Inchcocksi. Thursday 5th September 2019: Indoors, solitary day, that ended badly.

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Thursday 5th September 2019

Croatian: Četvrtak, 6. Rujna 2019. godine

Judging by the spelling of realise as realize, it must be a USA inspired idea?

01:30hrs: I woke up, and had a feel around at the ailments to see what’s what. Only Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were of any real bother. The hands, fingers, arm, leg and shoulder all seemed to be in a none-playing-up mood. Haha!

The need for a wee-wee developed, and I discovered I had not brought the GPWWB (Grey-Plastic-Wee-Wee-Bucket) into the recliner room! So, obviously I must not have needed it during the night, a rare occurrence that.

WD 150.0.0 So, I lumbered my volumingargantuan stomached body from Brother-in-Law Pete damaged while he was flat-sitting, when I was in hospital, as he fitted new CCTC cameras, and searched for my valuables, which he found and took, I still haven’t got them back yet four-months later, £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, recliner. I surprisingly comfortably hobbled to the kitchen to utilise the bucket… and found it half-filled! (I don’t know!) The following ELPSOA (Extra-Long-Powerful-Spraying-Out-Allover) mode of wee-wee, almost caught me out with its ferocity! It actually wore me out by the time it had finished flowing! Tsk!

I took the medications. The handwashing was moved onto the warm-airer. As I turned on the computer, the call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, so, off to the wet room I poddled.  And what an improved evacuation this one was. Slightly messy, no pain or bleeding whatsoever, exceptional, first-rate! I washed up, and returned to the computer, determined to get the updating done early. As I began… WD 150.0.0!

Virg 150.0.0

Well, who’d’ve to thunk it! Virgin Media was going down. Still mustn’t complain, it’s not lost its signal since yesterday!  That wealth-seeking overpaid Mr Fries, the Gillie-wet-foot and liar, needs talking to about the reputation, dishonour, disrepute, and disgrace that the hated Virgin Media is being credited with here in Nottingham! Or maybe not, he still gets paid millions of dollars, bonuses and expenses, despite his failure to provide any internet service, beyond crap and pathetic! Bothered? Me?

I tried resetting, no luck. So, I took the opportunity to make another brew, check the washing and have another session on the Porcelain Throne.

WD 150.0.0 Oh, what a heck of a change this time! Messy in the extreme, bleeding from the haemorrhoids and about as painful as is possible. Grumph! 

WD 150.0.0 And, to follow, a wee-wee that needs a new acronym! An AUMSOBO (An-Uncomfortable-Marathon-Session-Of-Blasting-Out) wee-wee!

WD 150.0.0 And then, I found that Little Inchies fungal-lesion was bleeding too! By the time I got things cleaned up, medicated and myself back to the computer, I reckon about half-an-hour had gone by! Argh!

 My concentration was shot, but the internet had come back online at least! I gave it a few minutes thought and went to make a brew, to try and unwind a bit.

I decided to take two pictures of roughly the same spot on the kitchen window’s wide thick and view & light blocking frame.

WD 150.0.0 I did try with both the Canon and Nikon, to take a panoramic (I think that is what the ‘P’ setting is for) shot, but the hands and fingers were starting to kick off, and I failed on several occasions. Not that it bothered me too much, its the RAT (Rheumatoid Arthur Itis) in both knees and one elbow, that’s the worst thing this morning.

Still, a change is as good as a rest, some idiot said. The ever-changing wee-wees and rear-end evacuations make for an exciting everyday guessing-game pleasure. Hahaha! 

The photo on the left was done on the Canon, and the right one, with the Nikon, both on the ‘P’ setting.


At long last, I got on with the updating of the Wednesday blog. It took far too long, with the fingers losing senses to though. There were some poorly-taken photographs that needed to be tweaked before I could use them. A couple, I couldn’t improve on though, so they went in as they were. A touch of a disappointment that. But still, I got it finished in the end. Weariness-Mode-Adopted!

I did find the one I took of Tim Price’s building to be of interest. I compare it here, with how it looked many years ago, on the photo I took from the web. It looks like he’s rebuilt it now, with some of his artwork on the exterior wall? Hehe!


I wondered if the van far right up the Stoney Street. Surely not, after all the years between the taking of the photographs that have past?

An office at the end on the left up Stoney Street, on the corner of Plumtre Street, is where I had my qualifying tests for a job at UPS, for their first site in England. This is where they declared me to have the highest ever level of EQ, they had had, anywhere in the world. Which I didn’t know how to react to until I got home and looked up what EQ was. Hehe! I didn’t pass the test, though or get a proper interview! I recall on the print out afterwards, they recommended my most suitable job to apply for, would be as a Police Officer! Nobody noticed at the time, the minimum height for applicants was six-foot, or, that I was 5’3″ tall! Ah, happy memories were stirred.

I got into the idea of time-lapse photos and had search for any similar ones in my Winwood Heights album. I came up with these. Yesterday, and a year and a month ago.


