Words Of Non-Wisdom from Inchcock

 Words of Non-Wisdom from Inchie

Life is no longer too healthful,

I rely on Carers being helpful,

I try not to be disrespectful,

Try to cope, be resourceful,

My daily struggles are continual,

Keeping aware and wakeful,

But it’s hard keeping to a schedule,

No point in moaning; I must be tactful,

Take medications to keep wakeful,

I’m overweight and not very graceful,

I’m common as muck; folk find this distasteful,

Teeth left? Not exactly a mouthful!

All the ailments should make me fearful,

But there’s no time to be tearful,

In fact, this morning, I felt cheerful!

The pretty Carers make me drool,

I know, I’m a romantic old fool,

Now past romancing, that is cruel,

If one adopts this grandad, that’d be cool!

Vascular dementia makes me so forgetful,

What day, time is it. I am very grateful…

When I get summat right, I’m joyful!

The medicationalisationing ritual,

Drives me out of my skull,

I feel I’ve had a belly-full!

Still, I’m practised in things medical,

Life can appear abstract, conceptual!

Occasionally, I feel almost useful,

 But that’s not often or usual,

But the thought of this is valuable,

It helps keep my depression tenable,

Although, now I’m much more abusable,

With PN then stroke, things are more droppable,

I tend to find myself dislikeable?

My ailments and faults are semi-camouflageable,

Most of them are incurable,

I’m growing ever more confusable,

Occasionally, I do something applaudable,

To some, this will sound contradictable,

Hard to be believable,

But the lost skills and abilities,

Are truly not retrievable,

Just press on, I find advisable,

Sometimes the unexpected is achievable,

Then again, I’m very deludable,

Some accifauxpas are just unavoidable,

Like as I type this, sadly horrible…

Virgin Internet down again, unforgivable!

Anger-making, sickening and arousable,

Liberty-Global – so hated and detestable!

What I think of L-G’s CEO Fries is unwritable!

Just noticed that this Ode is so Gawdawful?

I’ll stop now; Huh, it’s pitiful!

12 thoughts on “Words Of Non-Wisdom from Inchcock

  1. Why Señor Inchcock! So nice to see your wonderful Ode to life on WordPress. While I know WP is a pain in the hemorrhoids, it is so much easier to interact on WP. I hope you can muster the metal to do your daily posts on WP again.

      • An ode a day is certainly not a bad idea. I think your regular posts are a good distraction for you from everything else, but an Ode a Day would be great, especially if you can take the time to work on getting the agony of di feet and other issues looked at.

      • You spotted my problem, Sir! Time!
        In my current condition, everything is taking so long to do, a terribly lot longer – that includes the blog; much as I enjoy doing it.
        I’ve been thinking about it (and still am), dropping the blog. Decision-making is another blight on me.
        As I am writing this, Shuddering Shoulder Shirley is giving me a bashing. Thought I’d mention it, cause she’s been so kind to me for a week or so, Tsk!
        I must be decisive, after todays… fithering again… Tim.

      • It’s a tough decision given it’s so much of your life. Try the Ode a day for awhile and see how you get a long with that.

      • Cheers, Tim.
        As ditherers go, I may be considered a Master-Ditherer.
        I really wonder how I controlled four patrolmen, alarms coming in, check calls, customer queries, doing the rosters and dealing with alarm activations, when I was working? Look at me now… Hehehe!
        Bestest wishes to the clan and furries, featheries and so on.

      • I look back an things I used to do a wonder how I ever managed. All that alarm management skills comes through in your Ode skills.

      • So sad, but it has to be done, I’m not doing myself any good trying to get the diary done.
        An ode a day, and maybe a blof if I ever get out and about to take some photos. Nothing to heavy.
        Cheers, mate.

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