Inchcock Today – Monday 3rd June 2019: The day started with a stubbed-toe, Argh! Then things got worse. Honestly!

2019 3 June

2019 June 3

Monday 3rd June 2019

Scottish Gaelic: Diluain 3 Ògmhios 2019

02:40hrs. I woke up in a more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, perkier mood (this was due to change within ten-minutes, tough, Humph!) this morning. I expected this is because of my long-overdue impending visit to the chiropodist later this morning.

The now regular awakening need of a wee-wee arrived. I extracted my overweight bulbous body from the £300 second-hand, c1968, gungy-beige, tatty, rickety recliner and to the  EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket), and a lengthy evacuation took place.

I was almost ecstatic when I realised that Arthur Itis, Colin Cramps, Leslies Leg-Shaking,
Axonotmesis, Anne Gyna and the Peripheral neuropathy, were all being practically painless to me! This boosted the perkier mood, up to Over-the-Moon status. (Wait for it, here it comes…)

1Mon02WD-A 0.0.128 Suddenly. I decided to get the hand-washing out of the way the first job of the day. So, feeling a little cocky, I poddled to the kitchen without the walking stick; just as I was going over the door tread, I gave myself the worst ever Toe-Stubbing of my life! This immediately activated the Axonotmesis stamping and shaking of the leg – and I repeatedly suffered severe pain every time the foot stamped down on the floor!

WD-A 0.0.128 I made a grab for the counter, to stop myself falling, and caught onto the tray instead of the surface, the server-tray slid, and I went with it, down onto the floor! The memories of last time I went on the floor having the stroke were refreshed, and the pain was genuinely excruciating from the stubbed big toe afterwards. And it hasn’t stopped hurting since. I just hope I have not broken any bones.

Getting back up, I used the method shown to me by Caroline and Sonia. It worked well enough and saved me panicking and using the wristlet emergency alarm. I was barefooted at the time, I limped and hirpled my way to the other room, and belatedly put on the slippers. But they had to come off, it was too painful wearing them. Now I was fretting about my getting to the chiropodist at the Medical Centre.

1Mon01aNothing to do about it, but wait and hope the pain eases, so I can get my shoes on later, and make it to the clinic.

I took the medications, with extra Codeine Phosphate pain-killers. I hope they do not send me to sleep. Huh, I just can’t win, can I?

I tackled the hand-washing. Moved the bath towel, which was not anywhere near dry yet, onto the stand-up airer. Then, I wrang-out the t-shirt and socks best I could and got them drying on the airer.

No calls to the Porcelain Throne yet?

WD-A 0.0.128 To add to my misery, I clouted my elbow on the door edge when hanging up the towel. What a Nebech I am!

WD0.0.128 The fingers were so bad this morning, the faintest touch of the tips against anything at all, and they would start dancing and jumping. However, I discovered the new Canon camera, could be used with the left hand, and still allow the shutter (due to its location nearer the centre top) to be pressed with a left finger. Not perfect, but overall better than trying to use the shaking right hand and fingers. Bit of luck there! But using the keyboard and mouse remains a battle of wills, with the fingers usually winning. I’m taking longer and longer doing the blogs and CorelDrawing. Phwert!

The poorly right foot’s big toe, is still painful, even with the shoes, socks and slippers off. I’m a bit concerned about this, and having to walk and travel with the footwear on, to the bus then clinic. This thought prompted me to check the 40 route bus times on Google.


1Mon06It may prove difficult, with catching the 09:28hr bus, it is early, I’ll need to pay the £2.30 fare. Too early to use the bus pass. Oh, dear, what do I do? I suppose I’ll have to get the 10:02hrs one. Which will mean waiting for ages to get seen, and another long, late day for me. Humph!

I got the health checks done.

I got the Sunday post finished and sent off to WordPress. The toe is still as lousy pain wise.

Making a start on this post, things with the fingers got even worse. It really is like getting an electric shock sometimes when the finger ends touch anything, and worse if I am pressing harder.

1Mon08WD-A 0.0.128 I went to make a brew. Got the shakes just as I was refilling the kettle – the result, the finger needed some antiseptic cream putting on it, to lessen the sensation from the scolding. I am now officially, fed-up, in constant pain, and missing the nurses so much! Haha! Surely things must get better soon, I thought.

I was wrong!

1Mon07WD0.0.128 I found that I had made a right-cock-up with the blog. I’d made up the template for today’s post, and sent it off to WordPress in error for Sundays! So, I had to delete it, and start all over again, then send the proper one off. Today is proving to be a little fraught Putting it mildly, already!