I made up an Ocado order. Not that I needed anything, but no one else sells the delicious brown tomatoes, or the Glengettie Gold teabags or the soft pickled beetroots in balsamic vinegar, so I ordered a couple of each in the process. 

Sister Jane rang, and we had a good natter. She told me not to order anything else online.

A sad Dizzy Dennis visit and I seem to have lost hours. No idea what I was up to, but must have fallen asleep, because I woke up in the recliner, around 19:00hrs, confused and feeling light-headed. 

Had a wee-wee, and struggled to keep upright while taking it. I got seated, and soon nodded-off again.

Then, I slept for a further 6.5hrs!


16 thoughts on “Inchcocksi. Thursday 5th September 2019: Indoors, solitary day, that ended badly.

  1. I always thought the primary qualification for UPS was “looks great in shorts” since they seem always to be in shorts when they deliver packages. Don’t know about England, but they are instructed to always make left turns here. Someone determined that was the fastest way to get through a route.

  2. Maybe they figured the police would make an exception for a guy with the highest EQ in the world. You could of argued to be a mounted patrol. On a horse you would be towering above the unruly crowds.

    I don’t know what the UPS requirements are around here. One UPS was supposed to deliver an expensive camera part to my office. It showed delivered on a Friday late in the afternoon. I wasn’t in that Friday. Monday morning I don’t find the package at the office. I asked the receptionist and she said UPS didn’t deliver on Friday. I called the company a purchased the part from an started a lost package inquiry. About 3:00 PM Monday afternoon, our regular mail carrier came in with the package. He said he found it on the sidewalk two blocks down the street, recognized my name and address and brought it in. Apparently there was a substitute driver that Friday, who was leaving packages in near proximity to the intended addresses. The bigger surprise is that my package survived the a weekend on the streets downtown without being taken.

    P is “Program Auto Mode” setting where the camera chooses what it thinks is the best combination of ƒ/stop and shutter speed for a good exposure. You can make a few adjustments when it P mode, but it’s very close to “Auto” where the camera does everything. I would suggest you set your cameras to Auto and let them do their thing.

    The dials on Nikons are
    M = Manual (you make all the settings),
    A = Aperture Priority (you change the aperture on the lens and the camera changes the shutter speed),
    S = Shutter Priority (your change the shutter speeds and the camera changes the lens aperture),
    P = “Program Auto Mode”

    On Canons they are
    M = Manual (you make all the settings),
    Av = Aperture Priority (you change the aperture on the lens and the camera changes the shutter speed),
    Tv = Shutter Priority (your change the shutter speeds and the camera changes the lens aperture),
    P = “Program Auto Mode”

    You have to choose Panorama from a menu, and it usually gives you the guides for overlapping the photos or it crops you view to be wide and narrow.

    • Good heavens, I meant not the world, only of all the applicants they have tested everywhere, Tim.
      I wish I could still get back on a horse, though. Hehe!
      I did end up as a dog handler in Security many years later, they take anyone and paid a pittance!

      What a palava with the UPS service! Thank heavens for the postman, who saved the day! As you say, a miraculous outcome for the parcel!

      Bless you for the tips, I cut and pasted them to Notebook, for in depth study!
      I get confused so easy nowadays, and forget what I’ve done and can’t get back to where I started. Sad!
      Your tip to set the cameras to Auto and let them do their thing, sounds a great idea!

      Cheers, Sir.

      • I was exaggerating on your EQ thing to make a point. The technical name for that type of exaggeration is Oriental Hyperbole. You can refer to your Oriental Hyperbolic EQ as OHEQ.

      • Oriental Hyperbolic EQ as OHEQ. That’s a good idea,. Tim. I like it!
        I can remember when I first learn the word Hyperbole, honestly!
        A butcher I worked with at the Co-op back around 1968ish, Bill his name was, used it casually in a conversation and I had to know what it meant. We were in the club at the time, Sherwood Social Club, long gone now. Playing dominoes… how all this came back to me, I don’t know, but thanks for triggering the old memory, happy times they were for me.
        Coming back to reality after thinking back, was not so good. Hehehe!
        Bates, got it, that was his second name. He told me how when he was young, his bosses always called him Master Bates. Ah, memories!

      • I reckon Dean Martin was the bestest of em all! So often I find myself singing his stuff. Return to me, June in January, The man with the mandolino, so many favourites of mine, but everything he sang appeals to me, Tim.

      • I liked “Rat Pac” Dean Martin, Frank Sinata and Sammy Davis, Jr. I also like Bob Hope. There were really fantastic singers, great actors, and really funny guys. You don’t see many funny people these days.

      • I’ve little time for Frank Sinatra. Dean and Samy, yes. Nat King Cole has a great laid-back style, that soothes, well, it used to. Hehe!
        Spike Milligan’s style was one of the best, een if he did not sing, apart from fun songs. His books of his War escapades, are so don to earth, and amusing at the same time. All of them are readable, but perhaps his book “Hitler: My part in his downfall” is his best.

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