Inchcockski – Wednesday 27th May 2020: Realised just how anandrious I am, today. Confidence? What’s that then?


2020 ttttMay27

Wednesday 27th May 2020

Finnish: Keskiviikko 27 Toukokuuta 2020

00 May 27

Marie, and I’m jealous! Hehe!

GM 184.0.184WD 148.0.148 02:00hrs: I woke in a confused state of mind, even had to concentrate on recalling where I was and what day was dawning! But the overpowering clinomania caused me to nod-off back to sleep before anything logical or formative clarified in the brain. In the few moments that I was half-awake, the thought that today was going to bring forth thaumaturgy, lodge in my mind. No doubt put there by my EQ.

05:25hrs: That was a long nod-off! Guilt reigned, influencing my line of thought. How had I slept for so long? Never been known before! I gathered some imitation determination and wanting a wee-wee, I rose from the £300, second-hand, sickeningly beige-coloured recliner, up onto my feet…

WD 148.0.148A The damned ankle gave way, and I did a backwards tumble back into the recliner again!

WD 148.0.148 This caused me to suffer a series of problems and injuries. A most unsatisfactory start-to-the-day! My already limited confidence and get-up-and-go had gone. Grangleknackerworthyness!

WD 148.0.148A On my way down, I hit my elbow on the chair arm, knocked stuff off of the Ottoman, and ended up plonking down so hard, I felt the damp wetness sensation, of what proved to be Little Inchies fungal lesion and Harolds Haemorrhoids both bleeding! Painfully! Not to mention the agony from the ankle!

WD 148.0.148 1Mon01The next hour or so was not very pleasant, and most uncomfortable and taxing. The hobble to the wet room for the wee-wee and cleansing and medicating of the exsanguinating body parts. The wee-wee was an embarrassment in itself; As the blood came along with the evacuation, Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters packed up, making things spray all over the place! Silver-Lining-Findings: None!

WD 148.0.148 The SOCWWW (Sprinkly-Orange-Coloured-Weak-Wee-Wee), and hard to locate spots of blood, took an aeon to clean up. And most displeasingly too, as the lesion and piles were slowly filling PPs as I did the sorting out of the sprayed wet room furniture. But with a few knocks of the hands and arms. Silver-Lining-Findings: None! I got the task completed. Then the cleaning and medicating were tackled.

WD 148.0.148 I tackled the worst prospective job next, the de-blooding and medicating of  Little Inchies fungal lesion. Always a feared and painful task. By the time I’d done this, I really was feeling drained. Then the less harmful sorting out and medicationalisationing of Harold’s Haemorrhoids was done. Silver-Lining-Findings; I’m so glad that Jenny managed to get me some Germoloid cream with her Sainsbury’s order, phew!

On the way out of the wet room, a sudden and almost dramatic dash back in was called for. To utilise the sudden and urgent need of the Porcelain Throne was needed!

WD 148.0.148 Trotsky Terence won the war this time. Messy, and back to the Khaki colour, lots of it! Painful again. Silver-Lining-Findings; It was over pretty quickly! 

I hand a good scrub-up and departed again to the kitchen. The scene from the unwanted, light & view-blocking, thick-framed, anti-photographer designed new windows, made me take a couple of shot. The sky and clouds looked terrific, I thought.


3Wed02WD 148.0.148 Then I espied another Inchcock Cock-up! I’d somehow forgotten all about the potatoes I’d put in the crock-pot, wait for it… 18 hours ago! Amazingly, the water had not all boiled away. So at least that meant I could retrieve the spuds and dish them, and clean the pot and cooker. Humph!

WD 148.0.148A So, I got some leeks prepared and into the cleaned slow-cooker with some vegetable oxo added. Ignore the blood on the kitchen towel, twas but a tiny nick. Surprising to you I can understand, me cutting myself. (Hahaha!)


3Wed11WD 148.0.148 I made a brew, then did the medicationing. The hemadynamometer shockingly gave me an unprecedented Sys reading of 162! A few moments considerating, and I put this down to the morning’s Whoopsies, Accifauxpas Tumble, and panic moments, being the cause. If I remember, I’ll take it again later on. I think the other readings were okay. The thermometer didn’t show a count again, it just indicated as ‘Low’.

