Inchcock Today – Thurs 5th Mar 2020: Microscopical signs of apanthropinisation creeping in today?

2020 Mar 05

2020 tttMar05

Thursday 5th March 2020

Albanian: E enjte 5 Mars 2020

000 Mar 05

GM09d02:20hrs: I woke thinking I’d only just nodded off, to find I’d slept right through for about six hours! I was feeling physically better than last night, thankfully. Mentally, I’ll decide later.

Almost without any rumbling, churning or the usual warning sensations, I had to hastily free my depressingly overweight wobbly-body from the lumpy old recliner. Off to the wet room and the Throne.

WD 0.51.102 “Ah, it was a lot easier this time”. It still hurt, but nothing like yesterdays session. The Sennas have started to do their job at last! Not messy either. The unfortunate side of things was that Little Inchies fungal lesion was bleeding. Judging by the condition of the PP’s, he’d been leaking for a while. Bit of medicating and cleansing, and off to the kitchen. It’s times like this that the embarrassment of wearing the PP’s disintegrates, temporarily replaced with fulgurate appreciation and a certain chuffedness, that I was wearing them! They saved me an awful lot of bother. Oddly, the aching and churning of the innards started after the evacuation? Mmm?

I got the kettle on and took a couple of photographs from the light & view-blocking unwanted, unliked, thick-framed, can’t get at to clean, with the photo-handicapping wide ledge sticking out, that make me have to take ‘blind’ photographs of below the window. But it doesn’t bother me!


Took the medications, made the Thompsons Punjana brew, and got the computer started. Had wee-wee of the SBTSDWS (Started-Blasting-out-Then-Stopped-Dead-Within-Seconds) variety.

WD 0.51.102 I began to create some much-needed graphics. After ten minutes or so an even more urgent need for the Porcelain Throne Mark 2 arrived. I knocked stuff off of the Ottoman en route, hit my ankle with the stick, all in my haste to get there in time! Which I did, but with only seconds to spare! The evacuation began under control of the innards, all I had to do was suffer the pain and wait. Tsk! So different to the first session; messy, bloody and quicker. The now very sore bottom had Harold’s Haemorrhoids and blood that needed cleaning and medicating. Perhaps the most surprising thing was not 4Thu01the change in the consistency, but the colour of the evacuated product. The first visit, it was almost black, now mustardy coloured? I don’t know which is more bothersome nowadays, my mental or physical quirks? Hehehe!

At least the pins (legs) were looking fine. Which I put down to new Bamboo socks, but I’m not really sure, just glad they are so well.

3Wed23Ah, the Amazon delivery is due today. I don’t know why I bothered going out, so late as well, on Wednesday, all that hassle! And still, I couldn’t get what I wanted! So I ordered these on the right from Amazon. And they were cheaper than Boots (Olive drops), and I couldn’t find any droppers anywhere in Arnold! And this, after Tim Price had told me how much more accessible, it was to use Amazon.

Incidentally, last week I mentioned Tim in the Inchcock today, but unfathomably wrote Tim Hancock, not Price! Tim Hancock rang a bell, but I could not remember who he was. Well, I’ve remembered! He was the Personnel Manager, at what was in the day, was Carter’s pop factory in Kegworth where I worked, in the ’80s. A grand, fair chap. As is Tim Hancock as well!  A connection there, perhaps I can blame that fop my cock-up, or not. Haha!

Back to the computer and started this blog off up to hear, then began to update yesterdays sad diary. There were times when I was a different person yesterday, up and 4Thu03down spiritually so often. Things feel better today. But I still do not feel the need for food? I couldn’t believe it when I did not have a meal last night. Mind you, I wasn’t feeling up to much. Hey-ho!

I got some handwashing done, rung and hung in the kitchen.

WD 0.51.102 Then had a funny-moment to myself. I was suddenly aware that there was something important that needed doing. But could I hell as like remember what it was? No! I had a wander around each room. Hoping for some inspiration as to what it was that was so urgent. Nothing generative come across. I stood near the disliked windows and day dreamed-dreamed. In the past, I have had the odd occasion when by thinking of something else to ferret out something from my memory, has worked. So, I mused over Brexit, how we can save the elephants, why am so unlucky, Nottingham Forests Cloughie years and various other things. However, it was no good. I just hoped that whatever it is, is not too important. But I fear it is!

4Thu04WD 0.51.102 I got the clothes and warm towel and off to the wet room for the ablutionalisationing session. Not exactly the best, but far from the worst. Most of them, due to Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters failing. Dropsies total (5), Gum nicks from doing the teggies (1), shaving cuts (2, one-bad), soap (Not carbolic today I used the lavender) (2), Freshener spray can (1), cleared the top of the floor cabinet using the towel, and No Sock-Glide injuries! Smug-Mode Engaged!

Then, a first for me I think, coming out I trapped a finger (right hand, off-course) in the door, just as Nicodemus was coming back on-line. The Swine! Could’ve waited a few seconds, didn’t half make me jump! Hehehe!

