Inchcock Today – Tue 4 June 2019: The stubbed toe seemed to hold my interest mostly today. Stroke After-Care Sharon visited.

2019 4 June

2019 June 4

Tuesday 4th June 2019

Maori: Rātū 4 o Hune 2019

03:50hrs. I rose grudgingly, from the depths of a glorious, dream free, wee-wee uninterrupted, five-and-a-half hour kip! The usual wee-wee being required.

WD 102.0.74 Being in a rush to get to the EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee Bucket), and the resting having eased off the pain from the blackened stubbed toe, I was soon off out of the £300, c1968, second-hand, grotty-beige coloured rickety recliner… and fell back into the same within seconds! The shock of the agonising pain when I stood up made me fall back into the ageing recliner again. It took a few minutes for me to get over the shock. And the familiar aching and hurting began all over again. I did manage to get the slippers on, but that was because I was in need desperately now, for the emergency grey bucket!

The wee-wee was of the SNSWW (Short-No-Sensation-Wee-wee) style. I soon kicked off the slippers, which were too painful to wear, and the toe almost began to glow in the darkness. Hehehe!


The colouring was bright in the lamplight hand, purple/red, blue and sometimes it looked black? But I am colour blind.

2Tue02I decided to get the daily hand-washing done. Only one shirt, flannels and one pair of socks to do this morning. I eagerly got them washed and rinsed, rung-out as best as I could manage, and hung up the shirt, and put the socks and flannels to dry on the flat airer. Smug-Mode-Adopted.

Got straight on with updating the Monday Inchcock Today. With the photographs, this took me ages, but persistence in battling the electricalised jumping right-hand fingertips paid off. I got it posted to WordPress.

I celebrated with a super pain-free wee-wee! Hehehe!

I went to make a mug of tea but didn’t do so. I had to nip for a heavy-duty Porcelain Throne session. Although uncomfortable and painful, it was far less so than previous ones, and less messy too!

WD 102.0.74 The stubbing of a left big toe against the metal toilet seat riser legs, I could have done without.

I checked and rang-out the shirt again, and back to the computer to make a start of this blog. Two hours, one paragraph, and four wee-wees later, I decided to get the ablutions sorted out. Carer Sharon is due at 0745hrs, so I wanted to get myself ready for her arrival. Any exercises today, are not going to be comfortable, salutary, and seem unjustified, with the stubbed-toe still being in an aculeate mood.

1Mon06Back to making a brew. Took the medications and did the health checks – ’twas a bit of a surprise with some readings this morning. Sys 165. Dia 143, but the Pulse was only 56? Low surely? The temperature was 35.7°c. I checked on Google: High environmental temperatures can be dangerous to your body. In the range of 90˚ and 105˚F (32˚ and 40˚C), you can experience heat cramps and exhaustion. Between 105˚ and 130˚F (40˚ and 54˚C), heat exhaustion is more likely. You should limit your activities at this range. I’m confused more now. Tsk!

2Tue03I went onto the balcony to take a picture of below, through tone of the uncleanable multi and dirty glass panes. I used to be able to take these shots from the old, simple and workable kitchen windows. But the new unwanted, multi-glass-paned windowed with the sticking out wide ledge, the higher lowest point to gain access, but not now. I need to use the stepladder to gain access to the unfavourable, disappointing, lamentably hard to gain access for cleaning, the 2Tue05unbidden and uncherished execrated windows, to view outside and below.

I found this “Didn’t-Mean-to-take-it”, picture later, on the SD card. Apparently taken as I made my way back indoors, from the deprecated new balcony.

Yet another call to pop to the wet room, for a wee-wee.

1Mon02WD-A Purple Unfortunately, this involved my suffering a new toe-stubbing one more time! Yet again, against the WC risers metal legs! Not that it bothered me, of course.

Lie02a I merely laughed it off, with gay abandonment and quite a little laugh! I may have said something like “Well, fancy that!”

Sharon, from the Stroke Support Recovery Team, rang the intercom. She is such a nice lady, patient and knowledgeable too. She went over how things were with me and seemed au fait of many things that had happened already. Patient with me, and recognisant of my problems. I explained about the expected Doctors phonecall and or visit not taking place yesterday. The shaking from the Peripheral Neuropathy and the toenail situation. After a good long session, she departed. I thanked her, and off she popped.

I took another wee-wee, still of the SWWW (Short-weak-wee-wee) variety. Then planned to have some instant potato with added cheese and onions, a tin of garden peas and some sausages or pork for the meal later. See, I can make decisions, it’s just that I often change my mind a lot. Temporising and equivocating come easy to me nowadays. Tsk!

I made a brew of Glengettie tea, then went on CorelDraw to make up some diary page Headers and Thoughts.

Many hours later, I got the meal prepared.


The instant mash with onions, tomatoes, garden peas, sweet peas, roast pork and a lemon mousse. I had the last of the wholemeal bread thins with it. Flavour rating: 9.2/10.

The cheesy mash, after mixing, went into the oven on a tray and done until burnt. Great!

Took the medications and settled in the rickety dour-beige recliner. Put the TV on, and for the first time in ages, nodded off like I used to regularly before the stroke. I kept waking up a few times and then decided to doss down proper.

Pulled the woolly hat down over the eye, tried to think of happier times and England… and drifted off. Ahh!

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tue 4 June 2019: The stubbed toe seemed to hold my interest mostly today. Stroke After-Care Sharon visited.

  1. I think you need to take your big toe to the Tate and become a piece of abstract art. I can hear the critics: “The red with muted purples tending toward black around the pink flowing into yellow gelatinous protrusion are perfect metaphors for Brexit.” You commented that Sharon didn’t understand my reference to Howard Hughes’ toenails? She must a young one. Very nicely arranged, good looking meal.

    • Hahaha! I’d love to make a graphic up for page tops, including “The red with muted purples tending toward black around the pink flowing into yellow gelatinous protrusion are perfect metaphors for Brexit.” If you don’t mine, Tim?
      Sharon is not a nurse or medical woman, but is in charge I think. Howard recieved a blank look and furrowed brow.
      Cheers mate.

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