3Wed07WD 148.0.148 I consumed the medications and took the brew with me to the computer. Even sat down in the swivel chair, the ankle, toes and feet let me know that they were there, and humming. Talking of humming, the all-around dreaded ‘Hum’ didn’t seem so intrusive this morning. Yee-ha!

WD 148.0.148 While doing the updating of the Tuesday blog, Grammarly played up – it kept changing to English USA. This cost me a lot of time and frustration. I kept resetting in settings, but it wasn’t having it. So I tried to get on the help Grammarly Help page. But it seems they no longer, or it had moved, had a link desk, just a page full of previous problems suffered by other idiots who use WordPress and Grammarly. It eventually returned to English UK of its own accord? I can do without this bother, you know!

3Wed06WD 148.0.148 I went on the G-mail and had a look at the latest Coronavirus figures on the web. But I think they were out of date, they were the same as yesterday?

WD 148.0.148 I pressed on with the updating, and Shoulder Shuddering Shirley and Shaking Shaun had a go at me. How surprising!

3Wed10aI had to do some graphics on CorelDraw, which I enjoy doing, even when they are urgently needed.

Got them done, and went to check on the leeks and make another brew of Thompsons Punjana. I’ll add a tin of garden peas to them later on. Have the boil-in-the-bag beef, and a can of potatoes with them, I thought. So added a container of spuds then. A splash of vinegar was added to the pot.

Back to the beloved computer, and finished the updating and sent it off. Pinterested, a few snaps, emailed the link off and spent a long time on Facebooking. Went on the WordPress reader, some great stuff on there today.

Then went to make yet another brew, Glengettie Gold this time. I was pleased, but slightly confused that the wee-weeing had stopped altogether?

I started today’s blog going, at last!

Sister Jane rang on the mobile, but it was challenging making out what she was saying. It’s the signal in West Bridgford that needs upgrading! Bless her, she rang me back on the landline, that was much easier to hear, not perfect, mind. Zyrophobia-suffering hubby, Pete, was in the hospital, having even more tests done on his mystery to the medical world, problem. His arm has now swollen to ridiculous proportions, he is like a real-life
Popeye on one side! She’s worried naturally, bless her cotton socks. I am, too. But all we can do is wait until he gets home later, with fingers crossed.

I rang Jane back a bit later, to try and take her mind off of her worries. She was in better form. Telling me, I am not eating the right things. Haha! Pete had called her from the hospital, just had his Steak and Ale NHS lunch. The chinwag went on, changing from one subject to another.

WD 148.0.148 I got a visit from Stuttering Stephanie, and Shaking Shaun, which made me spill the tea I was making, Jane told me not to do things when I was on the phone. The end came when I had a mammoth of an Involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance and had to cut short the conversation. Gawd I was in a right state! ♫ Shaking all over! ♫ Comes to mind. Haha! 

I got the mobile back on charge, and just sat down for a few minutes – which proved to be another mistake. Getting back and Saccades-Sandra nearly had me back down again. Then the ankle, feet and toes joined Dizzy Dennis in hassling me. I sat on a high chair then, to continue the computerisationing. I need to get some more graphics done.

So, not full of confidence, I got onto CorelDrawing. Slow going with the ailments ganging up on me.

3Wed24I got the nosh sorted out and served up. The vegetables, fresh leeks and canned garden peas were perfect! The beef slices tasteless, the potatoes alright, the tomatoes nice, and the lemon mousse good. The extra gravy I made, was not so good, too bland, don’t know how I went wrong. Taste: 7.5/10, and that was just because the veg was delicious.

Washed the dishes, a rinse and the teggies done (Toothache Tim, was threatening). I nodded off with much less bother, but Shoulder Shuddering Sheila kept waking me up, and her shakings, caught the overgrown toenails a few time, which ensured I woke up more times than I fell asleep. (That can’t be right? Hahaha!)

