Inchcock Today – Sat 14 Dec 2019: Incandescencies were rare, today!

1 Dec 14

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Saturday 14th December 2019

Mongolian: 2019 оны 12-р сарын 14-ний Бямба гараг

01Dec 14

WDPh 01WD 0.128.100 23:55hrs: I stirred into mock-life. But I fear I was still in a depression, irked and soured so much by my innocent missing of the Phlebotomy Nurse yesterday. I stewed over it further; No updated Anti-Coagulation Deep Vein Thrombosis Record Sent to me. No notification of doses or INR level from the Doctor’s surgery. No indication of the day of this blood test! I know I shall soon be getting complaints through, though; Why have you not attended the surgery for your INR blood Test? Why did you not ensure you were in for… Oh, forget it, I’m making myself ill worrying about it.

The stomach’s calling me to the Porcelain Throne helped me to partially break some of my moroseness, I think. Out of the £300, second-hand, near-dilapidated, c1968, sometimes working, horrendously-gungy-beige coloured,  uncomfortable, rickety, rinky-dinked, rattling, rusty recliner. I grabbed the four-pronged walking stick, caught my balance, and trotted, well, hobbled to the wetroom.

I had to hasten to get sat down in time. While the evacuation proceeded and at a snail’s pace, I pondered over how quickly I had moved from computer to the throne. I was impressed. Arthur Itis was almost non-existent? But, I still rubbed some Phorpain gel in when I’d completed my toileting. The evacuation, although mammoth and very slow, was bloodless, not messy and painless, unbelievable! A Smug-Mode was almost adopted, but my EQ suggested I didn’t go into that yet? So I stayed in my sorry, Irked and Pissed-off inclinationalistic mode. Off to the kitchen.

WDP 4LWD 0.128.100 I got the kettle on and moved the handwashing to the airers. Took my medications, with a guzzle of the Peptac, and made a brew. I soon discovered I had a selection of mouth and lip ulcers, that had seemingly come out overnight, the moment I first drank a sip of tea. Argh! Hehe!

WDPH01L2WD 0.128.100 I got the computer going, and started to get the updating done on yesterday’s blog. Oh, dearie me!

Virg 0.128.128 teal

So much for Thursday’s service going down to enable then to improve the internet for us. Swine! Still, to my pleasant finding, it wasn’t for long, and came back on its own volition! That’s an improvement, let’s hope it continues, Mr Fries. (You’ll forgive my lack of confidence?)

The updating was even perverse than usual. The new keyboard layout had joined forces with myasthenia gravis and neurotransmitter failure, to cause me to take longer than ever in the task. But, with blind-hope, p[lodding away and persistence, I did get it done a few hours later. Posted it off, and then needed to go for another Porcelain Throne visit.

WDP 4GLWD 0.128.100 And what a difference to the first visit! Messy, smelly, almost red in colour, a lot of bleeding and the texture was the opposite of one a few hours earlier, it reminded me of a torpedo-shaped bale of red hay? Sorry, but that’s how it was! I considered taking a photo and sending it to the Tate Gallery, they are showing no signs of interest in buying the pictures of my warping legs. Hahaha! I washed up and disinfected the contact points.

6Sat01Back to the kitchen this time. I was getting withdrawal symptoms with only having the one mug of tea. I planned to sip it carefully around the lip ulcers. I got the tea and sipping the brew nice, and slowly I avoided catching most of the sores and enjoyed those first few mouthfuls.

I took a couple of shots through the unwanted and unlike, light & view-blocking, hard to use thick-framed new kitchen windows.

6Sat02aThe Moon, high in the sky tonight

6Sat03Nottinghamians dwellings. Some their own, squatters, a few paid for.

6Sat03aI made a start on this post. And after a few hours, I had to go for Poprcelaoin Throne visit number three! I was well-pleased when it turned out similar to the first one, but with bleeding, not as bad as the last one, mind. The pins (legs) were filling with fluid again. However, Arthur Itis was still being kind to me, which was excellent!

