Inchcock Today – Thursday 28th May 2020: Aha, a betterer day, well, until teatime anyway. Hehe!


2020 ttttMay28

Thursday 28th May 2020

German: Donnerstag, 28 Mai 2020

00 May 28

TFZers, In the Wood!

GM cap01a 02:15hrs: Having had a wee-wee-less sleep, I returned to the land of the imitational-living, in need of one. The toes, ankles and feet were not enamoured with my getting my overly stomach-burdened body almost perpendicular. Despite the urgent need to get to the wet room, I was very cautious and careful in getting the walking stick, and my route to the throne room. For fear of the ankle going over again.

WD 0.30.0b Which resulted in an embarrassing leakage en route. Saved by having the PPs on, from a severe ‘wetting of the wet room’, the wee-wee, was of a cloudy and pale SS (Short-Sharp) variety. Proper washing of specific areas, change of PPs, and off to the kitchen. (No indications of the heavy-duty Porcelain Throne being needed)

4Thu03I got the tablets out, made a mug of Thomsons Punjana tea, then the carefully done job of sphygmomanometerisationing. The dang sys was a tad high again, but it’s been worse. The pulse was higher, but I think within range. The thermometer showed ‘Low’. Took the medications, leaving the other not eatable medical tasks until I did the ablutions, later on. Then back for another wee-wee, the same type, but a little longer lasting.

WD 0.30.0b Back to the kitchen, gathered and sorted the black bin bags, and tied them up ready to go to the chute. Then, back for another wee-wee. Oh, dearie me!

I got the computer on, and the moment I started on CorelDrawing to do the thought graphic, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley kicked off, soon to be joined in the ‘Let’s Annoy Inchie’ mission, by Saccades Sandra. This made progress very slow. However, I seemed to be in a rare mood of resolution not to get myself all bothered and flustered. And this was with several more wee-wee visits as well! (Yes!) I pressed on until the updating was all done for the Wednesday post. Temporary Smug Mode, with an iota of self-satisfaction, adopted!

I went on Pinterest for a while. Then the Word-Press reader, finally getting on to Facebooking. This consumed an hour and a half of my precious time. Shuddering Shirley kept having a bash at me, but it seemed for shorter sessions?

I remembered to do the priority Iceland order. It should be due

4Thu01Off for another wee-wee. This one was of a different style altogether. An RPD (Reluctant-Painful-Dribbling) variety, still the pale grey colouring.

The plates of meat and ankle ulcers were less inflamed. But still, painful when hobbling.

4Thu03aPut Computer Connie in sleep mode, and got the ablutions started.

WDPbbsBBy gum, it went well! Unbelievably so! No gum bleeding! Only two dropsies of the soap!  No toothpaste or brush dropping! No, I say, No, Shaving cuts! Amazing! Shirley and Nicodemus both in an excellent calmed down mood.

WD 0.30.0bA Mind you, I can’t say the same about my attempt afterwards, to try and get the ankle support strap on! That was a failed, painful attempt. A short but discountenancing involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler dance had me over on the floor! Bungle-Grumplewuncks. Banged my back against the floor cabinet, and ever since, I’ve had back Back-Pain-Brenda giving me gip! On the plus side, I got back up from frequently-frequented by Inchcocks torso, wet room floor with relative ease for me.

WD 0.30.0b That was because I needed yet another wee-wee! Hahaha!.

Ah, well! Silver Lining Search – Result: If Dizzy Dennis, Shirley, and Nicodemus stay the way they now, that’ll be great. I can cope with Brenda as she is. I might even regain faith!

I made a brew of Glengettie tea and started to do some graphics for later use. It was slow going, but yet again, I found myself in a remarkably accepting, and submissive frame of mind? An hour and three wee-wees later (All the same style, but the colour had gone from pale grey, back to the orange of ereyesterday).

I hobbled off to make another brew, this time of Thompsons Punjana. I noticed a letter had been pushed through the door and went to nosey. I’ve mentioned the odd noises lately, drilling and knocking. Then espied that the letter referred to Winchester Court?


Back to the CorelDraw grindstone. Unfortunately, I’d not got many done and needed more of them. Grufflemoanski!

Ah, the Porcelain Throne is needed! 4Thu03bThe legs seem to be getting even more clear of the Clopidogrel inspired blobs and blotches. Not complaining, mind, just mentioning it.

WD 0.30.0b There I was, one minute in my newly acquired state of grace, and unflappability, then the weariness came over me, almost in an instant! And no blood test to check the Warfarin level for three weeks, and the next one isn’t due until the 9th of June. I just can’t understand why the sudden change?

What a shame, I was just beginning to get caught up as well. Granglesknackersbuggerit!

I decided to get the skinless Robirch sausages in the oven and make some bread thins sarnies with them, and some cheese, tomatoes, whatever is in the fridge.

My innards, and, or the EQ, were telling me not to have any mash or chips, so I listened and obeyed.

The Dusty Springfield tune, ♫ I only want to be with you ♫ chimed from the doorbell. T’was the appealing ILC (Independent Living Coordinator), Desk Top Dancer, and Warden, Deana. Delivering Pressies, from if I heard correctly, the Nottingham City Homes. Four tea bags, a card (below), and a naughty jam doughnut. (Which I demolished later with my meal, Hehehe!) Along with a postcard notice.


Scruff & Koala

Advice on getting through the lockdown.

  • On the phone?: My deafness makes this awkward.
  • On the screen: My camera on the computer has broken.
  • Someone you live with?: Well, there is Marie’s gifted Koala Katie, and Patties, Scruffy. Who I do talk to every morning! 

