The latest Willmott Dixon ‘Fun’ Graphicalisations


The photographer/artist, known as James, Timothy, Gerald, Algernoon Inchcock, is for hire for anyone wishing to have similar graphicalisational treatment give nto their pictures in the name of insanity, fun and humour.

He doesn’t come cheap mind. He has been known to charge £2 an hour plus!




Nov 27a 2018



Ready02 Ian

Ready 01

I fank you!

2 thoughts on “The latest Willmott Dixon ‘Fun’ Graphicalisations

  1. What fun graphicalizations. You are getting quite good an whipping them together. The one with the beer in hand is brilliant. I can see why they take so long to get construction down over there with superintends like the one in the 5th photo. Her assets are a bit distracting wouldn’t you say?

    • Thanks mate.
      The beer and absynth added, I hope gives the Willmott Dixon lads a laugh. Hehehe!
      As assets go, the gal in the fifth down, gets my support… not that she needs it!
      Haha! TTFNski.

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