Another hour or so, and it was time for the ablutionalisationing session. Just in case the Blood Angel nurse visits this morning. I’m not expecting her to on a Saturday, but you never know.

I can report that the ablutions went very well. A few dropsies, as is to be expected.

6Sat04Smelling distinctly Dettolish afterwards, I made a mug of tea, and noticed that the moon was still out! And this was around 07:30hrs. Red Sky in the Morning, Shepherds Warning they say. I’ll have a look at the weather forecast. As long as that blustery blowing me about wind stays off, and the Nurse comes early enough if she is calling at all, of course, I may venture into Sherwood.

Mmm, maybe not then, if this forecast is right.


Well, I’ll get on with the Coreldarawing again and try to get some graphic tops done. Everything seems to be working towards stopping me these last few days. I spent many hours getting a few graphics done in advance at last.

When using CorelDraw with this new keyboard, bearing in mind, I was catching many a wrong key with the nerve-end lack of sensitivity problem. I’m not sure which was causing some of the advanced option choices that would appear on the screen, I didn’t know what they were about either! But F12 was getting hit often, and bringing up this:


Beats me! I kept hitting the F12, and still am doing, cause the old keypad had the backspace button in that same position. I’ve had many windows appear, and am totally lost as they all seem too technical for me. Poor old Zeyde!

WD 0.128.100 During the hours-long graphicing, I had a few bad moments. I lost the new SD card when I came to using the camera, I knew full-well where I’d left it, but it wasn’t there. Confused and annoyed with myself, I carried out a search. Down on the knees to look under the computer desk – nope! Went through all the drawers, then my pockets, the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway and back to the computer. I was sure I had laid the card on the writing pad, I could even remember telling myself not to forget where it was when I put the camera on charge! Gave up, off for a weak dribbling wee-wee, got the kettle on and back to the CorelDrawing.

6Sat13And there it was! On top of not the pad, but the Tunstall Lifeline Emergency box! How I managed to miss seeing it, goes to prove that either Saccade Sandra was getting worse than ever, or, as is more likely, and mental capacity, brain and mind have gone into Defcon One mode, in readiness and preparation for utter failure! Ah, well, I’ve got the funeral all paid for, at cardboard coffin rates!

WD 0.128.100 No nurse called to take the blood. So, it might be on Monday, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or another day when I’m not in.

6Sat10I got the nosh prepared. Pork pie meat, pate cobs, garden peas, beetroot and chips. It was late, well past my usual head-down time, and I was so tired and brain-drained, by the time I got to eat it, I couldn’t manage it all. But what I did eat was fair-enough taste-wise. A flavour rating of 6.8/10 given. But I was so weary, I felt sure that I’d soon nod-off. I put the plate to soak in the washing-up bowl. And went to the wet room, for a wash while
I still could.

6Sat14WD 0.128.100 I went to take off my second-hand, £2 charity-shop-bought wristwatch, with the £10 new strap and £15 new battery (Humph!) and it was not on the wrist. Mmm, I thought, wonder where that is? Got a rinse and teggies done, then went on a hunt to find the watch. I found it in plain view on the computer desk. Success! But not for long.

WDP 08L02RWD 0.128.100 As I picked it up, the Peripheral neuralgia had an involuntary Neuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance, and the watch flew out of my hand and fell down the back of the furniture! Crabs and Grobblecraps! I waited until my ailing right-sides floundering about had finished. Then got down on all fours to retrieve the cheap, but beloved, timepiece. I felt a burst of joy as I managed to reach and get it, hit my head on the cabinet on the way out from underneath, and spent a good while manipulating my grossly overweight, short, plump, heavily bellied body onto my feet. The chronometer was still working. Phew!

I was really getting wee’d off and felt shattered now.

I got settled in the antique, c1968, rickety, unbalance, none-working, wobbly recliner. Headphones on, and tuned to watch TV… Zzz!

10 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Sat 14 Dec 2019: Incandescencies were rare, today!

