Inchcock (In Brief): Wednesday 4th March 2020:

2020 Mar 04

He did a lot of mugging so I put it in twice (Liar speaking)

2020 tttMar03

Wednesday 4th March 2020

Italiano: Mercoledì 4 Marzo 2020

000 Mar 04

02:00hrs: Crap night, little sleep. (Again!) Rose from the sickeningly-beige-coloured recliner, fell back down again. Waited, then tried again, okay this time. Fell a smidge on the weak, delicate side? I may have overdone it yesterday. Off for a wee-wee. They were all SSB Short-Sharp-Blasting one’s today and surprisingly pale in colour.

Washed, off to kitchen, medications, made a brew, then another wee-wee. I shan’t mention them again if I can help it.

It was, like the other day, as if something went dark, and the ailments came on at the same time, unbelievable! Saccades-Sandra, Duodenal Donald, Shaking-Shoulder-Shirley, and the occasional intrusion from Anne Gyna, but not a lot. The biggest problem was Nicodemuse’s Neurotransmitters failing. These caused the time for me to update the Tuesday blog, to be eleven hours! So it is very late in the evening now, so I’ll do this blog in brief if you don’t mind. Typing is horrendous, or rather making mistakes typing and having to correct them, Oh, dearie me.

Kept making mugs of tea. Took these shots.


When I eventually got the blog posted, I got some mushrooms and leeks in the crock-pot. Moved the handwashing. Couldn’t do any today, too much and no time anyway. 

I had a pot noodle for brekkers, cause the tummy was rumbling, I also took some Senna tablets, I don’t want to go through the same agony again on the Throne.

3Wed03To the wetroom for the Throne usage. But, no chance, solid as a rock!

I notice that the pins were looking more ashen and bloodless than they have for ages. This did my confidence, no favours. I think I was feeling even more delicate now. If this continues, I may use the wrist alarm. It’s not right! Hehe!

Back on the computer, put some bits on Pinterest. It is getting dark already. Went on the WordPress reader. Then a good while on the TFZer Facebooking.

It is now beyond my usual head-down time. I’ll have to stop everything, so tired and a visit from Dizzy Dennis has just arrived. I’ve had the noodles, should I bother with a meal, I’m not really hungry.

The innards are churning again, might have to visit the Porcelain again, best to be on the safe side. Concentration shot to pieces as well now. Head aching, shakes, dizzies, weak, tired and weary… Mmm? I do think yesterdays long busy day is the cause, but of course the lack of sleep as well, for the last few days. I can’t catch-up on jobs or sleep – Dunnit sound awful? I’ll shut-up now. Hahaha!

I’ll not have anything to eat, the innards might not like it, they’ve been treated badly. (A pot noodle? Hehe!)

Going to clear the kitchen, try the loo again, then get my head down before I fall down.

8 thoughts on “Inchcock (In Brief): Wednesday 4th March 2020:

  1. A “pot noodle” got me to remembering Eeyore’s “useful pot” — may your ‘noodle pot’ be useful on a finer day in March. While on a theme of victuals, Pi Day (3/14) is nearly here — bringing me to thoughts of pie: hold 3.14 up to a mirror and you’ll read the word PIE. Hoping this soothes your rumbling tummy 🙂

    • Eyeore? Got me there, I had to look it up. I am an ignorant ass! Haha!
      Amazing, bit I’m still working out how to get the TV back on, now the internets gone down. Tsk!
      Ah, well, hey-ho and sigh!
      Hope your both doing alright, cheers!

      • Actually, Eeyore comes to mind because he’s an endearing character that I occasionally take on when not a Piglet. My better known, self-described character is Mandrake Mumbletunes (a moose of my own creation). Lisa is Gretel the Owl. we made up these avatars during an extended hospital stay, about a decade ago. Lisa and I are sentimental fools we are.

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