWBBB (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle) here and there scattered around the wet room floor.

2Tue05On further closer investigation, I realised that there were dozens of tiny baby ones as well. Were they on the wane and had now called up their equivalent of the Hitler Youth to the battle? Or is this a new attack, from a different reserve family army? I had a spraying session of the Raid Bug Killer in all rooms again, coughed a bit, then antisepticated the hands and returned to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


2Tue06WD0.0.128 As I got the sectioned pill boxes out of the medical drawer, two of the daily lids sprang open, and the contents were scattered all around the kitchen floor for me to struggle to get down to pick up. And then grapple painfully to get back up again! Am I a Schmendrick or what!

Then I had to sort out the new medications to replace them. Tsk!

Now, I was showing nemesism, self-annoyance and was chagrined at how the day had started for me. (Wallowing in self-pity I expect?) I made a conscious effort to pull myself out of it, start again in a better frame of mind. Made a brew of tea and went to get the computer on to start this blog. Amid many SSWW’s (Short-Sharp Wee-Wee’s) and mugs of tea that all went cold. Tsk!

03:00 hrs: I did up to here, and then went to update and finish the Happier Monday post.

05:25 hrs: Got Monday Inchcock Today finished and posted-off to WordPress.

I observed that the fog or mist had descended outside. I took a few fog photographs during the morning. Here they all are with the times taken.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Made another mug of the English Breakfast tea using the naughty full-cream Jersey milk. I’ll do my bestest not to get all carried away computerisationing again this time, and let it get cold once again!

WD0.0.128 Off for an SSWW. I could feel the innards undergoing a bit of squelchy-like rumbling and grumbling as I passed the water. This made me wonder what I was going to suffer later, if anything, from the stomach?

I went onto the WordPress reader.

I gave myself a break and went on YouTube to watch some car videos, after making yet another mug of tea, cause the last one also I let go cold. Tsk!

The door chime rang out. It was Willmott Dixon’s Obergruppenführer. As soon as I saw him, I remembered I’d forgotten that they were coming to do the balcony finishing off this morning! Oy Vey, what a Farmisht fool!

He told me they were doing Doris’s next door and should be with me an hour or hour-and-a-half later. So, I signed for the keys so I could lose them, and got the ablutions tended to.

2Tue11aAs I sat down, got Colin Cramps and leg pains of a different sort at the same time. They lasted for a good while, made me jump a bit.

Later I thought some pain gel might help, I dropped my pants and what a sight! Hehe! It looked like someone had crept in and either tattooed or painted my legs! I had changing forms, shapes, and colours of bruises on both legs now. Perhaps I could sell my pins to the Tate Gallery? Wonder how much I would get for them? Hehehe!

Sent an Email with the photo of the bruises on the leg to the surgery.

2Tue11cMade a start on making up the medical-dosage pots. Made a brew and updated this post.

While awaiting their arrival, I got on with creating the latest Willmott Dixon fun graphic.

The Willmott Dixon chappie, Shaun had done Doris’s and now rang my bell to get on with mine. Five minutes late Doris rang my bell, (If you’ll forgive the expression, Haha!) the caretaker and Doris needed to talk with the worker chap. Something had not gone alright? Oh, dear, that doesn’t bode well for me!

I pottered about getting the fodder prepped and cooking while Balcony Shaun and the Willmott-Dixon Obergruppenführer carried out their work.

The Asda delivery arrived, with many substitutes (Which were no use to me, huh!) and a free bottle of chocolate drink. I took it to Doris’s to see if she could use the cooked beef slices, carrots, and the chocolate. So, it was not wasted.

I got a message from the surgery, I was to go to the QMC Hospital in the morning for 0900hrs and go to the Anticoagulation Therapy on floor D, pro-tem, and expect an update later.

2Tue12Shaun got the balcony finished as far as he could.

Then, the WD Obergruppenführer came to show me how the windows operated. I think I’d got the message alright, but we’ll see.

He explained the repairs to the what is now the roof of the balcony will be painted over in the morning. I told him about the hospital situation. He said he’d call in the morning if I were in, he’d get the painter on the job, if not, he’d rearrange something with me for another time.

Change of plans again. I got a message just after he had gone, now I have to go to the surgery for 11:25hrs. I sent Email confirming that was okay for me. So at least the painting can get done tomorrow.


2Tue12aThe view through the windows of the doors and balcony looked a little steamy and wet. Haha!

I moved the mushrooms to a saucepan and got the Bortolotti beans in another pan.

Did the Health Checks and took the midday medications.

Getting tired now.

I had a quick go on the WordPress reader again.

Then went on Facebook to catch-up in case I don’t have time tomorrow.

2useHealth Checks, then I got the meal served up.

Mushrooms, smoked ham, tomatoes, apple, chestnuts, seasoned borlotti beans, potato cakes, and gherkins. Bread and cheese sarnie. Followed with a Limoncello dessert.

I didn’t eat it all. I couldn’t, for some reason. Perhaps, because of the hectic, confusing day?

I dished about a third of it, I think. Got the pots washed and had an SSWW.

Back into the £300 second-hand recliner.

I reckon I’d nodded-off within minutes. Despite the mind doing its rambling thoughts of no value assessing and fretting about routine.


2 thoughts on “Inchcock Tue 27 Nov 2018: Back to another messy day. Ah-well, Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit!

  1. Nice you will be able to access a fogged up balcony. The fog photo series is really nice. By the look of your legs, I’d venture to guess the Weevils have escalated and hired hit critters to go mafioso on your legs. You plate is nicely piled today.

    • There’s a gap between each of the four balcony windows at the front, which slide and turn inwards, between each of them, Tim. I’d measure them if I could find my tape measure or ruler. Tsk! Between a quarter to half an inch, I’d guess. The rain, sleet, hail, snow, insects, leaves and weevils! are gonna get in, that’s for sure.
      Mafioso connected Weevils eh… at least I’ve lost the battle against the best. Hahaha!
      Your right, the plate was too piled, that way I can leave some food and fool myself that I’m helping to keep my weight down and doing my best on the diet? No? Hehehe!
      Cheers mate.

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