  1. Oh no. Not the fluid on the legs again. They just can’t keep a steady look or feel about them, can they? It seems like the keyboard is giving you a bit of trouble. I didn’t think there was much difference to change the key mapping to any great extent. That’s a right decent looking dinner. It’s amazing how much straps, batteries, ink cartridges are for cheap watches or printers. My Canon color printer cost me only $30, but I have to pay $50 every time I buy new ink cartridges for it. A friend offered to give me a tube powered guitar amp once. The reason was it needed new tubes and that would cost around $500 to replace all the tubes. I could buy a new, much better amp for half the cost. It’s also amazing how much pain we will endure retrieving our cheap but beloved things like watches.

    • Ah, the legs. I can’t understand why the Tate isn’t interested in buyong a series of my ever-changing photographs? Haha!
      I understand about the con-job prices for things that need batteries or ink supplies, Tim. I’ve got an epsom printer here, that is ready to be thrown away, as soon as I can find someone to carry it down to the wast bin for me. Similar thing, the machine was cheap, but replacing the in is so exspensive, and I can’t manage to change them if I did buy them, nowadays anyway.
      Blimus! No wonder he offered to give you the guitar amp!
      After gpooing withpout a watch for sp many years, IK opw appreciate this one, clear to read as well, it beats Sandr’s fluttering eyes, so clear.
      Cheers, a bit of fuss for the furries sent.

  2. Hey! I have an emergency button system, too! Life Alert is the source of many low comedy chuckles because of their television advertisements where some poor woman always is sprawled on the floor, calling “Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” (A voice over proclaims she will be there, helpless, slowly headed to meet a tragic end…. I think they’ve even trademarked that sad line. Anything to suck our senior cash into their pockets, eh?! I suppose it’s worth it if one saves himself from the vultures at least one time.

    So far, it’s been used once when my kitty Andy stepped on the button and activated the emergency relief system. I tried to cancel the “call”, but the voice scolded me and told me to never do that, just talk with the scolding voice instead. (Why the “cancel” button, then??? The device would be cheaper to produce without it if that function’s redundant!)

    As for Andy, he’s just a cat. When I scolded him for his misstep, he just gave me a sharp kitty stink eye. Gad! Totally torn down by an anonymous scolding voice and my little kitty in one day. It was time to go back to bed!

    • I would have been tempted to send them a letter or email, explaining that the perpetrator was given a good dressing down, and sends his humble apologise! Haha!
      I used mine Doug, when I had the stroke, very embarrassing. I can’t recall waht I actually said, if anything other than mumbling. But the voice kept telling me, none-stop to unlock the front dooor for the paramedics. If she had not done that pestering, I don’t think I would have managed it. Crawling on my knees and repeatedly falling over as I made my way battered and bruised to the door, and somehow got it unlocked.
      I tell you this mate, as encouragement for you, if you need it. It costs, but is worth it. The doctor told me I’d have been a gonna if help arrived any later than it did. I don’t want to lose your whit and company.
      Taketh care, and a bit of fuss for the furries please.

      • Mine required me to put a door key in a lock box. They have the combination so they can tell the emergency services where to get a key to open the door should it be locked. It’s hanging on the door know of the front door. I doubt this would be practical, however, in a high rise-type apartment.

      • Damned good idea, Doug. I see aboput something like that can be fitted here. A box outside perhaps with a key in it? Oh, no, M<ay was telling me that when the gypsy kids got in and played havok, they broke some key box's and stole the keys earlier this year. Mmm!
        Still, the ymay have something to use, more costs of course. Cheers.

      • Realtors in this country use those lockboxes for their business of selling houses. A lot easier to get the key at the house, after all, than arranging to meet someone with the key! Of course, it is just one more combination/password to know!

      • I break all rules and keep passwords written down in a loose leaf notebook. Even then, keeping it updated is a challenge. “Maybe I should set it up on a spreadsheet…” I thought once, then laughed at my ridiculous notion!

      • I must say I struggle with them. I did the same a few months ago, Doug. Where the hell the book went, is still a mystery!
        As for forgetting my pin number, well!

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