Inchcock Today – Wednesday 1st May 2019. The Oaks Residential Care Home


2019 April 14

Wednesday 1st May 2019.

Croatian: Srijeda, 1. Svibnja 2019.

The Oaks Residential Care Home

KW03:30hrs. Up and washed, shaved. Got two slices of toast today!

Incidentally, the aftershave to stop the bleeding when cutting with shaking hands never did arrive. Hehehe!

Really het-up and nervous today. The specialist fro the Stroke unit arrived on an early visit. Basically telling me not to rush things and expect it to be a long time before things get back to normal if they do that is, but be prepared for them not to. We went through and amended the exercise routine. Because of my worrying, I did not do very well with the demonstration of my abilities in movement or speech. Hey-ho!

Seems I had an Ataxia Stroke, Sonia told me. The name for clumsy, uncoordinated movements. It is associated with strokes that happen in the back of the brain (cerebellum or posterior circulation). People with ataxia have difficulty producing movements quickly enough, and in the right order, to avoid losing their balance or to recover from a trip or slip. (I looked this up later). I’ll look up the Vascular Dementia bit later.

Feeling concerned with coping, and inept, stuttery, incapable, impotent, unfit-for-purpose. Still, nothing new there, though. Haha!

Physio lady also called. Not too happy with my movements today.

Packed some more bags up ready to take home when Pete and Jane pick me up.

Went down for nosh, but no one fed me today, being as I didn’t feel like any food I just left and returned to mope in room eleven for a bit. Humph! Good job I got the extra toast beforehand. Carer gave me three digestive biscuits later.

Medications were taken.

Matthew in the opposite room asked if he could use the remote control in my room for his TV. I went to have a look, but his TV was all unplugged. Got it started, but a message saying it needed initial setting up done, and my remote did not work in his set anyway. We had a search around but could not find any remote controls anywhere.

A lot more unreadable scribble I had to abandon all hopes of decyphering on the notepad.

Ah-well! Settled down to fretting in depth.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 1st May 2019. The Oaks Residential Care Home

  1. A poet friend in Paris suffered a stroke that haunts him in the form of aphasia plus physical limitations. I suspect the physical limitations are less stressful to him than not being able to string words together with any facility. I’m pleased you still have that going for you, Gerry!

    • I’m doing Speech therapy and Occupationa; exercises daily mate. The carer checks on my progress before he puts the ankle-strap (usua;;y wrongly) on the foot. The brain seems to freeze occasionally, and the arm, leg and hand shakes are a worry. But I am far better off than some of the poor blokes who were in the stroke hospital. And with your reminder, i intend to take mt time recpvering. My sense of humour they tell me is indomitable – I’ll look that up later… Hahaha!
      I wish you friend al the best, and can only pray things improve for him.
      Cheers Doug.

      • Yes,k it seems you came through it with minimal damage to the most important part -your brain! And your sense of humor will serve you well while you work through recovering the physical capabilities currently weakened and impaired.

      • Had a walk this morning, with just the stick down to the cabin. Mistake! Hehe!
        Getting back was not so easy as going. Tsk!
        I’ll try to make some baked cheesy-potatoes today, that’ll cheer me up. (Slurp!)
        Hope the appetite returns soon.
        Take care. Thanks.

      • Baked cheesy potatoes assuage a plethora of ills! I do know the experience of going a comfortable distance one direction, only to find out twice that distance is a quarter of that distance too far! (That made my head swim writing it! Ha!)

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