The chronically painful self-imposed toe-stubbing, having a fall to the floor and getting back up again, the Bruised elbow – most worrying is the agony from the stubbed toe not easing off, though. Will I be able to get the shoes on, to go to the foot clinic? Double-Grumph! No, Treble-Grumph!

1Mon07cI checked the toe as the pain is just not easing off at all, and when it comes in contact with anything, it gets unbearable! The end of the toe was going black, I think.

If this prevents my getting to the foot clinic, then the toes nails will not get cut again, and I’ll suffer even longer… Oh, never mind, I’m sick of things going wrong and fed-up of me cavilling on and pettifogging about things. I’m just not lucky, that’s all.

I set about carefully doing the ablutions, though as quickly as I could, for fear of missing the bus, time was getting on, with all the delays, Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas to date today.

I got readied and set out with the three-wheeler guide. The toe was still extremely painful, so the progress was slow. But, I had set out with I hoped, plenty of time. I met Riechsführeress and Catwalk Model, Warden Deana, on Chestnut Way, and told her of my Accifauxpas to date. A little chinwag, and on to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Warden’s Temporary HQ. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisationistical Meeting Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Where things like crockery and pottery get stolen from, Rumourmongering Clinic, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, Portakabin.

1Mon08aI handed some nibbles to Obersturmführeress Warden and Operatic Singer, Julie. And set off on my hobble to Winchester Street to catch the 40 bus to the clinic.

The cars and vans were parked in such a position that I had to go on the roadway to get by some of them. Note the dark car, with its rear wheels about two-foot from the edge of the pavement? As I went onto the road, a residents blackish1Mon09 car zoomed around the bend and came close to clobbering me. I honestly don’t think the driver saw me at all! Grumph! My luck might be changing though, at least she missed me! Tsk!

I had to walk in the road again on Winchester Street. At least there was no traffic on the road this time.

I got to the bus shelter, with 6 minutes to spare before the number 40 bus was due. The driver kindly didn’t move until I was settled in one of the side-saddle seats. It seemed to take no time at all for the bus to get to the Robin Hood Chase bus stop I needed to alight at.

WD0.0.128 A made a bit of a hash of getting off of the bus with the three-wheeled-trolley doing its own thing, Haha!

WD0.0.128 I cross1Mon09aed the St Anns Well Road and began to walk to the Health Centre. When the ignorant imbecile of a pavement Cyclist, weaved his way through some pedestrians, and on to the road. How he missed the chap crossing the road was a miracle. Again, I don’t think the bozo even noticed the gentleman as he shot between the man as he went off of the pavement! Grrr!

I painfully made my way to the centre (The feet and toes!). I inquired of the young receptionists, where I would find the chiropodist room. I was informed it is now called podiatry, and told the way, which I followed. My heart sank when I saw the Age UK, Nottingham banner on the wall. I knew they could not do my toe cutting, last week when they phoned me and refused to treat me, because of the ‘Number of issues’ I have. I really thought this would be another company, but no.

WD0.0.128 They soon located my refusal-paperwork with notes of the Warfarin I’m on, And the replacement ticker, the Axonotmesis, and the Peripheral neuropathy amongst other ailments I suffer from, that prevent them from cutting my toenails! So, I knew there was no chance of any treatment today! There were three ladies, I assume one of them the podiatrist, the other two volunteers from Age UK? They were also so kind to me. And they got their heads together trying to find a way to help me out. I was offered a cup of tea, and they showed patience with me, my getting confused and the hearing problems as well as this mornings toe stubbing, and the scalding of my ane right index finger. The falling over on the floor. The elbow bashing. The Anne Gyna… etc. The lady who I assumed was the Chiropodist took a look at my feet and legs. After a while, two of the women went to call my Dr Vindla for me. They returned to tell me to go home and wait for the Doctor to either call me on the phone or visit me at home this afternoon.

Hope glimmered at me! I thanked them and apologised for getting things mixed up. One of the ladies walked me out of the premises.

I called in the nearby Co-op and got some peas, bread-thins and vinegar. Then walked, (well, limped gingerly), to the bus stop. While waiting, I tried to take a photo of another Pavement Cyclist shooting off of the footpath in front of traffic, this time. But a van came and blocked the view. If you look hard, you might see bits of the cyclist, in pictures 3 & 4. Haha!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1Mon16I kept pressing the button and got these rather failed shots in. 

