Inchcock Today – Sunday 9th June 2019: A discriminable Sunday.

2019 9 June

2019 June 8

Sunday 9th June 2019

Sudanese: Minggu 9 Juni 2019

23:10hrs. I woke up. A sore throat, coughing, and for some reason, the Arthur Itis affected knees and the stubbed toe was more painful this morning? The Axonotmesis and the Peripheral neuropathy were causing the right hand and fingers to feel all electrified and jerky, too. But, let’s count the blessings; No bother from Reflux Roger, the metal Ticker Valve, Ann Gyna, Hernia Harold, Back Pain Brenda, Kidney Keith, the Ear Ache, and am not so confused as I have been lately.

So, I’m not complaining (yet). The least painful of them all, is the fingers and hands jumping about, changing between feeling nothing, to hypersensitive. They even make the walking stick shake as I use it this morning. There are plenty of folks worse off than I am, so I’ll try not to moan again. I apologise.

Within a minute or so of waking, the now commonplace need for a wee-wee arose. Which had not during the night, so no EGPWWB (Emergency Grey Plastic Wee-wee bucket) was handing, which meant my extracting my elephantine body from the £300 second-hand, rickety, c1968, grotty-beige coloured, recliner, (Which took some effort with the knees being so bad) and off to the wet room.

WD128.0.0 The SSPWW (Short-Sprinkly-Painful-Wee-Wee) didn’t last long, but somehow more of it needed cleaning up from the floor and wall afterwards than went in the WC bowl! Something is wrong here? Tsk!

By the time I had cleaned up, washed my dandies, and got out into the hallway, I had to go back in again, to utilise the Porcelain Throne. Double Tsk!

7Sun02WD128.0.0 The evacuation was of the same colour, light beige, and consistency, rock-like, with the same discomfort as the last one. But less messy.

I took a look at the pins (legs). The knees were giving me some gip this morning, worse than of late, yet they did not look too swollen or warped? The lumps and papsules seemed the same as yesterday, but the fluid-retention had increased a fair bit.

WD128.0.0 Another wash, and blow-me-down-with-a-feather-duster, I needed another wee-wee! This one was of a different mode to the first, this time a VSSWWW (Very-Short-Sprinkly-Weak-Wee-Wee). The sensation that was that it had not stopped, but it had, and I spent some time, waiting for the end that had already come. (Hope that makes sense?) At least I got it aimed better this time, my being wiser after the last release. Hehe!

The cough was nagging away at me, as I went into the kitchen, battling the shaking walking stick all the way. I thought about how things would go on the computer later, with the Peripheral neuropathy affected jumping when the ends made contact with anything fingers. Judging by how the hands were manipulating the walking stick, I may have trouble typing.

I disinfected the Emergency Grey Bucket and placed it in the utility room near the computer for use later. My EQ, along with the two wee-wees needed already, indicated it would be well-used today! The coughing continued, and I used up a fair few sheets of kitchen towels blowing the nose, up to now. Good job I have plenty in stock sorted the box of medications out and made my way to the computer to start updating and to send the Saturday Inchcock Today, to send off.

Another SSPWW (Short-Sprinkly-Painful-Wee-Wee), was taken. Oh, I love that Emergency Grey Bucket! Haha!)

My suspicions were confirmed when I started typing. The electrification-like jumping from the fingertips on making contact with anything hard, were soon annoying me, and causing too much time spent making errors and then correcting them. I’ve been told this will only get worse, so I have to find a way of coping, somehow, or stop altogether eventually, I suppose?

I got the blog done and posted off to WordPress. Then found a comment had come int, so investigated. Tim Price, mentioned: “Was your temperature really 40.2? That’s 104.3º F, which is a seriously high temperature.” I cannot remember what it was, or had I made one of my famous Cock-Ups?

WD128.0.0 7Sun10This prompted me to do the health checks again, straight away.

The BP (I think) was much better and down well and truly. Sys 112, Dia 56 and the pulse, although higher than it usually is, at 86. The temperature was 36.6°c, as Tim said later, a lot better.