11 thoughts on “Inchcockski – Wednesday 27th May 2020: Realised just how anandrious I am, today. Confidence? What’s that then?

  1. You probably should not be left alone with sharp implements, but since you are being home jailed, there’s not much choice is there? Sys is up a bit high today. I think you need to do a jailbreak and get some medicalizationing, so they can get your meds straightened out again, and you can get your feet de-Hughes’d. That’s a right decent looking meal.

    • Your opening sentence, mirrored exactly what I thought at the time of ‘leaking’ the leeks, Tim!
      I wondered about having cooked meals delivered, but I’d be bankrupt in a month. Hehehe!
      I found that the chiropdist, dentist and opticians are all still closed. Yet brother-in-law Pete got an investigative appointment at the City Hospital. They still do not know what the problem is he has. Jane told me they took 12 samples of blood, so they can check for things they have not checked for yet. And, in his overnight stay, he got a steak and ale pie dinner. Me? Last time in, I got a sickly salad! Hahaha!
      Sad do over the ankle strap. Deana said to ring her if I can’t get it on, and she’ll have a look. I did get it fitted, but knew that it was not right. The moment I stood up, I sat down and took it off, just too painful to wear.
      Still, I can laugh about it.
      TTFNskli, Sir, thanks.

  2. ey up mi duck 🙂
    I found this greeting suggestion on another page that celebrates the Nottingham language and its unique nature — Sir Google helped me with the word “teggies” (’twas a word o’ the day on 3 July 2017). A fine word that we don’t use in these parts. Thanks for *all* your words, mi duck!
    Wishing you a tremendous Thursday,

    • Ay-up mi-flower. Nottingham slang, annoys so many people from the South. But being dragged up with it in use all around me, it comes natural, Bill. As is the case no doubt all over the world, but it amazes me that in this tiny island, there are many different regional slangs. A couple of Nottinghamian ones are Mazzi-watter: Said of weak beer, or tea. Mardy or Mardeh: Grumpy/miserable or sulking.
      Keep safe.

      • I am also quite amazed by the tapestry of language varieties on that small island. Liverpudlian is so clearly not like Mancunian, and they are only 35 miles apart. Fascinating stuff, if you are the likes of me that is. Whatever that means 🙂
        Wottyer gerrin?

      • Methinks (well, I do me bestest) that England being a lot owder, they had Kings of different towns for years, wars twixt counties etc.

        I had to nip for a wee-wee then, now I’ve forgotten what I was going to say now. Tsk!

        You can rest assured, it would probably bored you stiff anyway, Hehehe!
        Haveth a feast of festivity, my friend. Well, take care. Haha! Cheers

      • If you stub your toe (or equivalent) and remember what you had forgotten to say, I would likely find it far from boring. I lived in Germany from 71 to 73. Every town had a castle or two, back before Bismark brought 200 feudal kingdoms together: of course that was after all those Saxons arrived at the White Cliffs of Steeden 🙂
        Ha ha and cheers from here. 🙂

      • That’s one country I regret not getting to see, Bill. Not that I’m jealous, of course. I watched a replay of the Euro final last night v Czech Republic, thankfully I fell asleep often. Haha!
        I remember trying my Linguaphone trained German, on a German family for t he first time ever (1969 I think it was), with saying to my mate, amidst his visiting family on the patio; ‘blöder kerl’ My nearly fell off their chairs laughing at me! But never told me why?
        Ah, Fuedal kingdoms, I wish I’d used that.
        But I’m not jealous!

  3. “blöder kerl” is reserved for someone quite hopeless — someone like Donald or Boris perhaps. Something that is more than the sum of its parts “silly” and “guy”. I am glad they enjoyed that word pairing so well. 🙂
    bis später, kluger Philosoph!

    • Well that seem to match. Hehe! I wondered, (I do that sometimes), why it should be so funny to them, why? German sense of humour?

      My philosopherisationing, keeps me going, mate. But yesterday was a neverending whingeing day, I got fed-up of hering myself.

      Cheers, Mon Amiski Bill.

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