Apart from a bit pale again, the legs were still looking good!

I got dressed and made up two black bags, and a recycling one then took them to the waste chute room.

WD 0.51.102 Came back, and spotted some marls on the kitchen floor where the bags must have spilt something as I swapped them. So, I got a cloth and using the Flash spray, I got down to clean up the marks. Jehosaphat! I had a job getting back up on my feet afterwards! Pain and an Agrhhallurgha and a few curses were uttered!

On the computer again. Updated this to here, then checked the Amazon deliveries tracker! The dropper bottles wi;; be here by 20:00hrs estimated, and the Olive oil, by 21:00hrs.

I went onto CorelDraw to do page top graphics, I’ve just used the last one on here. Many hours later I’d gt some done, but the weariness was dawning.

Got the nosh cooking, fish and sweet in the oven and mini brown and red tomatoes ready to slice in half.

WD 0.51.102 Turned everything off. And served it up on the tray, then turned on the TV, and Freeview was down. So, I forgot all about the nosh going cold in the kitchen Grumpworthiness! And did a Retune.

  • When it was done, instead of the usual 240 programmes, I had 82, with channels 21 & 31, my most viewed (well, fell asleep by) ones, missing along with many others!
  • Thought I must have made some wrong options setting it up, so tried again. Taking my time in which choices I made.
  • This time a message suggesting that I do a First-Time installation appeared, so I did! ‘No option available for East Midlands this time’.
  • Getting betterer, I then had 186 channels, but still no 21 or 31, and no BBC1 and others.
  • Another retune was done, via the updating option. I chose the UK, – England, – East Midlands. And swore under my breathe!
  • Aha! Gorrit! All back on, but some channels were a bit pixilated.

4Thu07WD 0.51.102 Then I finally remembered my dinner! It looked alright on the plate, but cold. I didn’t mind the raw peas, fish-sticks, tomatoes, radishes, red onions or beetroot; but the gone cool leeks, mushrooms, peas and smoked haddock was too much to eat!

I did eat some of it, not much mind. The majority of it found its way into the waste bin bag! Sob! I kept the yoghourt and potato cakes to nibble later on and got the pots washed.

Took the medications, and turned back on the computer, to look at the Amazon tracker. Approximately 2 hours, I guessed at and assessed on the graph. Now the problem of NOT falling asleep arose!

I selected programs with sub-titles, 5 USA, to watch some Law & Order episodes. Then I didn’t need the headphones on, so could hear when the Intercom or door chimes were activated. (Cunning plan, eh?) But, the sub-titles were very small, and I could not read them in time. I opted for some documentary stuff on channel 25 to watch.

WD 0.51.102 Despite my best-laid-plans, I did nod-off a few times. Gerumbulations! Each time I woke up from a mini-dose-off, I got up and checked the front door, in case the parcels might have been left.

4Thu08I reckon I must have dosed a good few times without realising it, for it was getting very late now.

I checked on the tracker again. It said the goods have been delivered! That’s a problem you see, here in the flats. Someone thinking they are being helpful, see a deliveryman-like-looking person with a parcel in their hands and let them in the foyer door. Which means, the intercom (I checked that, ‘No Missed Calls’) is not used, so I am not alerted. The door chimes, if both are pressed, usually I can hear? The solution? Don’t allow deafies to come live in the apartments, especially those who keep dropping off to sleep! Oh, hang on, that’s me! Hahaha!

4Thu05I checked outside the door, and there were the parcels. Well, it might have taken a few problems and Whoopsiedangleplops, but I think I now have enough ear dosing olive oil, and the means to apply it, to last me for the rest of my life. Be Prepared! And I wasn’t a Boy Scout! Life Boys then Boys Brigade for me, (I liked the uniform and the walking the streets playing the drums!)

WD 0.51.102 Those were the days! It didn’t last though, I got a walk-on part in a play, and knocked a candle over on my exit, and suffered the ignominy of being sacked for the first time! Well, they wouldn’t allow a lit candle as part of the scenery nowadays in kids plays. All signs of my future Whoopsiedangleplops developing! Hahahahaha!

I opened the parcels checks the content, all looked good to me. Placed them in the third-down medicines drawer, and exhausted (mentally).

WDP sleepLI got down again in the £300, second-hand, c1968, obnoxiously-yucky beige-coloured recliner.

At last, Zzzz!

2 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thurs 5th Mar 2020: Microscopical signs of apanthropinisation creeping in today?

  1. So the TV channeled your dinner into the trash bin. Sad state of affairs that was. Your legs look pretty good, nothing to write the Tate about. I’m happy my hold Hancock was a good old chap. I wouldn’t want to be mistaken for a wanker. Nice looking night shots.

    • Hi, Tim.
      The pins are getting betterer all the time, I may be able to oblete them from future diaries if they go on like this.
      I’m pleased it was Tim Hancock too. A fair and empathic understanding bloke.
      TTTFNski and taketh care.

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