WD0.0.128 Moments later, another mindless Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist did the exact same thing, and with is arms folded!

WD0.0.128 I caught the bus and dropping (almost literally), off of the bus on Sherwood Rise. The near accident with the three-wheeled trolley bought the best out in the Nottinghamian people at the bus stop, as I slipped, but kept upright with the cart, while alighting the bus. One looked at me with 1Mon17a sneer and a gone-out expression, one laughed, and the other one showed no interest at all.

I recovered, and now in more pain with the feet and toes, I slowly made my way across the road and down to Chestnut Way.

Taking this photographical gem as I hobbled as gently as I could manage down the hill.

The top of Winchester Street and all of Chestnut Way was snided-out with parked traffic.

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Walking along Chestnut Way, I  snapped these shots of the new and buildings. They are coming along well! Could be finished by November, they say.


Winchester Court


The New Winwood Court


Woodthorpe Court – at the back


Winwood Heights

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then pictured some wildflowers on the verge of the now accessible again, footpath. Not too bad, this new camera for taking flowers?

I got a call from one of the Stroke support team, Lucy, I think. She said she’d call the chemist at Carrington. She called me back to tell me that the medications would be delivered in about a week, in blister packs.

I got in and had a wee-wee, washed and got updating this blog. Did up to here, it was now 16:00hrs. Heard nothing from Dr Lona Vindla yet. Feeling very tired, now. Been up for twelve hours or more, now.

I did an amendment to the Morrison order, added some cheapo fabric softener and freshener-granules. Got the oven on to warm up ready for the chips later.

Got the vittles served up1Mon33. Chips, yellow tomatoes and some Polish pork loin (Sopocka) wholemeal bread thin sarnies, an apple, and a lemon mousse. Ate all of this prandicle up, with degust. A flavour-rating 0f 8/10 given to this feast.

Washed up, and got settled down in the ancient might be worth something to a collector (50p?), recliner.

I sid a few photos of the extremely painful stubbed toe.

Not a pretty sight. Obviously, the mission to get the toenails cut is still being thwarted by my having, ‘Too many issues’ for the chiropodists to cut my nails!

Sometimes, when agony dawns, and there is no sight nor hope of things improving, one can get terribly depressed. But, and however, this stage has not yet been reached by Inchcock… But it’s damned close! Hahaha!

5 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Monday 3rd June 2019: The day started with a stubbed-toe, Argh! Then things got worse. Honestly!

  1. You had quite a beat yourself up day, with the cars and pavement cyclist trying to finish you off. I never realized that getting toenails cut would be such and big issue. Your toenails are going to end up like Howard Hughes’ did. Then maybe you can skewer a pavement cyclist or two with your toenails. Your big toe is painful to look at. It must hurt something awful. I hope your doctor calls on you soon to figure something out. Great photos. Were they all left handed? That’s good you were able to eat all your meal.

    • Something in what you say there, Tim! I am probably the biggest danger to myself. Hehehe!
      I wonder if anyone else on Warfarin has this problem?
      I just showed from the Stroke Revocery Support, your Howard Hughes’ comment. It did not get home, though! Tsk!
      Nothing from the Doctor’s about the nails yet.
      The toe seems to be feeling a tad less painful this morning… that is until I stubbed it on the WC riser metal leg, Again!
      The photos were about 50-50 twixt the left and right hand, today mate. The shakes were intermittent, and did not last too long (unlike this morning, Tut-tut!
      I made less this time for the nosh, on purpose. But I did eat a bag of Marmite fries afterwards (Guilt!).
      Cheers, Sir, all the bestest.

  2. Whew! My day was – wake up (thanks to two cats making sure I was awake to feed them on time…); feed the kitties; make my breakfast; eat it; give cat his blood pressure medicine; watch the news, then some old movies on the television; fall asleep watching the old movies; waking up (thanks to kitties concerned I’d miss their kitty food time…); blah-blah-blah, etc. Compared with your day, I might have slept the day and night away rather than do little or nothing for a change. Got to stop – one of the kitties is helping himself to the toy stash while I type, and just knocked my smart phone onto the floor. Bad kitty!

    • Haha! It’s good of them to be concerned about you missing their nosh, Doug. Hehehe!
      Life is busier now than it has been for years!
      I just had Sharon, from the Stroke Recovery Team. Bless her. No aerobaticalisationing, (snigger!) today, cause of the condition of the toe.
      But the hand and leg shakes are worse today, ah-well, can’t win em all!
      Give the furries a bit of fuss from me, please.

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