Another wee-wee of the SNSWW (Short-No-Sensation-Wee-Wee) variety this time, and off to 7Sun03the kitchen to make a brew.

WD128.0.0 Taking this mystery shot en route, that I found on the SD card later. I’m even taking unknown and unintended shots with the usually much better and under more control left hand now! Haha!

In the kitchen, I started shivering a bit. Yet this is the warmest room in the flat, I think? Anyway, I made a robust Glengettie cuppa, and 7Sun01took the medications, after verifying that I was taking the correct ones this time, and not making the same cock-up as I did yesterday with them.

The view outside, with the small-looking moon in the sky, I thought worth my trying to capture on the newish Canon camera. Which I’m not completely satisfied with (The camera I mean). It does not have a view-finder, the controls are too small and fiddly for my hands and fingers, there is no option to delete a shot on the camera card, the screen is open to scratches, no cover, The card goes in the opposite way to all other cameras, it stores as IMG. Trying to get it to take smaller pictures is impossible, it tells me I have set things on S = small. Yet massive memory using sized ones go on CorelDraw? I really should not go shopping alone nowadays. Conned using my fear and passivity, and my desire to avoid anything I can’t understand, lack of confidence, timorousness and recently acquired introversion, catagelophobia, and allodoxaphobia don’t help.

Another evacuation of the SNSWW (Short-No-Sensation-Wee-Wee) variety. Then I made a start on this post. In between a couple more SSPWWs (Short-Sprinkly-Painful-Wee-Wees). Then, I did a Morrison order for delivery next Wednesday twixt 06:30 > 07:30hrs.

The black bags were sorted and taken to the waste chute.

WD128.0.0 Then the ablutions were tended to. The dropsies were not so bad today; only a razor (twice), a sponge dropped in the shower, and the toothpaste was let slip. Far less than yesterday! Oh, and the toe was stubbed only once! Hehe!

Under the shower, I thought of Sister Jane and Pete; I will send an email tomorrow, offering my thanks for all their help with the Stroke affair, again. I’d have been in a right pickle without them. The must dread me and my ailments! Hehe!

I got the three-wheel walker and the small back bag, and put some recycle jars for the bin in it, and set out for a risky hobble up to Mapperley Plains and the Aldi shop, to get some sourdough baguettes, and have a bit of exercise. If things turn hard-work, I’ll just come back. A bit nervous about making this trip for some unfathomable, incomprehensible reason? Not the IQ, just a feeling, but probably only because of things going wrong recently. Not complaining, just mentioning it.

Down in the lobby, and May was sat there waiting for her washing machines to finish. We had a laugh and natter, which was great for me on a Sunday. Dropped the jars off in the bin, and walked along Chestnut Way, taking photographs half way along the complex, from left to right and the exit way.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love the colouring of Winchester and Winwood Courts, it looks like the Russians do theirs. Not there is not a soul in site, there was even a scarcity of birds about?

7Sun18The walk up Sherwood Rise was a slow, careful, thoughtful one. Slow and cautious to ensure no Accifauxpas with the trolley or shakes. Careful because I was in a sort of expecting-things-to-wrong mood, But things didn’t, which was a pleasant surprise. Haha!

The feet and toe were soon playing me up, but no worse than usual. Mind you, as I said, I was taking things mega-slowly.

7Sun19The temporary garden furniture place at the top of the hill, gave me an opportunity for a rest, as I had a look at their sheds for sale on display. This price seemed too good to be true, as it included delivery and erection?

For a moment or two, it took me back to when I tried sheds at the old house. The first one blew down in a gale. Yobboes broke into the second one, I was arriving home from a night shift and caught one of the eight teenagers. Detained him, and called the police. I ended up with a counter-charge of ABH while holding onto the lad. No charges were brought against him, as he claimed he was trying to stop the others, despite his bag having my drill-box in it! The whole incident seemed almost like it happened in another life. Yet I recall bits of it so clearly, but couldn’t tell what day or time it was last Friday morning when I had the scary losing-it session. But I’m tergiversating again! Sorry.