I’m a little concerned about scruffy, he keeps falling off of the bookshelves where he lives in peace with Koala Katie. Perfect imitator of me! Hahaha! Koala keeps the spare toilet roll hidden for me as well! ♥

I love them and TFZer folks who sent them for me! And from Australia and Canada, too! I really am lucky, after all!

4Thu24Got the nosh made up, and on the tray. I wish I’d known how nice the skinless sausages were going to be, too late to add any to the Iceland order any now. Maybe not a bad thing, I’ve plenty of other sausage-based food in the fridge.

Those Indian grown seedless grapes are so lovely too. The last of the lemon mousses, fresh orange drink, the so kindly donated naughty, I shouldn’t be eating jam doughnut, all went down well! Flavour rating: 8.9/10! Yummy!

I was still in a weary-state, so drained. But not ill or anything? Cleaned the pots, checked and double-checked the taps, lights, stove etc. and got my head down in the second-hand, £300, c1968, uncomfortable, none-working, rickety recliner.

When I got settled and the TV on, the vagueness arrived. To be followed, regretfully, by the thought-storms. I’d been free of these for a day or two, but they still gave and left me with fears, guilt, self-worthlessness and depression.

They also lasted far too long, and sleep didn’t come for hours. Grombognangles!

11 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Thursday 28th May 2020: Aha, a betterer day, well, until teatime anyway. Hehe!

  1. Your legs look much thinner and much sexier in the full-length photo. Scruffy is being sympathetic falling off the shelf as you noticed. That’s a super well-arranged meal you put together.

    • The ever-changing pins are most likely giving me a hint about my failed diet ( Hahaa!)
      I know it might sound daft, but they always get a good morning and good night from me, Tim.
      Indian seedless grapes, are deloicious! Or, even delicious!
      Taketh care, all the best..

  2. Corona V19 has shoved schedules for many weeks in our hospital geography. My INR was rescheduled to July 9. Actually, the closest hospital became a hub for COVID only folks. Pandemics are strange creatures and they differ from each other widely. I’ve heard that “if you have seen one virus, you have seen one virus.” Quite a graphic on how UK and NZ differ that way too.
    A rainy day hereabouts.

    • Sorry to see your the same with your medicalistionalistic difficulties, Billum.

      The virusalisation (strange creatures indeed) of the world seems more frequent nowadays, Willum, but maybe our discovering new ones is the problem? Or not, I lost my original thoughts there!

      I’m dreading the end of isolation! I’ll have the Mary Potter Ulcer Clinic (Ankle Ulcer and strap-fitting), The Anticoagulant Deep Vein Thrombosis Clinic (Haemorrhoid Strangulation operation), The Sherwood Medical Centre (Podiatrist nail-cutting and corn removal), The Stroke Team Assessment, The 3-month weekly anti-diabetes Physio course to do, The much needed dEntist to visit, the Optician to test eyes and affects of Saccades Sandra’s had on them, The assessment and pre-op for the fungal lesion excision, The Audio clinic for tests on ears and equipment, The After-Stroke team assessment, … Well, that’s more than enough to see me out. Gawd! It’s going to be busy, it’ll probably be too much for me! Hahaha!

      Rain you say, Sir? We’ve never in my memory had so little rain over here before. (It’ll be water shortages next, Humph!) But I am an optimist, no that’s not the word. Pissamist! Hahaha!

      Cheers, BZski!

      • An impressive list of maladies there, kind Sir. Lisa also has a list of her own which is quite unique. Her list of pharmaceutical allergies is long and her medical maladies are unusual. A Zebra is what they call it:

        “When you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras.”
        This phrase is taught to medical students throughout their training.
        In medicine, the term “zebra” is used in reference to a rare disease or condition. Doctors are taught to assume that the simplest explanation is usually correct to avoid patients being misdiagnosed with rare illnesses. Doctors learn to expect common conditions.

        I guess they are like viruses that way. Keeps things interesting though — unfortunately, I am not a fan of “interesting times” of course.

        The rain came to us instead. Sorry about that. 🙂

      • Intermostesting Zebra, confused me of course, nothing new there, then. Hahaha!

        Wish my fellowess Lisa a;; the best for me, Sir.

        Internet went down tonight, again! Flickering a a bit now. Tsk!

        I do miss t he rain, its not natural for us to have none. Haha!

      • Fellowess Lisa wishes you well, Sir. Our son, Alan, is an astute student of arcane internet maintenance, he keeps the internet humming and strumming.
        We receive about 44 inches of precipitation per year, compared to 25.5 in Nottingham. Wonder how I knew that?
        I lived in Kansas for two years. A Kansan I met told me that he was not so keen on trees because they block the view 🙂
        Bill Ziegler

      • You lucky monkey having someone to help with the computer! I’m not jealous, of course.
        I’d have thought we’d have had more rainski over hear.. no, here. But not much at all this year, I fear.
        High-ho, it’s off to the WC again I go.
        (Where’s it all coming from? Hahaha!)

      • Alan is quite the amazing computerist. He started on an IBM generic PCs (5 1/4″ floppy disks) and has since learned all manner of programs and database inquiries that boggle my ancient mind. 1972 computers were more my speed 🙂
        May you get some rainski real soon now.
        I think “it” is all coming from Glengettie tea brews and such; however, there could also be some somnambulist-obtained liquids in the mix. 🙂

      • Hi, Billumski.
        My Atari STe was and still is the only computer I ever mastered. I do envy folks like Alan. Bet yer proud of him?
        The tea drinking had been cut down a lot. (Smug-Mode-Engaged!) Haha! But drinking orange juice instead is not a good thing. Methinks.
        Sleep walking, and now sleep drinking? Har-har!
        TTFNski Sir..

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