Inchcock – Fri 30th Nov 2015: Bad start to the day. Virgin Media so slow! Sister Jane phoned,& my mate Michael paid me a visit that made my day!



Friday 30th November 2015

Slovenian: Petek, 30. november 2015

00:00hrs: Again, a different Inchcock wakes up. This time an anguished, got-himself-into a dither, distressed old man with a mind-full of fears and concerns. Tsk!

I fought to remove my pot-bellied portly paunched body from the £300 second-hand recliner with surprising ease this morning. And off for an SSWW (Short-sharp-Wee-wee) Spotting a couple of dead EIBWBBBs (Evil Ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles) as I did do. Had a spray around with the cough-inducing Sanmex bug-killer spray, then washed and antisepticised the hands and contact points.

To the kitchen to do the Health Checks, take the medications and brew-up.


WDP I had a bit of exasperation in trying to get the flipping sphygmomanometer to work. It took a few tries before it operated for me. This may account for the high Sys and Dia and pulse results? Perhaps, mayhap, perchance, conceivably, or not.

Back to the wet room for the Porcelain Throne duties. All good, apart from a little bleeding again from the fungal lesion. Ailments, including Back-Ache-Brenda, once more being kind to me. These good starts to the day worry me… they never last long! Oy-Vey!

I got on to updating yesterday’s blog, straight away because I knew it was going to cost me a lot of time, with the photographs and a lot of things happening on Thursday.

Apart from the odd SSWW and making brews of tea that I allowed to get cold repeatedly, it took me until around 05:00hrs to get it finished and posted off, Ah-well!

I had a bash on the WordPress Reader, once again some great stuff on there.

I got the mushrooms and cut some turnip slices and added them with the fungus in the crock-pot.

Updated the Facebook albums, and went on the TFZ site.

WDP Then made a start on this blog. This is when the Virgin Internet again went dead slow, in an insulting sort of way. I’m sure I heard the mocking voice of the Chairman of the company, Mr Fries, the man who is on (Note, I didn’t say earns!) a $111.9 million salary, laughing at me! I’d call him an incapable con-man, but seeing his photo, I think he must be connected to the Mob! Lucky for him I’m impecunious coward struggling to his ever-increasing charges, so cannot get over to have it out with him. I haven’t got a passport anyway. Hehe!


5Fri003aI made a Morrison order for next Thursday twixt 1200 > 1300hrs.

I made another mug of tea and stood out on the new balcony to view the scenery and make sure I drank this one. There was a lot of activity below. Maybe the men were here to repair the Fire Alarm for us? They all looked to be electrical logos on the vans down there.

I had a bit of bother opening the window, and more in closing it. Trapped another finger this time. Tsk!

Checked on the mushroom and turnips in the slow-cooker.

Nodded off at the computer for a few minutes, luckily I didn’t fall out of the chair.

Health Checks and medications sorted out.

Sister Jane rang. Nice chinwag about this and that. Nice of her to phone.

Set about sorting the nosh. Just laying out the plate, when my old mate Michael rang the intercom from in the lobby. Shame about the food, but this was nothing compared to having a chinwag with Mike and hearing what he’s been up to. Bless him, for calling to see me.

WDP After Michael left, I meant to take his photograph out of the balcony window. But as I pulled back the spring clip holding the window shut, somehow in my usual ‘Cock-it-up’ fashion, it sprang back, and the edge stuck under my fingernail, making me jump, drop the camera and clouted my head against the frame. Eizel! By the time I recovered and got up off of the wooden slats and looked out… He had gone!

5Fri004When I’d recovered later, I took this picture of the spot that Michael had parked. The Wilmott Dixon lads now occupied it. I presume that Plonk-Brewer and Plant Perambulator Paulius and Ian Incharge were down there somewhere. 

Then I had fun trying to close the window again. Tsk!

As I was about to get the food sorted again, the sun came out strongly, so I got the camera and tried to do a panoramic shot of the view.


WDP I ended up with a lot of reflective twinkles from the sun coming from behind and hitting the windows I imagine. Shame about that, it could have been a good photographicalisation, too. Tsk!

5Fri006I did the last of the Health Checks, and the medicationalisationing was done. I took an extra Codeine tonight, as the head was still aching from my side-headbutting the new balcony window frame. Hehehe!

I got the nosh sorted at last. Apart from the chips which I’d left in the oven on a low light, the turnips and mushrooms were stone cold. But, believe it or not, they went down well, and I enjoyed them all the same. Might be because I was in better spirits after Jane phoning and Michael had paid me a visit.

 I checked the programmes on the TV, and there were some I wanted to watch. (He says, knowing full well this was not going to happen!) I put the tray with the well-emptied plate and things on the chair. Thought I’d watch the first of the programmes (A US Bizzare Murders) then get the washing up done.

Fell asleep as the programme started and didn’t actually see any of it! Humph!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock – Fri 30th Nov 2015: Bad start to the day. Virgin Media so slow! Sister Jane phoned,& my mate Michael paid me a visit that made my day!

  1. The starburst panorama is actually quite fantastic. Might be an imperfection in the glass that is perfect for starbursts. They used to make filters for starburst effects, but thinking about it, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a setting in the camera for starbursts that can be turned on by dropping the camera. Or there is a possibility your lens got knocked a little whacky from the fall, if there was much of an impact when you dropped the camera getting whacked by the window. If all your photos start having starbursts, start looking through the settings. You just never know with digital devices these days. Happy the cold food was good. A little socializing goes a long ways.

    • I’ll have ti have a look through, Tim, for any settings. Not that I could cope with it at the moment, Dizzies affecting my concentration this morning. Humph!
      Hope I’ve not damaged the camera?
      Thanks, Sir.

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