I got to the Aldi store, this seemed to hold a large part of the Nottinghamian’s population. Mostly of the run-their-trolleys-into-old-people, and shoulder charge them, brigade. Hehehe! Battered and bruised, I spent as little time as possible in there, I arrived at the checkout with; Two sourdough baguettes, citrus air sprays, mini-potatoes, Brunswick smoked German ham and some waste-bags. Not a lot, but more than enough to fill the pathetic three-wheeled trolley bag, as well as the shoulder bag. Which I hooked onto the trolley and found a place to hang the umbrella onto it.

A gentleman behind me was kind enough to pick-up the shoulder bag I had dropped when loading the things up, then he trod on my toe! Yeow!

Walking back the way I came7Sun20, I thought I’d picture the loaded three-wheeled-trolley. As I was pretty pleased with my cleverness in getting everything in it. (Just, Hehe!)

In the distance in an old people’s home, they take dementia sufferers as well. The fees apparently start from only £440 pound a week. I might put myself in there shortly, the way things are going. Humph! I can see that at £440, 7Sun21oh yes! Mind you, it might be more for me?

A few hundred yards further along Mapperley Plains, on Woodborough Road, I stopped again, to take a picture of the amazingly beautiful (to me anyway) clouds, facing South, towards the City Centre.

Onwards on the hobble home, and right down Mapperley Rise. I believe the fourth steepest 7Sun22main road in Nottingham.

Again, but even more so on the way down, I used prudence and caution with using the trolley. Hoping that the leg’s Axonotmesis driven dancing and stomping does not come on. (Thankfully, all was well).

I got down a good way, and came across a bumblebee on the pavement, it seemed to be in difficulties, and trying to rub-off something white in colour?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I came across bees on the floor in trouble, and apparently dying a lot last summer. I’ve not found out why so many bees seem to suffer so early in the season like this? Can anyone help me, please? My curiosity craves concinnity, most conclusively.

When I got to the flats, where the road flattens out, the pain from the toe began to abate. Ahhh!

7Sun25aI took a snap when I got to the end of Chestnut Way, of the whole Winwood Heights. The trees obviously block out the Windwood Court, the new extra-care flats being built and fitted out at the moment; that will contain hopefully when finished; A chiropodist, hairdressers, games room, and a rooftop lounge area. They are erecting link routes to the new facilities with each of the older blocks.

Not a soul seen as I made my way back to the apartment, it was like a ghost town, until as I approached the entrance foyer, where a bloke and his dog passed me cutting through Chestnut Way from the park. He spat on the floor, and dragged his dog along, giving me a right dirty look! Ah-well! 

7Sun26I felt so tired suddenly. All I did was to have a wee-wee (What else?) and got a meal cooking. Of sorts.

Smoked streaky bacon in the oven, warmed up some left-over baked beans and vegetarian sausage (well, the one sausage, hehe!), some tomato and chunky vegetables added to a tin of herbed tomatoes.


And the delicious sourdough baguette to soak up all the juices of course!

I made short work of consuming it. A pleasant meal, worthy of an 8/10 taste rating.

I did the washing up, titivated things and stripped and got into the £300 second-hand recliner. The nodding off and waking again, for a wee-wee, commenced. Worryingly. I spotted that the last two were on the yellow side. Mmm?

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sunday 9th June 2019: A discriminable Sunday.

  1. Your blood pressure was excellent. Temperature good. I’m thinking the sour throat and coughing are apart of your high fever if the reading was correct. You got is a decent walk and a lot of good photos. apparently without any kamikaze pavement cyclists trying to run you down. That’s great you found some decent sourdough bread to soak up your juicy meal.

    • Hi, Tim, Hope all well in your neck of the woods, mate.
      The BP changing so often confuses me. But am glad have it right, I’m just going to take today’s… back in a bit… Sys 167 Dia 78, Pulse 83 and Temp 35.8c. Good again?
      Not many folks about at all, Tim. But blessedly, not a single pavement cyclist! Hehe!
      Bus to town today, try to get some Californian Sourdough from M&S.

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